Coronavirus Pandemic | World Challenge

Coronavirus Pandemic

Good Life Companies Give Back
World Challenge’s partners in the United States are joining together with local companies to bless their communities. 
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Small Solutions with Big Impact
World Challenge’s partners in the Philippines are finding innovative ways to help people in the church survive the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. 
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The Church of Acts in Modern Times
One village’s new church is emblematic of the Spirit’s provision and movement throughout Kenya’s community of believers.
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A Key in Small Hands
Our partners in Asia are working together to make sure that children have access to educational opportunities as part of loving their communities.
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Closing Borders and Opening Horizons
World Challenge’s partners in India are working to bring Christ’s love to people there as their borders close, travel is restricted and governmental authorities clamp down.
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Russia, the Virus Year and a Dream
Our partners live in a nation well acquainted with hard work and unrelentingly tough circumstances, but they are also seeing God’s grace and provision in miraculous ways.
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