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Helping a Whole Community Grow

Rachel Chimits
July 28, 2020

God’s presence is transforming one woman’s life as she grows as part of the church and in her earnest desire to have every part of her life reflect biblical truth.

My name is Vedhika*. Greet everyone in the name of Lord Jesus and thank them wholeheartedly. God has done a wonderful work in my life.

I remember there was a time when I lived in deep distress. Money was lacking. My daughter was studying for school while she was working her job and helping to take care of our house. My husband used to beat me every day after drinking alcohol. It became difficult to go home.

I didn’t know how I could get rid of all of these problems. One day, two brothers in our community went to the church, and they took part in a holistic health evangelism class. Then they came back and taught us.

Life Healing and Transforming

We learned so much, and I learned that we had to move forward and solve our problems on our own. I started praying in my house and started fasting. For one year, I started moving toward the Lord. I started praying for people, teaching people about the community health methods we’d learned and started telling about the good news.

At the same time, I learned how to sew embroidery, and now I have started sewing. We started sewing clothes in our house and teaching others. By working on my own home, I could also progress in my own life. I was making money through sewing and could afford my house, and my husband also stopped drinking alcohol.

The community decided to select a committee, and I was one of those chosen to be a member of the committee. Working together to resolve neighborhood problems, the entire committee was moving forward.

Dreaming of the Future

I would like to wholeheartedly thank our pastors who initially took part in the program and empowered us through this holistic ministry, even in the middle of the lockdown. One of my sons started an egg shop in the marketplace as a source of income; he used to earn a little money from that shop, and my daughter was also working and was earning some money. Once the lockdown began, it began to become difficult to run the house because the egg shop had to close, then my daughter lost her job. Still, life was slowly continuing.

I am currently serving as the chairman of the committee. I am also going from door to door to offer lessons to women so that they could have more security. I sincerely wish that this wholeness throughout my life would grow in many communities. Please, all of you, pray for me that in this way I can keep moving forward in self-sufficiency.

God bless you all. Thank you very much to all of you.

*Not real name. For safety reasons, we don’t release names or specific locations in highly sensitive areas.