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Jesus, Lamb of God


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

April 17, 2019

David Wilkerson delivers an Easter message on the power of Jesus' blood. The Son's mighty atoning sacrifice not only wipes away all of our sins and makes us clean but also gives us an eternal hope because now we are justified and will be able to stand before God's throne. Christ gives us peace and joy as we look forward to heaven, and that great gift should be one that we desperately desire for others to know too.

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Preparing for Easter

Rachel Chimits
April 16, 2019

Some of the great symbols of our faith have been sadly misused in history, but this doesn’t make them any less important.

My mother observed Lent and always wore all black to church on Good Friday. One time, shortly before we left the house, I asked her why. 

“Today is kind of like remembering Jesus’ funeral. Of course, we know he’s alive and waiting for us in heaven, but first he had to die.”

The Passover Controversy

Rachel Chimits
April 19, 2019

One of the biggest holidays surrounding Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is polarizing people.

Whether you’re settling in to watch Ten Commandments or Prince of Egypt with the family to kick off this pre-Easter weekend, the part of the story most likely to invoke questions among children or just generally inquisitive viewers is the angel of death and the Passover feast.