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David Wilkerson Sermons

The Healing of the Home


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

November 20, 2019

Although it may seem impossible to come back from certain marital hurts, God can heal what is broken but it will require intentional work. In this honest and transparent teaching, David Wilkerson speaks to those marriages needing a special touch from God and shares five steps on how to bring healing to your home.

David Wilkerson: Every head bowed please. I speak to you tonight on the subject The Healing of The Home. Heavenly Father, never have we lived at a time like this, the ends of the world coming apart. We begin to rejoice as we look up and see our dear redemption drawing nigh. Lord, our homes are falling apart, millions being divorced. Millions of children living in broken homes. Never has this message has been so desperately needed. Oh God, give me the courage, the anointing, and the unction of heaven. Speak loud and clear to our hearts, that no one leave this building tonight without being met solidly straight on by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I pray in Christ's name, amen. The Healing of The Home. I'll never forget as long as I live a visit in our home by a well-known country western singer. In fact, she has two songs in the top 20 right now. And this young lady's a beautiful young Christian, but prior to her conversion, she'd been divorced two times. Since coming to Christ, she'd found a very fine young man who was anticipating getting married.

David Wilkerson: I think she may have been a little apprehensive about it, and I'll never forget what she said to my wife and I sitting in our living room. She said, "The thing that bothers me, of all my acquaintances, I don't know of one happy marriage. I don't know anyone who's happily married." And that shocked me because she attended a "Full Gospel" church. An evangelical Full Gospel Church and her Pastor happened to be a friend of mine. Over 300 members, I was told, in the church. I said, "Well, what about the deacons? Surely you've got some well-adjusted happily married deacons in your church." She said, "I can't think of one." She said, "They almost all have been divorced at least once." She said, "One family's been divorced five times. One Deacon." I said, "What about the pastor? Surely your Pastor has the example for you." She said, "Haven't you heard? They've separated and filed for divorce." And since that time, that Pastor has been divorced. I said, "Would you please then meet your first happily married couple?"

David Wilkerson: She said, "Well, Mr. Wilkerson, you're not like the rest of us. You live in a different world. We're out there in the front lines of this world, and it's life and making a living and you don't face the same pressures." And I made a confession to her that I'm about to make this evening later on in this service why or how my wife and I just about did not make it. What I speak to you tonight about has been very well tested, I'm just not talking theory. My wife and I have been through it, and I want to share it with you tonight before the service is over. I remember being in Chicago number of years ago for one of these all-night talk shows. Five or six guests. H. L. Hunt was one of them, this is before he died. I was one of I think five guests. It was an NBC show, if I recall, and one of the guests was a well-known comedian who had been divorced 10 times.

David Wilkerson: He was getting married for the 11th time, and his bride-to-be was waiting in the little greenroom listening on the monitor. It started about 11 o'clock, it would last till 4:30 in the morning. For the first two hours of that all-night talk show, I listened to the worst filth and garbage I've ever heard in my life. I listened as a comedian mocked his 10 former marriages. And what he was saying, "Well, I've tried it 10 times, and it didn't work. I'm going to try it again. I got another girl on the line. If it doesn't work, there's a million more where she came from." Or words to that effect. And I thought to myself, "That poor girl sitting in the back room listening to that, she probably loves him. And even though she's the 11th, one she thinks she can make it work." I've never felt so sorry for anyone is I did for that young lady listening to that man put her on the spot.

David Wilkerson: For two hours, the host to this show and everybody but Mr. H. L. hunt ... Mr. Hunt said he didn't like it. In fact, he left early. For two hours I sat there with a stone face with my hands folded listening to this garbage. Finally, the host of the show looked at me with a frown on his face. He said, "Mr. Wilkerson, you don't seem to be in with this. What do you think of what's been said here?" He shouldn't have said that. I'd been sitting there two hours waiting my time. I pointed a finger at the face of that poor comedian who had been divorced 10 times and laughed and mocked about it. Mocking the institution of marriage. And I point a finger right in his face. I said, "I think I have just met the saddest loneliest man in the world. That man puts on a big front, and he laughs and he jokes." But I said, "I think he cries himself to sleep. And I have nothing but sorrow and pity for you, sir." And it was like dropping a bomb. I mean, they changed the subject.

David Wilkerson: The comedian tried to laugh it off, and they started talking about world affairs and politics. Not another word about marriage or divorce. 4:35 or so, I was outside of the NBC studio waiting for a cab to go back to the hotel room. And here comes the comedian and his wife-to-be, and I thought he was ready to rip me off. He came up beside me, said, "Mr. Wilkerson, please don't take a cab. Let us take you back to the hotel. Please, we've got to talk to you desperately." I followed that man around the corner and got in his car in the parking lot, and I saw that comedian, a well-known comedian, who still travels around the country today. I saw him bow his head over the steering wheel and cry like a baby. He said, "Sir, you're the first man that's had the courage to put me on the spot." He said, "Boy, did you hit the nail on the head. Sir, you have met the loneliest, saddest man in the world." He said, "I do cry myself to sleep."

