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Coronavirus Pandemic

Hearing the Voice of the Lord
One believer received the strangest urge from the Spirit and witnessed a little miracle when he obeyed this mysterious call.
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A Gift in the Time of Need
In Kenya, our partners are working to support families who have children with special needs and who have been affected by the COVID lockdowns.
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Bringing News to the Borderlands
As the Congo continues to struggle with COVID, our partners are working to spread helpful information and the gospel message of hope.
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A Voice Calling on the Wind
Burundi’s churches are using the radio to endorse COVID prevention methods and the hope of the gospel to their entire nation.
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Loving the Foreigners as Ourselves
The world’s refugee crisis has only been buried by the pandemic news, but people seeking refuge from war and terror are still in need of help.
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A Fount of Water and Blessings
Finding a fresh source of water was the key for one community in the Congo to see God’s blessings and love for them.
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