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When Depression Isn't Healed

Rachel Chimits
May 17, 2019

A battle with mental health can already feel like a lonely one, but when God doesn’t miraculously free us from it, the question “Why?” inevitable rises.

A research project collaborating with the University of Oxford conducted a study on depression and anxiety disorders worldwide in 2016. They found that about 322 million people globally suffer from depression, making it the predominant psychological disorder.

Despite its prevalence, depression is often ignored or dismissed in great part because of the wide variety of ways it can manifest.

Tactics for Pastors Battling Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

Rachel Chimits
February 11, 2019
Man sitting on steps with face in his hands

We are posting this article on behalf of the recent events that took place at Real Life Church in California. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Jim Howard’s family and church who lost him to suicide after a long battle with mental illness.

There’s a saying in ministry, “Higher levels, higher devils.”

Gary Wilkerson, president of World Challenge, even stated, “I believe there’s more depression in America’s pastoral ministry than in other countries I visit.”

Is This Your First or Last Year?


Carter Conlon

October 4, 2018

Many in churches across America are setting their hearts on false hopes—seeking to bypass holy to get to happy. If we are willing to see life as God sees it, real change can happen in our lives. God takes those struggling vessels with honest hearts on a journey they will never regret. We will make mistakes along the way, but a cry of “Abba, Father” will rise from our heart as we look to God’s promises with hope for change.

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