David Wilkerson: He said, "I haven't been fair with this young lady. She loves me, and I've made a fool out of her tonight and I'm so sorry." He said, "I have an itch in me that can't be scratched. There's a loneliness in me, and I go from one woman to another trying to satisfy that empty feeling inside of me. When she can't touch that spot in me, I go to somebody else. It's not their fault." He said, "10 women couldn't be wrong. It's me. Would you please mind praying for me?", Would I mind praying for him? I had been itching to do that the whole night. Boy, I prayed up a storm. Got ahold of God for him. Now, he didn't get saved, but I know I gave him some good advice. I don't know what's happened to that man since, I've lost touch with him. But when I went up to my room, going up the elevator I thought, "Oh, God, there it is. The big front, and that phony smile of all the loneliness inside."

David Wilkerson: I'm going to talk very plainly tonight about marriage and divorce. Now, I've never done that in 18 years of preaching to young people. I've always thought my call was to young people. But friends, something's happening in America that alarms me. Something is happening to the American home. For that matter, homes all across the world. Not just the sinner's home, but the Christian's home. And it's an alarming thing that's happening. There was a song a few years ago, country western song and they spelled out the title D-I-V-O-R-C-E. They spelled it out, divorce, so the kids couldn't understand it. But friends, you can't hide from the little children today the dissension we have in many of our homes. You can't hide it when things begin to go wrong. Even in a Christian home. I was visiting, for example, in a home and the parents, the husband and wife, evidently thought I had left and they started a royal argument in the kitchen. And finally, they almost came to blows.

David Wilkerson: This husband came at his wife, and a little boy who couldn't have been more than two years old had just learned to walk. He couldn't talk. That little boy ... And I was watching from the corner. That little boy went up to his dad and grabbed his leg and his trousers, and started biting and screaming and kicking trying to beat his dad up. He knew something wrong, he sensed it. I'm not saying that all children of divorced homes or broken homes turn out bad. But think of it now. Newsweek projecting 1 million new divorces this year, 10 million more American kids living in broken homes. And oh, the tragedy. Now, friends believe me, divorces caused more kids to go to sex and drugs and alcohol than all the pushers in the world combined. I'll repeat that in case you didn't hear it. Divorce has caused more young people, primarily teenagers, to run off to drugs and sex and alcohol, than all the drug pushers, and bad kids, and influences combined. A mother called me recently to talk to her 13 year old daughter who'd just been released from a mental institution.

David Wilkerson: She said, "Mr. Wilkerson, the psychiatrist can't find anything wrong with her. She sits like a vegetable, just with her hands folded looking out into space. She won't answer questions, you have to feed her." And I got the story of a very well adjusted 13 year old teenager, who loved her dad so much. That girl outgoing and full of fun and by basis suddenly overnight, turns into a vegetable. Goes for six months into a mental institutions, is released. They can't put their finger on any physical or emotional reason why it should happen. And I said, "Mother, I can't get through to her." She was just like an animal. I said, "There's got to be some reason why this was triggered. A girl just does not call into a shell like that." She said "Mr. Wilkerson, the only explanation I can give you is that this happened the week my husband ran off with another woman. And this girl idolized her dad." And friends, there's a girl right now down in Denton, Texas who has just been released from the Terrell mental institution that I can't touch.

David Wilkerson: And while I'm talking to you, she's sitting looking out the window staring into space like a vegetable, and nobody can touch her. It makes my blood boil because one day that Dad's going to stand before Almighty God an answer, not only for his own sins, but going to answer for messing up the life of a 13 year old girl who so idolized her dad. She's in a shell and nothing can bring her out now. And friends, that happens now all over the country. Now, I know some of you as Christians sit here right now abhorring the word "divorce." You say, "I even hate to sit in a service and listen to a man preach about it." Because you've been programmed against the word itself. You say, "I would never allow it. Now, my husband I may not have a perfect marriage. But even if we did split up, I'd never allow a divorce. I don't believe in it. My Church teaches against it. I am against divorce." But sadly, friends, this is dropping like a bomb and surprising many, many Christian homes.

