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A Tribute to Ravi Zacharias

World Challenge Staff
May 19, 2020

It is utterly delightful to imagine the face-to-face meeting of Jesus Christ and Ravi Zacharias, anticipated for decades on one side and eternally known on the other.

The curiosity, the questions, the elated conversation, tears and consolation — this meeting of the Lord and one of his most faithful servants could fill the heart of any observer to the point of bursting with joy.   

Imagine the roar in heaven as this life is read out and glory is given again and again to the Savior who lifted this man up from his bed of suicide to years of powerful witness that reached so many of the political elite, lofty intelligentsia, inquisitive students, daunted teens, distraught mothers, beleaguered professionals who felt alone working in institutions hostile to their faith. By Ravi Zacharias’s testimony, thousands upon thousands were brought to their knees before their Savior, and many more believers were encouraged to walk more boldly before the world.

How to fully describe all that Ravi Zacharias did for apologetics, for defending the harmony of science and religion, for building up those beat down in their belief? Putting proper words to the life of one of our generation’s great wordsmiths is a daunting, if not outright impossible, task.

God raised him up to be a watchman for our age. He cried out against the voices who attempted to dilute God’s Word addressing our political and cultural lives and the Spirit’s presence in nature, the vastness of space and scientific discovery.

To hear Ravi Zacharias speak was to witness the marriage of great intellect, wit and compassion, all of which were only outstripped by one thing: passion for his Savior.

His lectures and speeches were a fervent cry not just for the rational mind of listeners. Any number of well-educated and articulate professors around the world might accomplish that. No, Ravi did more than simply appeal to logic. In the tradition of C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer and other great apologists, he gave voice to the insatiable longing of the heart for absolute truth.

While we have lost a mighty warrior in our mortal camp, he has gained, at long last, relief from his pain and eternal reward for faithful service.

As World Challenge President Gary Wilkerson said, “Ravi will be greatly missed by seekers looking for a word, by skeptics realizing their need to be challenged by a deeper truth than society has to offer, by the church whom he helped guide into a clearer, more profound theology and mostly by his family and friends who had the privilege of seeing the man who lived the message. A far too rare breed in modern times.”

Many of us at World Challenge have been deeply encouraged by Ravi Zacharias’s testimony and apologetics, and a few have had the honor of working directly with him. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, his wife and children as they endure this separation from a dearly loved one.

With them, we long for the day when that great reunion will finally take place in heaven.    

Watch our tribute video to Ravi Zachrias here.