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Our Dedication to the Good Work

Gary Wilkerson
December 16, 2019

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve seen life and death hang in the balance in countries that are enduring civil war, in communities where families are starving and in cities where little children are living underground in sewers. If it were not for the Lord—his mighty power and outstretched hand of love and mercy—I would have given up in despair long ago. But I’m still trusting in faith that, through Jesus Christ, we will continue to see lives transformed.

On my last overseas trip, I met a man who came forward after the service. I had said that someone at the event was going to take their life unless they received a miracle. The man came to me sobbing; he could barely stand due to the excruciating sorrow that had overwhelmed him. He told our team that he had a gun and was planning to kill his mother, whom he hated, and then turn the gun on himself. Instead, he was miraculously saved and forgave his mother.

Witnessing God’s work to transform people and give them new purpose is awe-inspiring and humbling every single time. It never gets old.

Many of you have walked alongside us as partners of World Challenge, making life-changing, soul-saving, city-transforming ministry become a reality. As we approach this Christmas season, I encourage you to not give up hope either. What you do, how you give, the prayers you offer—these acts truly make a huge difference in people’s lives all over the world.

I want to ask you to help us not only continue to see children fed, orphans cared for, communities escape poverty and souls come to Jesus, but to join us in believing God that we can enter into a season of double portion (Isaiah 61:7).

Your generous year-end gift can help us bring new life to suicidal people, lead the addicted to freedom, lift desperate children out of poverty and bring true hope to a troubled world. Thank you for your support and dedication to God’s good work!