David Wilkerson: Almost daily now Christians come home and the good wife says, "Honey, have you heard the latest news? Guess who's getting a divorce?" And it's usually somebody you never could imagine it happening to. Someone you thought so well adjusted, a minister and his wife. I picked up Time Magazine a few weeks ago and there was a little article. It was amusing, yet it was sad. It said, "Joseph Alioto, Mayor of San Francisco, divorce action sought by his wife, Angelina, after 33 years of married on grounds of irreconcilable differences." Now, here's the catcher of it. At first I laughed, and then I wanted to cry. It said the divorce action evidently took Mayor Alioto by surprise, because he had just left his driveway and a half an hour later after waving goodbye and kissing his wife Goodbye, walked into his office and his wife's lawyer was waiting and handed him the divorce papers. Now, get the picture if you will. His wife knew all the time that her lawyer was in the office waiting for him to serve divorce papers. She kisses him goodbye and waves him off to work, "Bye dear, see you for supper."

David Wilkerson: Bam. Divorce by surprise. Well friends, that's exactly what's happening now. People say, "It could never ever happened in my home." And yet it is happening. Happening all over the world. Some of you sitting here tonight may be a part of that statistic. Follow me, if you will, please. I believe the Church of Jesus Christ must take a new look at the divorce problem. First of all, let me tell you tonight if you've been divorced, I'm not about to put you down here tonight. There's been enough of that in the church. There are some people who've been victims of divorce. Jesus made exceptions to this problem. For example, in the case of adultery. Also I have found from practically experience after being on the streets for 18 years and working with some of the most troubled cases in the world. A woman who suddenly discovers she's married to a homosexual is in a hopeless situation, unless that man turns to Christ for a cure. Now, friends for the past 10 years, we've supported a home for homosexuals in New York. Upstate New York, we have an estate.

David Wilkerson: We have a young man there and a beautiful wife who's been delivered from homosexuality. This past month, we baptized seven homosexuals who have been delivered and set free. I know it, their testimony rings clear. There's a witness of the Holy Spirit. Friends, I believe Jesus Christ cures, and saves, and sanctifies homosexuals who are desperate for a cure. There is nothing in the Bible that can prove to me otherwise. Paul, the apostle said, "Some of you were feminine or homosexual, you've been justified and set free." But if a man does not turn to Christ for healing, that marriage is absolutely hopeless. There is no hope. It must inevitably, eventually, end in divorce. There's a Scripture also that suggests that if a man departs from the home and he runs away, don't let him depart. Now, some of you who are here tonight as victims of divorce. You could not help what happened. Probably 10% of the divorces in the world today are cases just like the exception to the general rule.

David Wilkerson: I'm not about to put you down because the Church of Jesus Christ has done a pretty good job of making second class Christians out of many victims of divorce. We treat them like they have leprosy in the church. We have special classes for them called mates without partners, or parents without partners. We don't allow them to have activities in the church, we want to keep our kids away from the lest they contaminate them. But friends, I think it's wrong. There are people sitting here right now listening to me preach who have tears in their eyes, I'm sure enough, hurt deep in their heart for the way they've been treated. Even though they know before God they've been victimized by a terrible situation in their home, and yet they have been put down and put down and trampled pulled on. And I say it's time we stopped that foolishness in the house of God. But friends, at the same time, something is happening that is absolutely frightening. You see, there are only two restraining forces left against pandemic divorce rate.

David Wilkerson: And that was the fact that society did not really accept it, still frowned on it. And the church preached against it as being immoral. And now friends, those last two restraining forces are being removed. Society now accepts it. It's no more sinful in many circles to get a divorce when they split across the street. Think of it. Do you know that New York City this past month, there were more applications ... listen to it. More applications for divorce than there were applications for marriages. Think of it. For the first time in the history of New York City, more people filing for divorce than filing for marriage licenses. Frightening. Absolutely frightening. Now, I say that we have to face it head-on, and I have never in my life preached on this subject. Never. But I've been forced to because of what is happening to the kids I work with, because over 95% of all the kids who eventually wind up with us in the Teen Challenge centers, at least where I've been working, always look back to a broken situation in their home. Always goes back.

David Wilkerson: I've made the full circle, and I'm right back there. And God's beginning to say to me, "David, if you really want to help the kids, get back to talk in some sense to their parents." Yes, we have pandemic divorce rate. We've got situation ethics and people trying to condone it and say it's all right. I had a young Assembly of God minister stop me not too long ago after a crusade, want to walk me back to my motel room. He said, "David, I've got to talk to you. I've just graduated from seminary." And he said, "I'm Pentecostal." But he said, "I work with high school and college students." And he said, "Something's wrong. We have got to come up with an alternative to marriage." And I was so shocked. I said, "Explain what you mean." He said, "Well, Mr. Wilkinson, the kids I work with see their parents go to the altar and go through the formality of saying, 'Till death do us part.' And they go right out and get a divorce.

