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Staan as a Getuienis van God se Getrouheid

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20

“Die kinders van Efraim, gewapende boogskutters, het omgespring op die dag van oorlog” (Psalm 78:9).

In Psalm 78, lees ons van Efraim, die grootste stam in Israel. Efraim was die mees bevoorregte stam van almal: talryk en sterk, knap met die gebruik van wapens en goed toegerus vir oorlog. Ons lees egter dat toe hierdie magtige stam teenstand beleef het, het hulle moed verloor en omgedraai, al was hulle beter bewapen en magtiger as hulle vyand. Hulle het hulle voorgeneem om te veg en te oorwin, maar toe hulle die vyand sien, het hulle die aftog geblaas.

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Être un témoignage de la fidélité de Dieu

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20

“Les fils d’Ephraïm, armés et tirant de l’arc, tournèrent le dos le jour du combat” (Psaumes 78:9).

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David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20


我们从诗篇78篇读到以色列最大的以法莲支派。这支派最受恩宠: 人多势众,擅长使用兵器, 装备整齐. 然而, 我们读到这强大的支派虽比敌人更装甲整齐,强而有力,但敌人当前,他们就放弃退缩。他们存心作战胜出, 但一旦面对困境,便灰心丧志。

根据这段经文, 以法莲代表因主蒙福,受恩宠的无数信徒。他们受过良好的教导,具备信心见證, 目整装待发。但是,试炼当前,情况严峻,难以应付,他们便回转放弃, 信心尽失.


「…他们仍旧犯罪,不信衪奇妙的作为。…他们的心向衪不坚定,不忠於衪的约。」(78:32, 37). 结果如下:「他们再叁试探神,惹动以色列的圣者。」(78:41).

以法莲缺乏信心,灵里懦怯,动摇了以色列的其他支派. 请想像其他人看见情形的破坏性。「这大蒙恩宠的一批子民都无法站稳。我们有何指望呢? 」

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David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20


我們從詩篇78篇讀到以色列最大的以法蓮支派。這支派最受恩寵: 人多勢眾,擅長使用兵器, 裝備整齊. 然而, 我們讀到這强大的支派雖比敵人更裝甲整齊,强而有力,但敵人當前,他們就放棄退縮。他們存心作戰勝出, 但一旦面對困境,便灰心喪志。

根據這段經文, 以法蓮代表因主蒙福,受恩寵的無數信徒。他們受過良好的教導,具備信心見證, 目整裝待發。但是,試煉當前,情況嚴峻,難以應付,他們便回轉放棄, 信心盡失.


「…他們仍舊犯罪,不信衪奇妙的作為。…他們的心向衪不堅定,不忠於衪的約。」(78:32, 37). 結果如下:「他們再三試探神,惹動以色列的聖者。」(78:41).

以法蓮缺乏信心,靈裡懦怯,動搖了以色列的其他支派. 請想像其他人看見情形的破壞性。「這大蒙恩寵的一批子民都無法站穩。我們有何指望呢? 」

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Siendo Testimonio de la Fidelidad de Dios

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20

“Los hijos de Efraín, arqueros armados, volvieron las espaldas en el día de la batalla” (Salmos 78:9).

En el Salmo 78, leemos sobre Efraín, la tribu más grande de Israel. Era la tribu más favorecida de todas: numerosa y poderosa, hábil en el uso de armas y bien equipada para la batalla. Sin embargo, leemos que cuando esta poderosa tribu vio la oposición, se rindieron y se retiraron a pesar de que estaban mejor armados y eran más poderosos que su enemigo. Ellos habían resuelto luchar y ganar, pero una vez que se encontraron cara a cara con su crisis, se desanimaron.

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Standing as a Testimony to God’s Faithfulness

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)24-09-20

“The children of Ephraim, being armed and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle” (Psalm 78:9).

In Psalm 78, we read about Ephraim, the largest tribe in Israel. It was the most favored tribe of all: numerous and powerful, skilled in the use of weapons, and well equipped for battle. Yet, we read that when this mighty tribe saw the opposition, they gave up and retreated even though they were better armed and more powerful than their enemy. They had resolved to fight and win, but once they came face-to-face with their crisis, they lost heart.

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The Courage of an Ambassador

World Challenge Staff
September 17, 2020

Several believers in Kyrgyzstan are learning how to be a more powerful witness in their communities as they work to bless their neighbors.

When a drop falls into still water, it creates circles far bigger than the size of a drop itself. We want to tell you a story of one little drop named Dilaram*.

Helping a Whole Community Grow

Rachel Chimits
July 28, 2020

God’s presence is transforming one woman’s life as she grows as part of the church and in her earnest desire to have every part of her life reflect biblical truth.

My name is Vedhika*. Greet everyone in the name of Lord Jesus and thank them wholeheartedly. God has done a wonderful work in my life.

From Lost Boy to Man of God

Rachel Chimits
July 21, 2020

God redeemed one boy from his path of revenge and the shadow of prison to set him on the path to becoming a community leader.

Hilary was born in Kenya’s Rift Valley region, the eldest of five children. Their mother brewed alcohol to make money to support their little family. Technically, making alcohol this way was illegal, but it was good money, and she had to support five kids alone.

The Holy Ghost in Cambodia

Rachel Chimits
July 9, 2020

One man found the key to escaping his culture’s long-held fear of evil spirits and sorcery in a simple search for new work.

Cambodia, like many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, is a hotbed of spiritual beliefs.

The country is at a central point of the peninsula and home to Cham, Chinese, Vietnamese and French philosophical counterpoints where sacred traditions and animism have blended into a chimera of religion.