Renewing Your Passion For Christ | World Challenge

Renewing Your Passion For Christ


Pastor Gary Wilkerson explains his heart for wanting to renew the vision of encouraging and equipping pastors and church leaders worldwide—a vision originally began by his father David Wilkerson.

Conference Schedule



California, USA – February 25th-26th (Teen Challenge Conference)

Nairobi, Kenya – March 28th-31st

Ukraine  – May 25th-26th

Lima, Peru  – June 6th-7th

Cork, Ireland  – June 21th-23rd

Finland – July 19th-21st

Sevilla, Spain – September 13th-14th 

Barcelona, Spain – September 20th-21th 

Los Angeles, California – October 12th-13th (Evangelistic Rallies)

Jacksonville, Florida – October 17th-18th 

Cebu, Philippines- November 14th-15th

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines- November 17th-19th