He's the King... | World Challenge

He's the King...


Tim Dilena

Date Preached: 
May 27, 2012

Of all the last words he could have shared, why does David recount the story of his men retrieving water from Bethlehem? It shows us two things. For one, they weren't commanded to retrieve the water, but because of their relationship with the king they knew his desire and acted on it. Secondly, the deeper the friendship, the greater the availability. Don't limit your relationship with God to Sunday mornings. At the end of the story, David unexpectedly pours the water out on the ground. Why? Because he is the king and can do whatever he wants. Is God the king of your life? Are you willing to let him pour your cup—your plans, dreams, vacation time, 401K, etc.—out on the ground? Have you fully entrusted your marriage, children and health to God?

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