Billy Graham – A Passion for People’s Souls

Gary Wilkerson

"My life is an example to many…I declare your glory all day long. And now, in my old age, don't set me aside. Don't abandon me when my strength is failing" (Psalm 71:7-9, NLT).

Billy Graham passed away today at 99 years old. He was truly an example to many. More than any person known, he declared the glory and power of God to generations. He was publicly known for his passionate gift of evangelism, yet we also see in him one who, as his physical strength failed, cried out to God for deeper intimate fellowship.

My prayer and desire is that the torch he carried will be passed not just to one other prominent evangelist, but to tens of thousands; that we all would take up the fallen cloak and ask for a double portion of God's Spirit to evangelize; that we would spread Christ's gospel with love, power and great passion. Whether we have a pulpit that reaches masses, or we speak on street corners or in shops, malls and restaurants, let us all take up the mission that burned so brightly in Billy Graham's heart.

This generation is being called to a one-on-one witness of Jesus as well as mass evangelism—to once again capture the zeal of first-century churches to see Christ's works and message broadly proclaimed. We are being called once again by the Holy Spirit to be filled with power from on high, so that signs and wonders and healing and mighty miracles are performed in his name, to draw lost souls to the precious knowledge of God and his saving, healing love.

We thank the Lord for such a great example in Billy Graham. And now we thank him in advance for his favor in raising up an army of men and women with the same zeal and passion for people's souls.

Pastor Gary Wilkerson