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Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time we have pulled together resources to help Christians everywhere turn their eyes to Jesus and off these present troubles.

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The Unwavering Love of God David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

The word unrelenting means “undiminished, not letting up or weakening in vigor or pace; incapable to being changed, sticking to a determined course.”

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Promise Verses
Galatians 3:11
July 14, 2020

Now it is evident that no one is justified before God by the law, for “The righteous shall live by faith."

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Church Leaders Responding to COVID-19 Rachel Chimits

In Malawi, believers are banding together to help their most vulnerable members as they all face the impact of the coronavirus.

No matter where we work in the world, World Challenge’s greatest desire is to communicate the truth of scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate clear and practical manner.

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Complete powerlessness is one of the worst, most traumatizing human experiences. Could our recovery rest in the knowledge of God’s love for us?

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Praise and Thank God for His Judgments Are Just

The Bible declares that God is a righteous judge, but there is a movement in the church today to do away with this truth.

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Pulpit Series Newsletters
In One Hour, Everything Is Going to Change
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Isaiah warns that in the last days, God will turn the world upside down.

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The Vision Audio Podcast

The Vision is a prayerfully compiled exploration of David Wilkerson’s vision about the world and church’s future. Natural disasters, corporate corruption, and social scandals now play a regular part in our daily news, and while many might advocate blindly hoping for a brighter future, David’s book offers straightforward truth and a more Biblical response to horrific calamities and modern society’s rampant struggles.

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Getting to Know the Holy Spirit
David Wilkerson

It is possible to know the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and yet not know Him personally. 

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You Are Changing Lives!

Through your partnership World Challenge has been on a mission spreading the Gospel and alleviating the suffering of the poor for over 40 years. Active in over 40 countries around the world – the gospel is being spread, widows needs are being met, orphans are being taken in, and those living in poverty are being uplifted through our innovative programs.

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