“I Cried Out to God for These Children . . .”

Mark Buzzetta
Armenian children living in rubble. Please help us reach them. “A generous person will be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor” (Proverbs 22:9, HCSB).

“Driving along a desolate road, we came to a building in rubble, an abandoned house, which is home to a family of six. The husband/father is an alcoholic . . . the wife is mentally handicapped, and the four children live in the worst conditions I’ve seen.” — Armenia, June 2018

The passage above is from my journal. The memory still haunts me. At this building, I observed human feces all along the front of the entrance. No running water. Filth and garbage everywhere. The sense of helplessness overwhelmed me as I cried out to God for these children and their family.

Much of rural Eastern Europe is full of similar scenes. In the wake of communism’s fall, many younger people in countries like Armenia left for bigger cities or other countries. Much of the countryside is left with no productive population or infrastructure. Government pensions are meager.

So what do we do? This family receives help from a World Challenge–supported ministry. We give them physical bread—but most important, we communicate Jesus, the Bread of Life. Please pray for them—that the physical bread leads to acceptance of eternal bread! I am so thankful and praise God for all of you who have prayed and donated to World Challenge. Just this year alone, World Challenge Mercy Missions is working through more than 80 partners, in 45 countries, reaching over 250,000 men, women, and children with the tangible love of Christ through:

  • Evangelism through church plantings, pastoral discipleship training, and Bible schools
  • Widows and orphans care, including feeding, housing, surgeries, medicines, and vocational training
  • Dignified, 24/7 care in centers for the elderly and handicapped
  • Aid to refugees fleeing from war and natural disasters
  • Rescuing young boys and girls from sex trafficking and prostitution
  • Drug and alcohol recovery centers that restore broken lives
  • And most important, Jesus being received as Lord and Savior by so many

With the season for celebrating Christ before us, we ask that you first give to your church before considering us. But if God is also placing us on your heart, then please respond today by making a secure online donation to our Missions fund. God bless you!