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Praying for America and the West

World Challenge Staff
October 21, 2019

World Challenge is launching several, new domestic ministries to bless people here in the United States.

Life’s hardships, heartaches and trauma often lead to deeper heart problems such as addictions, marriage and family crises, depression, isolation, anger or even dread of living.

At World Challenge, we believe that superficial answers lead to superficial results, so we have launched a nationwide radio campaign and weekly podcast to offer authentic explorations of how God addresses our deepest wounds and shame.

We are also opening a prayer page on our website so we can make spiritual support available for anyone. There you can submit any burden on your heart, and we will pray for you. No crisis is too big or too difficult for God. Life transformation is available.

In Their Own Words

One of our viewers, Michelle, wrote to let us know what a blessing the podcast has already been for her: “Thank you so much for sharing. I really needed to hear this. It makes a lot of sense, and I want to continue to grow in Christ more. I love listening. These teachings always open up my understanding more.”

For another podcast about the soul-deep impact of perfectionism, a viewer named Matt wrote, “This is so very good and goes to the heart. I have attended a church tradition that is so very stuck with this ‘I-am-always-a-worm’ mentality. This is a good burden and message you have, Pastor Wilkerson.”

A Message for There and Here

The Gary Wilkerson podcast is made available weekly on the World Challenge website’s main page as well as under our resources menu. You can find out on our website which stations nearest you will be playing the radio devotionals.

God’s message of restoration is meant for everyone, and we want to make sure that we spread the good news of God’s healing and transformative power not only internationally but also closer to home.

We are here for you, to help you live a better life and make a better world through Jesus Christ.