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  • Devotional
    David Wilkerson

    For years, I have been faithfully warning of a soon-to-come worldwide economic holocaust. Even now, we are seeing this coming to pass around the globe. I have warned that Christians are going to suffer, that there will be great loss and hardship, and already this is happening. Multitudes of precious saints all over the word are enduring great financial and mental stress.


  • Pulpit Series Newsletters
    Gary Wilkerson

    The word “favor” is used often in the church today. Pastors across America promise people that God is going to favor them. Sadly, what they mean by favor is limited to possessions, positions and acquisitions—better homes, cars and jobs, a happier family and a growing income. I do believe God favors his people this way. But there’s a danger when we live for this kind of favor at the risk of losing something much higher.

  • Sermon
    Michael Petillo

    God always prepares His people for what is ahead. We see this in John when Jesus is preparing the disciples for his death and departure. How did Jesus prepare them? He changed the relationship. Jesus tells them they are no longer servants but friends. A servant is one who follows with blind, unquestioning obedience. A friend submits to authority with understanding. God knows you have questions, and He longs to answer them.

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