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When the Holy Spirit Comes
Tim Dilena

Jesus never promised life would be easy, but he did promise before he left that he would not leave us comfortless. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit—the great Comforter—he gives you the power to face anything that's ahead of you. In this powerful sermon, Tim Dilena reminds us where our source of power lies and the perfect gift we have in the Holy Spirit.

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Let Us Pray Together Valene Russo

God promised that, where two or three are gathered together in his name, his Spirit would be with us. We would love to gather together with you.

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When You Love a Prodigal – Part 2

Today, we rejoin Gary Wilkerson and Judy Douglass as they continue their discussion from last week and explore how the parents of a prodigal can find strength and hope.

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Promise Verses
Philippians 4:9
February 17, 2020

What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

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Video Devotional
Participate with God in Creating Your Future

In sharing his final "F" for a balanced and healthy life, Gary talks about your future and the elements you need to discern the future God has for you. You don't let life happen to you passively, but you are called to partner with God in creating an intentional future.

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God is Here

Whatever challenges we are facing in life, we must remember that our heavenly Father has given us a promise that cannot and will not be broken. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. When we find ourselves in darkness and pain, we know that we are not alone. God is here.

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Victory Over Raging Storms Gary Wilkerson

We know that Jesus won the victory for us at Calvary when he defeated death, Satan and the power of sin. The question remaining for believers is, “Now what? I know Jesus won my victory on the cross, but where is his victory for the conflict raging in my life right now?”

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Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?

We all experience trials, grief and pain in life. In Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?, David Wilkerson takes a close look at the universal problem of discouragement and hopelessness. He explores how we let God heal our wounds and give us genuine peace.

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You Are Changing Lives!

Through your partnership World Challenge has been on a mission spreading the Gospel and alleviating the suffering of the poor for over 40 years. Active in over 40 countries around the world – the gospel is being spread, widows needs are being met, orphans are being taken in, and those living in poverty are being uplifted through our innovative programs.

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