David Wilkerson: They see them stand there and spend thousands of dollars and stand there in their beautiful gowns, and then wind up in disaster. And they say, 'Marriage isn't working.' They want to live together just to prove that they love one another." And he said, "Perhaps we should come up with some kind of a spousal ceremony, so we could take the guilt problem out." And I said, "How many young ministers are thinking like you?" He said, "Almost every one of my friends my age thinking the same thing, that's marriage is not working. We've got to come up with an alternative for them." It shocks me friends. If that's the attitude, what happens five years down the line when they start taking their place in our pulpits and pastoring our churches? Now friends, I tell you that God has not changed His mind about the divorce problem. For the Lord God says He hates divorce, Malachi 2:15, "For the Lord God says He hates divorce. Guard your affections, let there be no divorcing of your wives. Let there be no divorcing of your wives."

David Wilkerson: If you want to see that very clear, get the Living Bible and see how very clearly it's made. "For the Lord God says He hates divorce." God has not changed His mind. I don't care how many church denominations change their stand. I don't care what anybody else tells you in the way of being a Christian psychologist. The Bible says God still hates divorce. "Let there be no divorcing of your wives. Guard your affections. Let there be no divorcing." Now, I've heard all the excuses why a divorce is inevitable, why people are headed for divorce court. You've heard them too, haven't you? It goes something like this, "Well, Mr. Wilkerson, we just don't talk anymore. We've outgrown each other. We're in two different worlds. We don't communicate." Oh, the excuses that I hear all over the country today, and those judges would sit there and listen to all of it. And it's, "Well, she's gotten fat. He's got a potbelly, he doesn't take care of himself. He's always put me down in front of people. He doesn't love me, and we've fallen out of love."

David Wilkerson: I've heard them all, but you know the number one excuse that you hear? Here it comes. Are you ready for it? "Nobody understands me anymore." And everybody and his brother running around looking for some understanding. If they don't get it from their mate, by golly, they're going to go out and get it somewhere. "I want to be understood." I had pastor of a well known large Pentecostal church ask for an appointment. He said, "Brother Dave, I heard you preach." But he said, "I can't help it. My wife and I are headed for divorce court." I said, "Why?" He said, "Frankly, I've outgrown her. I've been fasting, and praying, and seeking God, and I'll tell you brother Dave, God has shown me revelation and my wife is so materialistic. All she wants to talk about the drapes, and the car, and the kids. I've outgrown her. We don't communicate anymore. If she'd been a little more spiritual, she'd understand my problems in the ministry, but we're not communicating."

David Wilkerson: I said, "Oh, come off it, Pastor. I've learned something and I'm going to tell you what it is right here and now. I've always learned there's a third party involved." And he didn't like that at all. He said, "No. No. No. No. Well, there is a lady in the church that I've learned to talk to, but that's all." I said, "Oh, come off it. Come off it, sir." Now listen to me, friends, I'm going to preach like you've never heard any preacher preach in your life from this pulpit. I don't care if it's my last invitation to this camp, God told me to preach it and I want you to listen. Right here and now, you leave to normal people alone who have problems and they're really in love, and they could work on any problem in the world. But you introduce a third party, then there's no hope. There is no hope whatsoever. You tell me you're not understood. You tell me you're not getting along. You tell me he's always putting you down. I tell you there's a third party involved.

David Wilkerson: Now, you would be surprised and shocked at how the Holy Ghost must be grieved at the kind of flirtatiousness happening in the Church of Jesus Christ. And beginning mainly in our church choirs when there are idle moments after practice, and if there is not a spiritual choir leader, and if the pastor is not there to see that things are done right. I have seen all kinds of hell happening. Breaking out through flirtatiousness in the Church of Jesus Christ. Our little social clubs now. And we are beginning to breed inside of our churches, some of these little platonic relationships, especially when there's an unsafe husband sitting at home watching TV. Now friends, I think it's time that every minister, every man, every woman of God, takes a good hard Look at his or her life right now and say, "God, is there any kind of a thing happening in my life that could eventually drive a wedge into my home and my marriage?" How many people are going to stand before God and find out that this is one sin that you do not get away with.

David Wilkerson: My Bible said, "Be sure your sin will find you out." And sir, ma'am if you've gotten away with it this far, watch out. You're on a powder keg, this is one sin that God always exposes. It has never once in the history of the world dawn unexposed. Never. And if you do not take it to the cross of Jesus, if you do not forsake it and get it under the blood and run from the for your life, you are headed ... my brother and my sister, you are headed for exposure. And then your whole life comes tumbling down. The Bible says, "Why be led away into incredible folly? Why embrace that which is not truly yours?" My brother and sister it's time you and I looked ourselves right in the mirror. And I feel the Holy Ghost right now pulling off and covering off the leads of some of us who think we've got some little secret thing down there. Nobody knows about it.

