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12 Faces of Missions – June

World Challenge Staff
June 14, 2018

Myron from Omaha, NE

Myron grew up in the inner city of North Omaha, NE. His early life was riddled with chaos and instability; both of his parents struggled with a debilitating crack – cocaine addiction. By the time Myron was just 16, he was facing a prison sentence for drug and gang activity. Released 14 months later, Myron found himself right back in a broken environment and became a criminal re-offender. This time he was facing 200 years in prison for the crimes he had committed. Myron fell on his knees, confessing that he was desperately in need of a Savior…that night he gave his life to Jesus. Days later the judge handed down a sentence of 14-30 years with no possibility of parole. In that moment where despair could have taken over Myron recalls hearing God speak directly to him, “Myron I love you. I forgive you. I still have a plan for your life.”

Having found a true relationship with Christ, Myron re-entered his community after serving only 7 years of his sentence due to a new law. Today, Myron is referred to as a prominent leader in community restoration and development. He is an author, entrepreneur, husband, father, and pastor. God has used Myron’s experiences and work ethic to grow His Kingdom in many ways: launching five churches, starting two Christian businesses, and founding a non-profit for new entrepreneurs. Myron also serves as the Lead Pastor of Mission Church in Omaha.

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This year, Myron and World Poverty Solutions have partnered together to pursue lasting transformation in the city of North Omaha and beyond. We’re working together to train and equip local leaders in evangelism and outreach opportunities. Every month, we get together to lead events that build trust and connect the community in North Omaha. Together we are also offering employability, soft skills, and entrepreneurship training to build up community members.

Growth is already happening! Just three weeks ago 41 people crossed the line of faith, committing their lives to Jesus. Three young boys who live at a group home came forward seeking to be loved and connected—all three of them accepted the abundant love that Jesus has for them. Salvations, baptisms and relationships are growing in Omaha. We’re looking forward to a community outreach event at the end of this month that will launch the kids in the neighborhood into summer in a positive way. Our desire is that we can teach lasting transformational principles and expand the work of God’s Kingdom together.

Please pray with us that this work will take root and doors will open for new ministry opportunities. Pray that meaningful relationships, church and community involvement will grow over the summer months, and that Myron can continue to lead by example in his community.