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Called to Be Perfect but Not Perfectionists

A lot of people say that they’re a perfectionist. Being hyper-critical of our situation, our friends, our work and ourselves is encouraged by our culture. Many would say this is what drives us to do better. But what if it mostly just drives people to exhaustion, anxiety and depression? Perfectionism, never feeling like anything is good enough, always feeling like you need to do better and accomplish more, is like running on an endless treadmill. Worst of all, it’s motivated by fear. What if we were motivated by love rather than the fear of being less than perfect?

Loving Jesus


Gary Wilkerson

May 18, 2018

We hear a lot these days about being loved by God, which is amazing and true, but we are also to love him. Gary Wilkerson exhorts us to be passionate, radical, fervent, on-fire lovers of Jesus.

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Miracles Only Love Could Bring

Gary Wilkerson
November 14, 2016

Gospel Impact through Special Needs Ministries

In a country in Central Asia, a center for young adults buzzes with joyful activity. 15 young men and women are occupied in productive crafts—sewing, making jewelry, repairing electronics. One cuts hair and does manicures. Some have found vocations, earning diplomas outside the center—in massage therapy, cooking and wood-burning.