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The Saturday When God Was Silent

Rachel Chimits
April 9, 2020

The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is an odd break in the resurrection story, so how do we understand God’s apparent inaction here?

I have a love-hate relationship with space movies. Stars and planets and comets are fantastic, and yet so much can potentially go horribly wrong when we humans throw our fragile little bodies out into space. All it takes is one tiny part of a spaceship or spacesuit to malfunction, and everyone is either fried or frozen.

Showing Mercy During the Pandemic

Rachel Chimits
March 25, 2020

Will Christians, freed from the fear of death, be the first to answer if overburdened hospitals and government security networks cannot care for everyone?

In his writings, David Wilkerson explored a couple of misconceptions that many modern-day believers share with their ancient counterparts. “The Jews believed that if God was pleased with you, you would always be blessed and never suffer.