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One Day At a Time by David Wilkerson

In One Day at a Time experience inspiration and encouragement with faith building quotes from the life of David Wilkerson founder of World Challenge. Know that when your world falls apart, you can really trust God in His sovereignty and His goodness.

One Day At a Time by David Wilkerson

In Ultimate Favor by Gary Wilkerson, experience a deeper understanding of how God truly wants to shower on you His favor of not only provision, but His presence and the ultimate blessing that He brings to your life. 

Promise Calendar

2018 Promise Calendar - Miracles

Download the 2018 Promise Calendar and let the daily Scripture be a powerful weapon in the warfare of your life and ministry. As you read and meditate deeply on each verse for each day, and let it build you up and encourage you. Let it be a revelation that unleashes from heaven the miracle-working power of our loving Father.

Devotional Samples

Download A Place Called Wits End

It seems that our days are constantly battered by the crashing waves of life’s storms but hope is a reliable lighthouse that lights our course back to God. Combat the waves of the storm each day with our encouraging daily devotionals that are delivered free to your inbox. Download A Place Called Wits End today!