David Wilkerson: But my brother and sister, right now the Holy Ghost says to those few that are here right now. "Get it out. Pluck it out by the roots now before you lose your home, your children, everything. Get it out." I'm not playing games, man. I'm on a life and death mission across the United States and God warned me to say it and say it loud and clear. You be careful. My brother, my sister, be very, very careful. The devil is out to destroy every godly home in the world. The pressures are mounting. And oh my minister brother, my minister sister, walk softly, reverently before God and say, "God, guard my steps. Don't let it touch my life." Plead the blood. Now, it's not always a secret affair. That third party can be another person. It could be an in law, like a mother-in-law. Now, don't wink at me like that. I had a beautiful Black couple come to see me for counseling recently, and they had three lovely little children.

David Wilkerson: The man said, "Brother Dave, in spite of your message tonight, we're headed for divorce." I said, "Why?" He said, "My wife hates my mother, calls her a witch." I turned to her and I said, "Is that right?" She said, "She is a witch. Every time something goes wrong, he runs off to his mother. He spends more time with his mother than he does with me." And I said, "Isn't it a shame that you people are going to allow your home to be broken up over a third party?" And I turned to him and said, "Do you love her?" He said, "Yes, I do." I said to her, "Did you love him?" She said, "Certainly.", "And yet you're allowing a third party to destroy your marriage?" And I got so indignant. I laid hands on them and started praying. I said, "God, break that."

David Wilkerson: And suddenly a smile broke out in her face and she shook her head a bit. She said, "Mr. Wilkerson, something's happened." She said, "I may never be able to love her like a should, but at least I don't hate her anymore. I can put up with her." He turned to her. He said, "Honey, that's good enough for me." He walked out and he looked at me. He said, "Dave, we're going to make it. We're going to make it." Why some of you men spend more time with your buddies on the job than you do your wife. You never take your wife out once. You say, "Oh, I love her cooking." Folly, you're a cheapskate. That's all. You may laugh about that, but you know there are many wives that are saying, "Amen." To me right now. Just think. This buddy asked me to go fishing, and he'd go a whole week and stick a little thing in the water there without a nibble for a whole week and come over and say he enjoyed himself, and his wife can't even get to go out shopping with him.

David Wilkerson: This is plain old peanut butter preaching, but that's what God told me to preach. Now friends, it's not only a person. It can be a job, it can be a disease. I'm going to give a testimony at the end of this message on how a disease became the third party that almost wrecked our marriage. It can be sickness that changes the lifestyle. It can be the loss of a job, financial pressures. Recently, 15 couples that came to me for counseling, seven of those 15 just a few weeks ago were headed for divorce court because the husband had lost his job and the financial pressures could not be coped with. It caused such tension in the home, they said they just couldn't possibly make it. That's the third party that I'm talking about. But friends, I can tell you something far worse than divorce. Some of you people sitting here now abhored by the word "divorce", you would never even think of it. But you're guilty of something far worse as far as I'm concerned, as far as God's Word is concerned, and I call it divorce by default.

David Wilkerson: Those are two people who live together, claiming to be married ... and at the sight of God and the law, they are. But in all practical purposes in the sight of God, they're divorced. Because though they live together under the same roof and are legally bound together, in the sight of God they're strangers and they're divorced by default. They live together as a lie, an abomination unto the Lord. They fight, and they bicker, and they hate, and they cheat. And yet they say, "I would never get divorced." A lot of Christians like that that I know all across the country would never think of allowing a divorce in their home, and yet there's no love in their home. There is no peace. There is no quiet, there is no joy. And if you could just look on a woman and commit adultery in your heart, you can be a stranger in your home and be and be divorced. In your mind. The same practical way.

David Wilkerson: I think kids in high school or college who just go out live together without a marriage license are far more honest, than Christians who live together without love and understanding and the peace of God. They're more honest. There a lot of you people sitting here right now that need this more you need a psychiatrist or anything else, you need to hear it right now. Mm-hmm (affirmative). You say, "Well, brother Dave, certainly, if you're going to preach like this, you've got to have some plan from God, some message from God in how I can avoid living a lie. How I can bring healing to my home." I do. And I didn't get it out of a book, I got it on my knees and out of the Word of God. Five simple little steps God gave me on how to bring healing to your home and to avoid divorce court. Are you ready? So simple, you probably missed it. But I've got Bible to back it up. I'm not a psychiatrist, and I'm not about to play one either. But I've got some plain old plain English right out of the Word of God.

