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Advent: To Sing the Song of Mary

Rachel Chimits
December 6, 2019

The second Sunday of Advent turns to examine Mary’s faith and how believers can learn from her choices.

Malachi’s an odd little book, only four chapters long and at the tail end of the Old Testament. It’s not much fun to read, to be quite honest. There’s lots of rebelling, judgment and general unhappiness.

Maintaining the Engine of Discipline

Rachel Chimits
December 4, 2019

Getting into a self-disciplined routine can feel so difficult but seem so easy for others, so what’s the secret to success?

“I’ll never forget the feelings I experienced when two shiny new keys were pressed firmly into my trembling hands,” Gary Richmond recalled in his book A View from the Zoo. “They weren’t just any keys. These keys gave me access to all the cages at the Los Angeles Zoo.”

Confessions of a Modern-Day Pharisee

Rachel Chimits
December 2, 2019

People these days often say, “Don’t judge” right before admitted questionable behavior, but is judging people’s choices always bad?

I don’t much care for the parable of the prodigal son.

Bratty, entitled younger sibling wreaks havoc on the household until he finally leaves to receive the just deserts of his poor choices. No Daddy and Mummy to the rescue, to cushion him from consequences.