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The Maintenance of a Foundation

Rachel Chimits
May 13, 2020

Times of trial always reveal what we truly believe about ourselves, the world and our God, so what will the fires show about who and what we trust?

Sam Keyes, bio-engineering academic and public speaker about the integration of science and faith, noted a particularly notable instance of the church leading the response to a health crisis.  

Thriving or Striving at Home

Rachel Chimits
May 11, 2020

Being put into a stressful situation will reveal the core of our relationships faster than anything else, so after this lockdown, what have we found?

An increasing number of articles and surveys are pointing to the mounting issues of divorce requests since the coronavirus lockdown pushed us all indoors with one another.

The Patience of a Saint, or Not

Rachel Chimits
May 8, 2020

The Bible lists patience as one of the fruits of the Spirit, but how important is it actually and how do we cultivate this virtue?

George Washington is often featured in the history books as an elderly gent with a long-suffering expression as he stares vaguely but benevolently out at a cast of soldiers or politicians.

Does the Bible Back Up Ikigai?

Rachel Chimits
May 6, 2020

So much energy and time is devoted in the Western world to discovering our purpose in life, but what if the answer was both simpler and much more difficult than everyone makes it out to be?

As issues with “burnout” seem to be rampantly spreading across the Western world, many are turning to Eastern philosophy in an attempt to find the solution.

One such ideology that’s recently risen to prominence is ikigai.

Righteous Roots for the Darkest Storms

Rachel Chimits
May 1, 2020

God allows tribulations to come into our lives for a very important purpose, but what can we do to prepare for these moments beforehand?

The pear tree outside my childhood bedroom window was a pretty thing, if somewhat pathetic.

It had the misfortune of an unusually small root-ball when my family bought it. One morning, I opened my curtains to discover I could see nothing but a dancing maze of green and shadows.

When God Is Not on Our Side

Rachel Chimits
April 29, 2020

Sometimes we step up to claim a promise or following a calling God gave us but suddenly feel like he’s absent, so why isn’t he supporting us?

Right after Moses passes the mantle of leadership to Joshua and he in turn leads Israel into the Promise Land, a strange interlude is recorded.

The Prayers That Shake Kingdoms

Rachel Chimits
April 22, 2020

Praying is a crucial part of the Christian life, and we need communication with the Lord to flourish, so how do we pray with power and passion?

Most Christians have heard of Jim Elliot, and those who aren’t Christians are usually able to summon up a few details about him — “Isn’t that the guy who tried to contact a secluded native people group somewhere in South American and got killed?” — even if they view him as an anthropological disruption rather than a hero of the faith.