David Wilkerson: Are you ready? Step number one, turn down the volume at your house. The Bible said a soft answer turneth away wrath. A soft answer turneth away wrath. The Bible said anger causes mistakes. And look what's happening, our homes like Madison Square Garden Fight Night. Oh we've got people to go to church carrying those big Bibles that look like suitcases, go around waving to Jesus, "Hi." Teaching Sunday school. And I'll tell you, they've bicker and fight all the way to church, and get in their car, and jab, and yell, and scream at each other in front of the kids. But as soon as they step out of the car in front of the pastor, they hold hands and put on that big Colgate smile. They go in there and sing Oh, How I Love Jesus, and talk in tongues. Talk about being filled with the Holy Ghost. Put their money in the offering. Get in a car, and roll up the windows, and bam. Bam. Bam. Go home and gossip about the preacher. I know some people tongue's big enough to lick their way three times around the Statue of Liberty without stopping.

David Wilkerson: And they wonder why their kids grow up to have disrespect for the house of God. Come on. A soft answer turneth away wrath. But sadly, too many mothers think that loudness is a badge of authority. In other words, the louder you get, the more power you have. That's foolishness. The Bible said a soft answer turneth away wrath. And you know why mothers say, "Well, I yell at my kids all day and they never listen. Dad comes home, snaps his finger, and off they go." You know why? Let me give you a case in point. "Now Johnny, you do that one more time, and so help me, you're going to get it." And he knows. Johnny knows her bark's worse than her bite. She's just making wind with her mouth, and he knows. So he does it again. "One more time." So he does it again. "I'll tell your dad." At the 99th time, he's still doing it, "One more time." Mama says, "One more time." And dad comes home and mom tells him all about it.

David Wilkerson: And dad looks at that little boy right in the eye and say, "Now son, I'm going to count to 10 and you better move." He gets the tune and that boy is gone. Why? Because she knows he going to do just like my dad. My dad had no better sense than to raise me by the belt and by the Book. My dad taught me two Scriptures before I could quote anything else, two Scriptures. I had to memorize. "Spare the rod and damn the child." And another Scripture, "Foolishness is bound in the heart of the child and the rod of correction will drive it far from him." And when I did wrong, my dad would take me in the room, he called it a personnel meeting. He always waited till the next day when I thought I'd gotten away with it. And then he sent me down his room. He said, "Now David, you know you did wrong, don't you?" And I'd say, "No, sir." He said, "Well, I'm going to show you what you did wrong." And then he'd get his Bible out and show me that.

David Wilkerson: He said, "Now David ..." and my dad had a great big leather strap, they used to strap razors with. Great big four inch strap, about a foot and a half long. He'd hang it on a nine Penny nail going down the basement, and that was his badge of authority. My dad never talked much, he just had that leather strap. And boy, he'd say, "Now David, here's what the Bible says. Here, see it. Read it for yourself if you want to. Foolish This is bound in your heart and this rod in my hand is going drive it far from you." Then he'd make me kneel over the bed and it went something like this, he'd come down across my backside, "Now David." Bam. "This hurts me worse than it hurts you." And I could never understand it. The worst part of all was next, he'd made me get up and hug him. Then made me get down and pray, "God forgive me." And then we go out and play ball. Now listen friends, if you just spank your kids, that's child beating.

David Wilkerson: But if you show them from the Word of God what the Bible says about foolishness bound in the heart of the child of the rod of correction, and you spank that out ... and don't spank them, anywhere except where they're well padded. That's right. None of this business across the face or the head, you can injure a child. God especially prepared the child right on the upholstery. I'm not trying to be facetious friends, I'm trying to give you something practical from God. Now you spank that child, then take that child in your hand love out the hurt. That's Bible. That's how to raise your kids the Bible way. You know what you to do with Dr. Spock's book? Put a handle on it and use it. He sent more kids to hell than anybody I know. We've got some friends of ours that we don't even allow in our house anymore. They're raising their kids by the book, all kinds of books. And I'll tell you, they've got three little white tornadoes.

David Wilkerson: They come in the house, and they look one way and the other, and boy, down comes everything off the coffee table and then down comes up pots and pans. I want to spank those, that dad and mom. If you say something to that mom, she says, "Oh no." She said, "I don't want to hurt their expression patterns. They're developing their expression patterns." I thought to myself, "Boy, if they can't handle the expressive patterns at six years of age, how are they going to handle at 16 when they're really expressing themselves?" A lot of dads and mothers need the spanking. That's right. Turn down the volume at your house. Oh, the arguing and the bickering. I've had drug addicts come here and say, "Don't ever raise your voice at me again, sir. I've had all that my life, I don't want it anymore." All the screaming, and the yelling, and the bickering in some of our homes. Turn down the volume. The Bible said a soft answer turns away wrath.

