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Coronavirus Pandemic

Closing Borders and Opening Horizons
World Challenge’s partners in India are working to bring Christ’s love to people there as their borders close, travel is restricted and governmental authorities clamp down.
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Russia, the Virus Year and a Dream
Our partners live in a nation well acquainted with hard work and unrelentingly tough circumstances, but they are also seeing God’s grace and provision in miraculous ways.
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A Spirit Set Free Behind Bars
The Great Physician came to heal the sick, and he continues to do his powerful work in the United States’ prisons.
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The God Who Heals and Provides
For widows in many countries, life is hard enough, but now that COVID has been thrown into the mix, it’s become harder. Still, God is providing for these dear ladies in incredible ways.
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When Disease and Fear Strengthen Unity
The team in Brazil has turned to God for instruction and blessings as their country has locked down and anxiety rules the world around them.
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Hearing the Voice of the Lord
One believer received the strangest urge from the Spirit and witnessed a little miracle when he obeyed this mysterious call.
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