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Becoming a Businesswoman in India

Rachel Chimits
January 29, 2020

God and Christian community helped bring one woman into a place of dignity as she learned how to run her own business.

Maanvi* had never had children. Perhaps it was a small blessing since her husband has a mental disability and she has spent her time caring for him and working to provide for them both over the many years of their marriage.

Street Kid Turned Neighborhood Evangelist

Pacifique Nzoyisenga
January 9, 2020

World Challenge’s partners in Burundi run a children’s home and school so abandoned children can experience God’s love and care as well as grow into strong adults.

When I first found Mukamarakiza, he was living on the streets in Ngozi.

He’d been abandoned early and was 11 years old when we met, but unfortunately this is nothing unusual. Street children in Burundi are common, especially in the larger towns.

BEST OF: A Wilkerson Family Testimony: Prodigal Children Overcoming Addiction

Parents in the church can feel ashamed of having a prodigal child. They may have actually been condemned for their child’s suffering or wandering path. In this episode, Gary Wilkerson is joined by his wife, Kelly, and son, Evan, as they discuss how their family was ultimately able to draw closer to God as a result of Evan’s prodigal journey. While this time can be immensely painful for parents and families, God is always faithful. Gary, Kelly, and Evan talk about how God redeemed and healed their own relationships and lives through what seemed like a very dark period.

Left to Die, Nora Has Found New Life

We’re told in Matthew 19:26 that with God all things are possible. How many of us actually trust in that promise, though? We serve a God who can do incredible things, and the most spectacular is when he saves one of his children. This week, we’re joined by Holly Dziedzickie and "Nora" from Cambodia who share a striking testimony about how God’s power and goodness saved one girl from certain death and brought her into new life.  

Going from Victim to Victor in Christ

Olive Heywood
December 3, 2019

One young woman’s harsh childhood and rocky path in adulthood nearly claimed her life until Christ intervened to heal her broken heart.

My name is Olive.

When I was 7 years old, my parents separated. My father left for South Africa, and he refused to allow me to visit him. It would be three years before he finally invited me to see him. I was excited and hopeful that this marked a turn for our family, but the trip turned into a nightmare.

A Prodigal's Journey from the Pew to Prison to Phnom Penh

God’s commands can sometimes seem so impossible to fulfill, so distant from what we want. In these moments, it can be so easy to become angry at God. Our visitor this week, Holly Dziedzickie, shares how her frustration with God’s commands led her down a rebellious path until he called her back in the most extraordinary way.

Lascia che Gesù sia il tuo tutto

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)11-09-19

Il Signore desidera intimità con i suoi cari figli. Desidera stare da solo con l'amore del suo cuore. “Ma tu, quando preghi, entra nella tua cameretta e, chiusa la porta, rivolgi la preghiera al Padre tuo che è nel segreto; e il Padre tuo, che vede nel segreto, te ne darà la ricompensa.” (Matteo 6: 6).

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Você é uma testemunha na sua cidade?

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)25-10-19

Nós, frequentemente, esperamos Deus mover-se de uma ou duas maneiras: ou enviando um derramamento sobrenatural do seu Espírito Santo para alcançar multidões para o seu reino, ou enviando julgamento para trazer as pessoas de joelhos, ou até mesmo destruí-las. Mas, amado, este não é o método que Deus usa para mudar as coisas no dia mau. A sua forma de reconstruir ruínas tem sido comumente usada por homens e mulheres que foram tocados. E ele o faz enchendo-os com o seu Espírito Santo e os enviando à guerra com grande fé e poder! “Todos ficaram cheios do Espírito Santo” (Atos 2:4).

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