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Responding to COVID-19 Around the Globe

Rachel Chimits
March 17, 2020

Churches, international believers and World Challenge partners are reaching out to one another for information and encouragement during this epidemic.

Our news has been filled with alarming reports concerning COVID-19, the most recent coronavirus strain, in recent weeks.

People are being ushered into quarantines; entire countries have been trying to close their borders; the rapid transmission of this newest influenza has caused public fears to run rampant.

A Viral Fear: Responding to the Coronavirus

Rachel Chimits
March 9, 2020

When worldwide issues begin to fill the news and rattle the public, how should Christians respond to these crises?

Fears have begun running rampant ever since the explosion of COVID-19 cases in China’s Hubei province.

News feeds have become clogged with articles about the quick spread of this new variety of human coronavirus. Photos and videos showing medical personnel in isolation hooded coveralls, masks and goggles have only heightened the general public’s alarm. 

As One of the ‘Invisibles’ in Church

Rachel Chimits
February 28, 2020

When we don’t fit very well into God’s family, what should we do? If we meet someone who isn’t the type we’re used to, how should we respond?

If you’re not a person who is checking off the appropriate life-stage boxes at the “right” time, you’ve probably come across some people in church who make it weird in a hurry. Let me replay a quick anagram of the most common conversations I’ve had in church.