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A New Legacy for Nicaragua

Rachel Chimits
December 10, 2018

As turmoil grips a country, a new generation is rising up to lead.

The news is peppered with articles about government attacks on protestors and church leaders in Nicaragua. Reading all this, many might feel overwhelmed by the forces of evil, unrest and poverty in this small Central American country.

Fortunately, God is moving his people to reach those who are lost and hurting.  

One of World Challenge’s goals in missions has been to find local leaders whom God has called and empower them to carry out the mission God has given them. We also want to build long-term solutions to the issue of spiritual brokenness and physical poverty.

The success of this strategy is becoming evident in Nicaragua.   

A Children’s Feeding Center

Bob and Noemi Caiazzo, a missionary couple with whom World Challenge partners, were called to this Central American country with the heart to raise up new leaders among the Nicaraguan people.

Part of Noemi’s ministry was starting two feeding centers for young children along with a farming school and sewing shop where they could learn job skills.

One boy who came to her feeding center was a 7 years old shepherd boy named Joel Rivera.

Joel became interested in the farming school. He stayed and eventually passed through the entire program then decided to go on to college. This November, Joel graduated from a UPONIC College as an agricultural engineer.

Similar to Joel, Reyna Moncerrer came to the feeding center at 5 years old and has stayed all the way through high school. She now leads devotions for the younger children and is planning to go to Bible school in pursuit of God and training to become a spiritual leader. 

Building for the Future

The Caiazzos’ vision to build up local children into God-fearing leaders is not one that has happened overnight. However, they are seeing the fruit of their patience and faithfulness to Christ’s call.

Joel and Reyna are part of the next generation who will step forward and begin shaping a new spiritual legacy in Nicaragua.

While news anchors talk about ‘human rights violations’ and ‘civil unrest,’ a quieter revolution is taking place. This one starts in the alcoves of the heart, but once it reaches the surface, it will echo across a country desperate to know God’s healing touch.

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” —Jeremiah 29:11 NIV