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Testifying to God’s Goodness

World Challenge Staff
July 20, 2020

At World Challenge, our weekly podcast discusses how life with God affects not only our faith but our whole person, from health and financial issues to diet and relationships.

The Gary Wilkerson podcasts have included guest speakers covering topics that range from parenting a prodigal to overcoming pornography addictions.

One guest recounted struggling with homosexuality and drugs until God liberated her heart and mind. Holly Dziedzickie’s story is a powerful testament to God’s power to transform life issues we might be tempted to call hopeless.

From Drug Dealer to Redeemed

Holly grew up in a Christian home, but that didn’t stop her from defying God. “When I was a teenager, actually, the first thing I started getting involved in was homosexuality,” she says. “In my heart, I was very angry with God for making it wrong in the Bible.”

The crooked path Holly’s life took ultimately landed her in prison. While there, she met another prisoner she’d known on the streets, but this woman now had a light in her face, and she explained that Jesus had saved her. Her testimony, the prayers of Holly’s parents and a lot of Bible reading brought Holly into her own relationship with God.

Holly’s journey with the Savior has taken her to Cambodia where she runs the Girls’ House of Refuge in Phnom Penh. This beautiful ministry reaches young women fleeing abuse, sex trafficking or drug addiction.

Bearing a Witness to the World

The testimonies and discussions on the Gary Wilkerson podcast celebrate God’s goodness in both the everyday and the darkest situations. This weekly podcast attracts about 2,000 listeners with authentic explorations of how God addresses our hardest questions and deepest wounds.

God’s message of restoration is meant for everyone. At World Challenge, the Gary Wilkerson podcast is one arm of our missional calling to spread the good news of God’s healing and transformative power, not only internationally but also closer to home.