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The Widows of Guatemala

Rachel Chimits
April 18, 2019

Those who have lost loved ones need extra compassion, and sometimes that love can take very practical forms.

In the United States, there are nearly 14 million widows and widowers, and over 11 million of these are women.

Beatrice Schwartz, a healthcare professional and widow, commented to The Guardian, “The world is not sympathetic to what you’re going through. They don’t give you any time to grieve properly.”

Guardian writer Carla Stockton points out, “The moment a woman is at her most vulnerable, she must make choices that will have an enduring impact on her wellbeing.” Piles of paperwork and legal action face a new widow to make sure assets are taken care of or properly put in her name.

Some Plant, Others Water—and God Gives the Increase

Gary Wilkerson
June 19, 2017

So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:7)

We often hear of “sowing into ministry” as donating funds. But that’s a very limited understanding of biblical sowing. (And it’s often used as a manipulative way of raising funds.) At World Challenge, we believe your gifts don’t “sow into” this ministry but into the people we serve alongside you. Without your seed-sowing into their hearts and lives, we couldn’t water the ground beneath them for gospel transformation.