Expect Jacksonville 2020 Sermons | World Challenge

Expect Jacksonville 2020 Sermons

Preaching God's Word

Day 1 – Session 1 – Gary Wilkerson

In the opening session, Gary Wilkerson shared a powerful sermon on preaching the Word.


Investing in Others

Day 1 – Session 2 – Tim Dilena

Tim Dilena inspires leaders to invest into their people rather than using their gifts but never pouring into them.


Developing a Healthy Culture in Your Church

Day 1 – Session 3 – John Bailey

John Bailey teaches an important message on the necessity to make disciples in the church, and that it's through discipleship that culture in influenced.


The Thunder of His Power

Day 1 – Session 4 – Gary Wilkerson

Throughout eternity you will be learning more about God; there's so much to know about him. 


God has Prepared You for Such a Time as This

Day 2 – Session 1 – Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

In this session, Bishop Vaughn challenges us that we were created for precisely this time in history.


Creating a Story in Your Ministry

Day 2 – Session 2 – Tim Dilena

In times of great upheaval, God is writing new stories, from new miracles. The success of the past can cause us to try to preserve it.

Letting Jesus Lead Your Ministry

Day 2 – Session 3 – Tim Dilena

Don't ask God to guide your steps if you're not willing to move your feet.   


A Way When There is No Way

Day 2 – Session 4 – Gary Wilkerson

In the closing session, Gary Wilkerson shares from the life of the crippled man in Mark 2 who was lowered from the roof by his friend.

COVID-19 and the Church

Bonus Session – Tim Dilena

You don't want to be on the wrong side of history.