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Praise and Thank God for His Judgments Are Just

The Bible declares that God is a righteous judge, but there is a movement in the church today to do away with this truth.

A Wonderful Portrait of the Greatness of God

Sam Storms joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss the lasting transformative impact that studying and knowing God’s attributes and greatness will have on your life.

The Preeminent Passion in the Heart of God

What is the deepest desire of God’s heart? Guest Sam Storms joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss this question and more.

Do You Have a Correct Understanding of God's Justice?

As Christians, we must study and understand God’s justice in order to have a greater understanding of the love and mercy that he shows us through Jesus Christ. 

The Many Attributes of God Are One

Gary Wilkerson and Keith Holloway continue their discussion about the attributes of God and how they are completely expressed in him.