David Wilkerson: All right, step number two ... And I'm going to give you something from the Word of God that could save 95% of all the marriages in America and around the world. It's so simple. I call it the sorry secret. Learn the sorry secret. There was a movie out called Love Story and Time Magazine in a review said that the essence of that movie is love is never having to say, "I'm sorry." Well, friends, that's a lie from the pit of hell. Love is learning how to say, "I'm sorry." Someone asked Jesus, said, "How many times do I forgive the person who wrongs me? Seven times?" Jesus said, "No, 70 times seven." Now, that's 499 times in one day, and that's only the beginning. And furthermore, it says if someone wrongs you, you go to them and you'll be the one that says, "I'm sorry." Now friends, here's a secret that must be learned by every husband and wife in America within the sound of my voice right now. If you master this secret, you will never ever wind up in divorce court. Never.

David Wilkerson: Learn how to say, "I'm sorry." And be first, and do it often. Oh, but you know how it goes. Come on now. I'm going to give you some red hot truth, "Me? Say I'm sorry? I always have to say I'm sorry. He's never wrong. He's always right, and I always have to take the blame. This time, oh no. Not this time. Well, I've had it with him. I'm telling you if I give in this time, there's no hope. I'm always having to give in. He runs off and gets mad. Now I have to go and say, "Honey, I'm sorry." Oh, no friends. That's not the way. That's not the way. My Bible says even if you're the one who's been hurt, you're the innocent party, you take the step. And I've had married couples say that doesn't make sense. I'm not saying it makes sense, I'm telling you that's what Jesus said. Jesus said, "You go, and you say, "I'm sorry." Not like the lady said to her husband ... This is supposed to be true from what I hear.

David Wilkerson: She heard me preach like this. She went home, she said, "Well, I know I'm right, but brother Dave said to say I'm sorry. So, I'm sorry. So there." Well, now that's not saying, "I'm sorry." From the heart. The Bible said never go to sleep on your wrath. Never go to bed angry. Well, how many homes there are right now ... How many people are sitting here right now saying, "Brother Dave, I've been deeply hurt." Yes, you have. But if you want your marriage to work, you're going to work at it. There is no well adjusted happy marriage that just happens. This crazy king and a queen living in a castle syndrome has ruined so many of us. You're not a king. She's not a queen. You're not living in a castle. It's an everyday hard full-time job you work at. Boy, my wife and I have learned that. We're always ... she comes and, "I'm first.", "No, I'm first honey. I'm the one that's sorry, we're both sorry." We never go to sleep on our anger, it's been so beautiful. Learn that now. Learn to say, "I'm sorry." First and as often as necessary.

David Wilkerson: Step number three, quit your jealousy. The Bible said jealousy is more cruel than anger. That suggests to me that it's better to slap your mate across the face and send them reeling across the room in anger than to be jealous over them. Because the Bible said jealousy is more cruel than anger. It's more cruel. How many marriages have had this cancer destroy? Oh, listen, if there's jealousy in your heart towards your husband or your wife, pray for a miracle. Say, "God Deliver me." This is a cancer that must be plucked up. It'll destroy your marriage. The Bible says so. More cruel. That's a cruel thing. You're absolutely cruel against your mate if you have jealousy. You say, "I've reason to be jealous." Take it to God. Pray for a miracle. "Oh God, once and for all, take this spirit of jealousy from me. Pluck it out by the root and bring peace and trust in my heart." Number four, quit being so cranky. I'm going to give you a Scripture you never thought was in your Bible right out of Proverbs. "The constant dripping on a rainy day and a cranky woman are just alike."

David Wilkerson: All you men smile and you're the one who made her cranky. The Bible say, "You can no more stop the complaints than you can stop the wind." Crankiness. Now, wait just a minute. You know I'm telling the truth. Your wife, if you would get up in the morning, no matter how you feel, you're the one who starts the day. If you could get up and pray that God give you that grace, just a little bit of sweetness, that's all. Just a little bit of tenderness. Now, my Bible says, "Be ye tenderhearted one to another." And that's the word that's missing today in our marriages, tenderness. Tenderness. My wife and I have been working on a case. In fact, we just quit this case recently. A pastor about four months ago called us, pastor of a rather large church. He said, "Brother Dave, I don't know what I'm going to do. My wife ran off, went back to her mother. She's been gone two weeks and I'm about to lose my mind. I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave the ministry. I don't understand for the life of me why my wife left me."

