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More than 4,000 community hope experts have been successfully trained in 14 different countries. With your help, we can train 125 more across Africa with KKLA-FM!

About World Challenge

At World Challenge, we are dedicated to eliminating both physical and spiritual poverty by discipling and training community hope experts who are already believers and introducing communities to the gospel alongside practical life-lessons for healthier, biblical living.

Our Poverty Solutions team works with local churches to train hope experts in practical life skills, gospel truths, raising sustainable crops and farming practices, teaching trades for income and how to bring positive change to their communities.

Hope Expert – Anna's Story

How We Work

1.Find Open Hearts

We look for people who are already moved by God to help their community. They see the hardship their neighbors are facing, and they are hungry for a solution.

2.Train Community Leaders

These future Hope Experts identify their community’s greatest needs, then we provide trainings to help them address these issues: lack of education, no clean water, rampant sickness or other problems.

3.Spread the Good News

The new Hope Experts apply these trainings to their own homes, and as they see success, they help others learn how to similarly escape poverty and find new life in Christ.

4.Lift Up New Leaders

As Hope Experts become more seasoned and train more people in their own community, they find new leaders to train up and begin to spread the work into neighboring communities.

“For 14 years, we’ve seen this ministry free more than 4,000 from the shackles of poverty to become healthy followers of Jesus, no longer bound by debilitating poverty. We need your help to train and encourage more hope experts to develop their own initiatives, using their own resources, and more or less do all of the work by themselves. Our work is to help them see that God has given them the ability and the resources to transform their lives and come out of poverty.”

—Andreas Steffensen, Global Director of Development

What You Can Do to Help

Your generous gift today will train a hope expert across Africa.

You may not be able to travel to other countries or share the gospel directly with people who are hungry for God and new life, but your gifts and prayers will send others who can by training a hope expert.