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Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time we have pulled together resources to help Christians everywhere turn their eyes to Jesus and off these present troubles.

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Join God’s Praying People David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

By the time the godly prophet Daniel reached eighty years of age, he had outlived two Babylonian kings, Nebuchadnezzar and his son Belshazzar, and then served under King Darius. Daniel had always been a praying man and he had no thoughts of slowing down in his old age.

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Gary Wilkerson

Many of us often miss the best God has for us because of a hindrance. Because we have some sin or stronghold we refuse to deal with. While those who has flourished in accomplishing the fullness of God's purpose are the ones who have refused to allow a hindrance get in the way.

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Video Devotional
The Seventh Man

This week Gary continues his teaching with the seventh man—Jesus. The final man for each of us; the only one who can truly satisfy. Live for the seventh man.

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Pulpit Series Newsletters
Praise Is the Last Word
Gary Wilkerson

The Power of Gratitude in Your Deepest Struggles

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The All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Ever-Present God

Many people have heard someone in church say that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. But what do these three attributes actually mean? And how do they impact us?

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The Ultimate Showdown: Peacekeeping VS. People-pleasing Rachel Chimits

People who hate conflict often cling to the verses where God says that peacemakers are blessed, but what does living that out actually look like?

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Promise Verses
Matthew 11:28
May 22, 2020

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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The Vision Audio Podcast

The Vision is a prayerfully compiled exploration of David Wilkerson’s vision about the world and church’s future. Natural disasters, corporate corruption, and social scandals now play a regular part in our daily news, and while many might advocate blindly hoping for a brighter future, David’s book offers straightforward truth and a more Biblical response to horrific calamities and modern society’s rampant struggles.

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You Are Changing Lives!

Through your partnership World Challenge has been on a mission spreading the Gospel and alleviating the suffering of the poor for over 40 years. Active in over 40 countries around the world – the gospel is being spread, widows needs are being met, orphans are being taken in, and those living in poverty are being uplifted through our innovative programs.

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