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Faith Answers Short Clips

Jesus, the Messiah

Easter is proof that Jesus is the one true Messiah and the heart of the Christian message. Evan Wilkerson breaks down the reasons why only Jesus can claim the title "Christ" in this Faith Answers video.

Jesus, Son of Man

Do you really know who Jesus is? A teacher, prophet, or deity? More than any other title, Jesus called himself the Son of Man. But what does that mean exactly? Evan Wilkerson breaks down what Jesus meant when he called himself the Son of Man and what that means for us.

Jesus Certainly Existed: Non-Christian Sources

In part of two of this series on the evidence for Christ, Evan Wilkerson shows us credible sources outside the Bible that confirm Jesus walked this earth, none of which were favorable towards Christians or supported that Jesus is God. Through this evidence we see proof Jesus did exist and can confidently proclaim that we serve a risen King!

Jesus Certainly Existed: Christian Sources

A question many Christians get, and perhaps asked themselves at one point is: Did Jesus really exit? Christian and even non-Christian scholars believe he did and we have ample evidence to prove it. In part 1 of a 2 part series, Evan Wilkerson walks us through the Christian resources and biblical texts we have today that prove Jesus did indeed live and is who he says he is.

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Is there any evidence for the resurrection of Christ? There are 4 points a majority of Christian and non-Christian historians believe about the death and resurrection of Jesus. In this informative and enlightening video, Evan Wilkerson addresses these 4 points and shows us the evidence that Jesus did indeed die and rose again.