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Conference Sermons

Speaking and Breathing Life into Dry Bones - IWMC 2018

Gary Wilkerson
May 2, 2018
International Wholistic Missions Conference
Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares a prophetic word that, if received through the Holy Spirit, will dynamically shift your ministry, family, and life. Just as he did with Ezekiel, God may call you into an impossible situation and instruct you to prophesy over it and call the Spirit of God to breath life where there is now death. Act in faith—believe that Jesus truly can change your difficult circumstance!

A Fresh Baptism of Love – Athens, Greece

Gary Wilkerson
October 1, 2017
Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares with the church in Athens, Greece about the recent baptism of love that he has received. God is answering his prayers for boldness to evangelize, to pray for people and see them healed, and for words of knowledge to speak into people's lives. God will answer these same prayers for all who genuinely ask and obediently step out in faith.