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How Should We Pray?

Rachel Chimits
July 18, 2019

Many Christians may feel that they “don’t pray well,” but this begs the question of what we actually mean when we say that and how can we grow into a people of prayer.

In his sermons, David Wilkerson focused on common issues that trouble the hearts of many believers, and he pointed out a deep and disconcerting problem with prayer in more than one.

“We can get so confused about prayer, making it seem so complicated. There are multitudes of theories that bring confusion and raise all kinds of questions: ‘When does prayer become intercession? Is intercession measured by fervency, or loudness, or the amount of time spent on my knees? How will I know I am praying in God’s will? Do mental prayers count? What, exactly, do I pray for?’”

Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Rachel Chimits
July 16, 2019

In the Western world, miracles seem to be an anomaly but what if they shouldn’t be?

Miraculous signs and wonders can make some believers uneasy, particularly after they’ve observed televangelists like Benny Hinn whose “healing” services are more akin to an episode of TLC’s Long Island Medium than anything else.  

Skepticism is easy after even one scam artist is caught making money off of people desperate for hope and healing.

However, how should we view miracles Biblically?

Do they still happen in modern times? Are there psychological or medical explanations for these mysterious signs? When and how does God dispense miraculous wonders?

Seeing the Finger of God

Darren Wilson had similar questions when he sent out to make the documentary Finger of God.

Those Hidden in Ireland

Rachel Chimits
July 11, 2019

World Challenge partners in the Emerald Isle reach out to one mother weighted down by a cancer prognosis and deep worries for her children.

Can people still be deeply caught in poverty if they live in a wealthy, Western nation?

Most would say, “Yes, of course” because we’ve all seen someone beside the road with a cardboard sign who is clearly homeless.

All high-income countries, however, have the “invisible poor.” These people don’t fall into the typical measures for poverty because they make more than 2 dollars a day—not hard in countries with high costs of living—and manage to keep a roof over their heads one way or another. 

They often look inconspicuously ordinary, and yet their living conditions and daily struggles would shock those who pass them by without a second glance. 

God’s Greatest Commands

World Challenge Staff
June 17, 2019

When Priya* and her husband accepted Christ, their neighbors weren’t excited. Vicious gossip began circulating, and the pressure to convert back to Hinduism became intense.

“At times,” she confessed, “I wanted to give up and become Hindu again.”

World Challenge partners came to Priya’s church and talked about living as a light for God in the neighborhood.

Her heart was struck by Matthew 22:35-40 where Jesus lays out the Bible’s greatest commandment: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart’ ... And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Being a Servant

Priya had noticed that the drainage between the houses was full of mud and rotten garbage; flies and mosquitoes formed thick clouds over the muck.

Training Pastors in Kenya

Rachel Chimits
July 3, 2019

Church leaders in sub-Saharan Africa are hungry to know more about God’s Word and how to help their communities.

The words “Bible school” may invoke images of college-like campuses, solemn meetings between scholars and chapel prayer times.

For some in the West, this may be the only way they’ve seen or heard of theological training be done, but for many church leaders in other parts of the world, the experience is quite different.

Like the Word itself, training for pastors can come with eternal truths in ways that respond to their unique needs.

The Gift of Bible School

Many of the men gathered are already acting pastors with church congregations that depend on them. Taking off their jackets, they greet others they recognize from nearby villages.

The Importance of Rejection

Rachel Chimits
July 1, 2019

What if God is calling us to make the most out of the pain in life’s most common experience?

Warren Buffett, known these days as the "Oracle of Omaha" and one of the most successful investors of all time, describes his experience applying to Harvard, the school of his dreams, as a very young man.

"I looked about 16 and emotionally was about 9. I spent 10 minutes with the Harvard alumnus who was doing the interview, and he assessed my capabilities and turned me down."

He was informed that Harvard’s mission was to make leaders and that he wasn’t ready to be one.

Arrested in the Church: Part 3

Rachel Chimits
June 28, 2019

At long last, one World Challenge partner finds freedom and inspiration to help others and build a new life.

Abdi’s case to become an UN-recognized asylee would take nearly three years, including two years of a Homeland Security screening process.

While describing the arduous process of refugee application, he explained, “It could have been anywhere between six and 10 years, if I hadn’t been in the safehouse or had the lawyer’s records of my investigation.”

Part of this wait was due to the accusations of terrorism leveled against him. Another part of because of his nationality, having come from the Islamic nation of Somalia.

Abdi checked daily, only to see “processing” still on his file case.

Arrested in the Church: Part 2

Rachel Chimits
June 27, 2019

Finally free from Kenyan jail, one World Challenge partner is still faced with overwhelming prejudice and the grindingly slow refugee process.

The police who had dragged Abdi out of church took him to his house first. More police and investigators arrived, and they combed his house while they held him at gunpoint.

Palpable disappointment grew as they failed to find a Quran or prayer rug or anything to link him to the al-Shabaab terrorist group. Later, Abdi would discover that this team was part of local retaliation for the recent Garissa University attack where 148 people were killed and 79 injured by the Somali offshoot of al-Qaeda.

“See? That’s my Bible,” Abdi said as they pulled it out. “I’m a Christian.”

Arrested in the Church: Part 1

Rachel Chimits
June 26, 2019

One Somali man had an incredible journey from being an agnostic refugee to being redeemed by Christ and becoming a World Challenge partner.

As the church service drew to a close, Abdi noticed several men closing in on him. They pushed through the normal Easter crowd until they were in ring around him, and one tried to grab his arm.

“What are you doing?” he asked, uneasy. “Who are you?”

“We need you to come outside with us.”

“Why don’t we go to the pastor’s office? We can talk there.” Abdi glanced around, trying to catch the eye of anyone who might help him. He didn’t know who these men were, but he didn’t want to be left alone with them.

“You need to come with us, otherwise you’re going to get into serious trouble,” One said, as he pushed Abdi toward the door.

How to Make Our Faith Grow

Rachel Chimits
June 25, 2019

We can be told to “just have more faith” or even pray for more faith, but there are also specific steps we can take to help strengthen our faith.

“Faith is on the rise,” reports The Guardian magazine, “and 84% of the global population identifies with a religious group.”

The article more or less touts this as a positive statistic, but its stance only brings up the real questions: “What are people putting their faith in?” and “How does this faith help people?” 

What and Who Do You Trust?

Faith is simply defined as “allegiance to duty or a person” or “complete trust” in the dictionary.