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86 Seconds

Attributes of God - Omniscience

July 27, 2021

Do we truly believe that God sees and knows everything, including our hidden pains and even our deepest thoughts? Because he has complete knowledge of his whole creation, he plans its path with intimate care. This knowledge should be a great comfort to us because nothing we think, say or do can surprise God.

Attributes of God - Omnipotence

July 20, 2021

God is all powerful. No barriers exist between what he wills and it being accomplished. Believers may easily agree with this view, but few understand the true significance of it for their relationship with God. Understanding his power gives us security in God's plans and purposes for the our lives and the world.

Attributes of God - Sovereignty

July 13, 2021

What do we mean when we claim that God is sovereign? Gary Wilkerson contends that many believers say that God is sovereign but live as if God and Satan are equally powerfully forces or as if they are partially sovereign with God. This mentality is not biblical, and our spiritual lives will be much healthier with a correct view of God's sovereignty.

Attributes of God - Impeccability

July 6, 2021

God is perfect. He has no shortcomings or failings. That is why he calls us to put him before everything else in life. He is the highest good that we can pursue. Our corrupt, sinful nature made a relationship with God impossible, but Jesus' impeccability allowed him to pay the price for our sin and paved a way for us to know the Lord.

Attributes of God - Infinite

June 29, 2021

God is infinite. This means that all of his attributes are as well. We share some of his attributes, but we are limited. Our love, holiness and kindness fall short all too often. God is the only being without measurable proportions, and his grandeur calls us to search his depths, knowing that there is no end to his goodness.

Attributes of God - Immutability

June 22, 2021

God is immutable. He never changes. As relationships with others shift because of life’s changes, we can be certain that God never does.

Attributes of God - Simplicity

June 8, 2021

The ‘simplicity’ of God doesn’t mean that God is easy to understand or isn’t complex. Far from it, actually. This week in 86 Seconds, Gary Wilkerson unpacks God’s simplicity and how this should impact our lives.

Attributes of God - Aseity

June 1, 2021

God needs nothing and no one. He is fulfilled in himself. Understanding this principle is key to knowing God and importantly, knowing ourselves. More on God’s self-fulfillment on this week’s 86 seconds with Gary Wilkerson.

Attributes of God - Incomprehensibility

May 25, 2021

The word “incomprehensible” has changed over time and that affects what many today think about the incomprehensibility of God.  Find out how the word has changed on this week’s 86 seconds devotional with Gary Wilkerson.