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The Soul-Piercing Power of God

Roger Hayslip
April 16, 2018

The gospel will always be at the forefront of World Challenge’s mission.  And in strife-torn regions like this one, your gifts help us partner with local ministries to support humble servants such as Samir to bring Christ’s truth and love to the world’s most unreached people.

Pray for the Florida Tragedy

Gary Wilkerson
February 15, 2018

Sharing Hope Ministry - Ocala, Florida

Roger Jonker
October 13, 2017

Why are you so passionate in helping the poor?

Their answers were all similar in nature.  “I knew what it was like growing up poor.” “I wasn’t as poor; however, I know the feeling and understand what it was like to go hungry.” ”Love for the children.” This was the standard reply I received from many of the volunteers. 

Ministering to Those Affected by Hurricane Irma

World Challenge Staff
September 19, 2017

Hurricane Irma affected at least 1,200 Clay County Florida homes with at least 300 people marooned by the rising floodwaters. The Springs Church Jacksonville, along with support from World Challenge, reached out to its community to minister not only spiritually but practically as well. Two semi-trucks with supplies including diapers, water, food and cleaning supplies were given to those in need.