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Let Us Pray Together

Valene Russo
February 17, 2020

God promised that, where two or three are gathered together in his name, his Spirit would be with us. We would love to gather together with you.

From World Challenge’s very beginning, many of you saw us as a part of your church community. You partnered with us through giving and following the sermons, but we wanted to reach out to you in a more personal way. That’s how our Constituent Care department was created.

Personality Tests: Searching for Ourselves and Our Maker

Rachel Chimits
February 5, 2020

Are personality tests a God-honoring way to learn more about ourselves or do their faults mean that we should refrain from using them?

The Enneagram seems to be the current personality test rage. I had a few people ask me what my “type and wing” were, to which I could only blink like an owl abruptly yanked into the daylight.

A wing? I am of the homo sapien persuasion; we don’t have wings.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Rachel Chimits
February 3, 2020

Become the kind of person who has great relationships isn’t an easy path, but we’ve been called to do it by our Lord and Savior.

Near the end of Frodo’s journey with the ring, he and Sam stop on a mountainside. Both are already exhausted from their trek into Mordor, and yet so much of the road is still before them.

What to Do With Toxic People (As a Christian)

Rachel Chimits
January 30, 2020

Everyone knows, or has known, a poisonous person who threw a monkey-wrench into their whole life, so how do we deal with these people when they run into us?

In the third Harry Potter book, the titular character is on a train with his two friends, headed to their school. They notice frost beginning to accumulate on the windows in their car, and the lights go out.