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Meet the Most Forgotten...

Mark Buzzetta
November 16, 2018

Who falls through the cracks most? Would you believe it is widows? World Challenge finds that widows around the globe are incredibly vulnerable—and heartbreakingly neglected. But not by us. And not by your caring gifts of support.

Picture cold rain pouring down like ice needles and fog, masking the view of the mountains, as a woman, her daughter, and her grandson sit in their one-room cardboard shack. The little structure is riddled with gaps. Through them, the rain is turning this woman’s dirt floor into sticky mud. The small fire inside barely warms them even as it spews black smoke, adding to the quarter-inch-thick soot stains on the ceilings and walls.

At nearly 7,000 feet elevation in Guatemala, the cold dampness cuts through to her very bones. She is 70 years old, with aches and pains from years of back-breaking physical labor and lack of nourishment. Her eyesight is limited due to cataracts. Her remaining teeth are decayed due to decades of drinking soda in lieu of filthy water.

Not long ago, this was a typical day in the life of Narcissa.

A New Life . . . in More Ways Than One!

But not anymore. Because generous partners like you stepped in to show her the love of Jesus, Narcissa and her daughter and grandson are safe in a new 300-square-foot, three-room, cheerfully painted cinder-block home built just for her. She gets driven to a medical clinic. She gets clean water and food.

Most important, she feels loved. She has dignity. And she has a relationship with the Lord.

Ministry to Widows Is Rare.

There are many more widows like Narcissa who currently endure these kinds of harsh living conditions. Throughout the Bible, God urges us to watch over widows. And World Challenge partners with faithful servants on the ground to help 850 widows (and growing) in countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, India, and Kenya.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Please pray and see if God would have you continue supporting the “good works” of ministry to forgotten and needy widows.

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