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  • A Wilkerson Family Testimony: Prodigal Children Overcoming Addiction

    Parents in the church can feel ashamed of having a prodigal child. They may have actually been condemned for their child’s suffering or wandering path. In this episode, Gary Wilkerson is joined by his wife, Kelly, and son, Evan, as they discuss how their family was ultimately able to draw closer to God as a result of Evan’s prodigal journey. While this time can be immensely painful for parents and families, God is always faithful. Gary, Kelly, and Evan talk about how God redeemed and healed their own relationships and lives through what seemed like a very dark period.

  • How to Navigate Doubt in Your Christian Life

    Doubt can feel like a dangerous fault line in the bedrock of our faith. This week, Gary Wilkerson takes a more measured look at doubt and its place in the Bible and our lives. How do we take care of our hearts so that when doubt springs up, it doesn’t hurt us? Is it possible to have healthy doubts and questions about our faith? Gary talks about how believers can use doubt as a tool to help our relationship with God grow.

  • Can Doubt Be Good For Your Faith?

    Doubt can be hard for us to wrestle with, especially if we’re afraid that it means we’re losing our faith. If we open up to God about our fears, though, he won’t leave us to struggle alone. God promises to walk alongside us through every dark valley and give us a spirit of discernment as we examine our doubts. In this episode, Gary Wilkerson talks about how doubt can hurt Christians but also how it can be one of our most useful tools for understanding God better.

  • The People-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

    Wellness is a huge part of how we evaluate ourselves. How happy are we? How healthy do we feel? How are the relationships in our lives? Many professionals and friends want to tell us what wellness should look like, but what does the Bible say? This week, Gary Wilkerson discusses how God designed us to need certain things in order to be healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Hiding Your Hurts Under a False Sense of Worth

    Validation is an enormous part of our lives. It is an external recognition that the feelings we have or the actions we take are worthwhile. Community, as God intended it, often encourages people toward right living through validation. However, the desire for external validation can quickly become all-consuming and unhealthy. This week, Gary Wilkerson discusses how easily we slip into searching for worth in things other than God. Only God can validate our existence. Only he can give our lives real purpose and direction.

  • What Did Jesus Mean When He Promised Abundant Life?

    The Bible promises us abundant life, so how does this translate into everyday life? Does this promise mean that God will shower us with whatever we pray for and desire? Clearly, that’s not the case for quite a few, if not all, of us. In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Gary talks about how our culture’s definition of abundance is crooked and sets us up for unhealthy expectations. God plans for much more in our lives with his definition of abundance. There may be struggles and hard times, but we are promised strength and the divine might of our heavenly Father going before us.

  • Having Fun Might Be One of the Most Holy Things You Do

    We sometimes believe that we have to avoid having too much fun because it might be sinful. Or we might feel that there are more “holy” things we could be doing than spending time with friends and having fun. In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson Podcast, Gary points out that this “morbid holiness” is not really biblical. The abundant life God promises us allows us to celebrate the goodness of his blessings.

  • How to Have Wholeness in Your Christian Life

    Could the way in which we care for our bodies be affecting our spiritual lives as well? Could having healthier life practices, from the food we eat to the relationships we have, be a biblical concept? Gary Wilkerson discusses this topic and offers insights from the Bible and his personal experience to those looking for answers.

  • Love Is Powerful, Confronting Every Form of Darkness

    In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Nicky Cruz joins us to explore the topic of love when it comes to the people who can seem the farthest from that term: prisoners, gang members and drug addicts. Nicky recalls how Gary’s father helped bring him to Christ along with his own experiences ministering inside prisons and cities’ darkest alleys where only God can bring light.

  • Loving Your Children in a Culture of Entitlement

    In this episode of the Gary Wilkerson podcast, Nicky Cruz joins us to discuss the great importance of a father’s love. The impact of a parent’s love plus God’s love can create incredible healing and purpose in a child’s life.