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You Are (Not) Special

Rachel Chimits
July 6, 2020

We want to be the most valuable player in our lives, but what if we aren’t and were never meant to be? How do we make peace with this?

“You are the Chosen One.” Movies, books and video games are obsessed with this idea of unique destiny, whether it’s through prophesies or rare abilities. We, as a culture, are obsessed with the idea of being special.

The Guessing Game: Who Are You?

Rachel Chimits
November 11, 2019

God made us each with individual personalities and gifts, so why do those seem to get so easily muddled up in private fears and social anxieties?

In his book Samson and the Pirate Monks, Nate Larkins discusses a phenomenon that probably all human beings know too well.

“I was an adolescent when I first realized I am not always the same person, that there are several versions of me who appear and disappear in response to my surroundings.