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Coronavirus Pandemic

Church Leaders Responding to COVID-19
In Malawi, believers are banding together to help their most vulnerable members as they all face the impact of the coronavirus.
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Food Coming With a Caring Heart
As millions face job loss and food scarcity, one man shares his story of how our partners helped him.

About 2.3 million people in the U.S. today live in a food desert. 

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Surviving COVID-19 in the D.R. Congo
While their country is rocked to its core by conflict and hardship, our partners in the Congo are working to support and build up their churches and communities.
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South America Emerges from the Pandemic
Local communities in Brazil are taking the initiative to continue learning and find ways of thriving despite the COVID-19 lockdowns.
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Rebuilding a Nation One Step at a Time
Liberia has faced some of the worst struggles nationally in modern times, but local believers are working to make sure that COVID-19 isn’t added to the list.
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A Desperate Hunger for Empathy
As the world struggles with the financial fallout from the COVID-19 lockdowns, how might we be called to help?
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