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Remembering the Compassion of Jesus

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)February 8, 2019

It is possible to say, “I believe God can do the impossible,” and yet be unable to accept the miracles of the Lord for ourselves because of a doubting heart. In Matthew we find Jesus getting into a boat to leave for “a deserted place by Himself” (14:13). He had just received word that John the Baptist had been beheaded and he was so moved by the news that he felt the need to be by himself to pray. Yet, when the multitudes heard that Jesus was leaving, “they followed Him on foot from the cities” (same verse).

Thousands of people came from all directions in all types of physical condition. The infirm were carried on stretchers or wheeled toward him in homemade carts. Blind men and women were led through the crowd, and the lame hobbled forward on makeshift canes and crutches. They all had one overriding objective: get near to Jesus and receive a healing touch!

And what was Christ’s response to this incredible scene? “He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14). And then, at the end of that marvelous day and after performing all those miracles of healing, Jesus decided to feed the huge crowd (see Matthew 14:16-21).

Later, on the boat sailing to Magdala, the disciples were tired from their long day and began to squabble because they had only one loaf of bread among them (see Mark 8:14). Imagine! Peter, James, John and the others were worried about bread when they had just come from the greatest bread-feeding in history! Jesus was incredulous and reproved them, “How is it that you do not understand?” (8:21).

This message is for all who are on the brink of exhaustion, overwhelmed by your present situation. You have been a faithful servant, feeding others, confident that God can do the impossible for his people but you harbor lingering doubts about his willingness to intervene in your own struggle.

The Holy Spirit is calling you to remember the compassion of Jesus, remember the abundance of the loaves and fishes, and know that he is not willing that even one of you will faint.

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