Like the Acts 2 Church

Sarah Steffensen

A positive future for communities in America

Nestled in the small front room of a quaint coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs, I met with some of the most creative, godly, and dynamic men and women I’ve encountered in a long time. They have a passion to reach the increasingly un-churched, divided, and socially disconnected society that we call our neighborhood. Ranging from young twenty-something’s to retired entrepreneurs, the group was as diverse as their vision for transformation. They shared a desire to break the traditional approach of church planting and start a movement where the essence of loving and knowing your neighbor is the cornerstone. This echoes the vision of what World Poverty Solutions is working towards here in the US resulting in lasting community transformation.

My heart stirred with hope as each member shared both struggles and lessons God was teaching them. It reminded me of the Acts 2 Church. It may not fit into our mainstream definition of church and yet it has given birth to deep camaraderie of fellow Christian leaders. Their vision for community stood in stark contrast to a culture we see now that lacks a genuine sense of community or discipleship.  In a world that is connected as ever, many feel lonely and often isolated. I was humbled and reminded that there are leaders who are passionate about seeing transformation happen within their communities not to just fill their church pews on Sundays, but rather to share life together.

With few staff, limited resources, and pure faith these pioneers are redefining the way one will experience God in their daily lives. Instead of expensive aesthetic and structured programs, they share meals, prayer, and Bible studies. Funds are spent in their neighborhoods to benefit the whole community through networking and sharing resources. The authenticity of what is taking place in their midst moves one from admiration to action. Everyone left that morning with encouraged hearts. As the conversation ended, the leader of the group offered words of encouragement, hope, education and most importantly prayer. At World Poverty Solutions we come alongside leaders like these to equip, empower, and serve them in community growth and gospel transformation. Through prayer, training, planning, and financial assistance, we are now helping three communities in Colorado Springs. We’re affecting hundreds of lives and seeing souls impacted for eternity. As we often say, we are in the business of building people, not projects. And in Colorado Springs we are seeing that happen one life group or church plant at a time.