50th Anniversary | World Challenge

50th Anniversary

World Challenge

A 50th anniversary is often called the golden anniversary. It’s a befitting milestone for World Challenge which was founded on a life-long passion to reach the lost and help the suffering.

In these 50 years, David Wilkerson and Gary Wilkerson have gone to hundreds of conferences and evangelistic rallies, sent out over 700 newsletters and touched millions of lives. Everything that World Challenge has done over the decades has been in response to Christ’s call to preach the gospel and demonstrate God’s love to those in need.

Gary Wilkerson and some of our most faithful fellow-workers in ministry have shared their experiences working for the kingdom, and we want to encourage you with their stories.

If God has touched your life through World Challenge, share it with us. We believe there is great power in recounting our Father’s mighty deeds, mercy and goodness.

Join us in celebrating all that God has done!