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12 Faces of Missions - August

World Challenge Staff
August 17, 2018

August Evelyn from the Philippines In 2006, Evelyn followed the call of God on her life to do cross-cultural mission work with an unreached Muslim people group in Southern Philippines. Evelyn was a novice in the field, had little knowledge of the local language, and was thrust into full dependency on the Holy Spirit, who enabled her to share the Gospel in the local language of the people after only two months! Evelyn knew that directly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslims was risky. Islam encompassed the people’s entire identity and way of life. Despite threats on her life and unforeseen danger, she continued to labor in the Gospel but struggled with little fruit to show for her labors. Four years into the ministry, Evelyn discovered Community Health Evangelism (CHE) materials and started applying the principles–with mixed results. In 2016, with the help of World Poverty Solutions, Evelyn attended a CHE Internship Program. She is now focused on more holistic ministry among Muslims and is leading a team of volunteers who are helping to bring transformation in the lives of individuals and the community. Vacant lots are being planted with vegetables, changing dead spaces to vibrancy–and most importantly, a handful of Muslims have entrusted their lives to Jesus. Please join us in praying for an increase in this impactful work and God’s protection and guidance for Evelyn and her team.