David Wilkerson: And he said, "The thing that bothers, I me understand that she's swinging a little bit. She's taking karate and jujitsu. I call her and she won't let me in the house. She lived with her mother, she won't answer the phone. I love that woman dearly, and I don't know for the life of me why she's left." And that man called and called for two or three weeks, and the poor man was really upset and I felt sorry. He said, "Brother Dave, please call my wife. She's read The Cross and the Switchblade and you're the only one she'll probably listen to. You can get her to come home." So my wife and I called, and we got a different story from his wife. She said, "I think I could have loved that man." But she said, "I just lost everything, and I'll tell you why. That man is mean and cranky as the devil. Stands in the pulpit oozes love to everybody else. Preaches love. But that man was absolutely mean, always putting me down. I couldn't do anything right for that man.

David Wilkerson: And that man was absolutely mean, he even slap me in the face and that did it." She said, "I think I could have learned to love that man, if he'd just showed me a little tenderness. If he hadn't been so cranky and so mean." Boy, we got the other side of the story. And boy, a couple days later, he called me back again. And I mean, he was crying. He said, "Brother Dave, I'm going to have to quit preaching. I'm losing my mind. That woman has left me and I don't know why." I said, "Oh, quit your crying." I said, "You're mean. Sir, your wife doesn't want you to come home and flip the keys to a $10,000 sports car at her and say, 'Honey, I love you. There's my poof.' Your wife wants a little act of tenderness. Little bit of kindness. Not some big fancy gift. Quit trying to buy your wife off, show a little love and tenderness. When's the last time, sir, you brought your wife home some flowers for no reason at all?

David Wilkerson: Because you loved her, nothing else.", "Who me? Flowers?", "Yeah, you. My wife is here and she'll tell you, I've got all kinds of occasions I dream up for sending flowers, and potted plants, and little love poems. Everything else. But don't look at me like that. A woman wants just a little bit of tenderness, sir. Why don't you take out the garbage once in a while, for example? Without complaining about it. Quit yelling at her for three hours watching As the World Turns, inside out upside down when you spend five hours watching football." Are you ready for the last one? All right, right out of God's Word. Quit dancing to somebody else's tune. Jesus said, "How shall I liken this generation? They're like a bunch of little kids sitting in the marketplace and we pipe to you our tunes, but you don't dance." Jesus said, "That's your generation." Everybody's got a tune, wanting somebody to dance to it. And I'm going to tell you why, and here's where I'm going to add a little to what was said this afternoon about women's liberation.

David Wilkerson: Now, listen to me, I'm not trying to be smart or facetious. I'm on a life and death mission. We've got all kinds of tunes being played to us today through radio, and television, and the written page. And there's a mind programming on right now undermining something godly and holy. You know why we're headed for pandemic divorce rate in America and the world? We're reversing the Bible roles. We are breaking all the barriers that God set up. We are reversing the roles in our homes. Now, my Bible says the man is the head of the house. Jesus. Listen, the Word of God, Paul said this. Listen very closely, "Even as Christ is the head of the church, so is the man the head of the wife. And so let her be subject in all things, even as Christ is the head of the church." Now, many things that are being said by the women's liberation movement need to be heard. Did you hear me? Because too long, we have mistreated women. We have put them down, we've had a bunch of little Napoleon's running around, barking, "Hey Mabel, I want a drink."

David Wilkerson: So she jumps and has to go get the man a drink of water. I've seen that all over the country. Mistreated them, and wiped our feet on them, treated them like dishrags. And friends, I'm one of those preachers who believe it's possible for a woman to have a career and be a good wife and mother. Thousands and thousands of wives have proved that. In fact, I've seen them grow so much in God because they've had a goal and they've had a purpose in their life, and that's beautiful. But friends, what I am against is this programming that's happening right now the demeaning being a wife and a mother. It comes over the Dinah Shore, the Mike Douglas, the Tonight, Today, Tomorrow, all those shows. And it goes something like this. "You housewife there in the Duz with the Hoover sweeper, isn't it a shame you becoming a vegetable?

David Wilkerson: Your husband's out there growing, expanding his consciousness and you're stuck there with the diapers and the kids with your hands in the dish water. Why didn't he do the dishes? Why didn't he clean the room? Why don't you vote on it?" Now, hold it just a minute. What I am against with all my heart and soul is the demeaning one of the highest callings of the world, and that's to be a housewife and a mother. That's the highest calling on earth, better than the presidency of the United States. And woman, dear sister, housewife, mother, don't let anybody put you down for being "just a housewife", or just a mother. In the sight of God ... Listen, who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is above rubies. She rises early, feeds your household. Beauty is deceiving, vanity passes away. But a godly woman is much prepared. A godly woman. A housewife. I wish I could say it and scream to the microphone, it is not just a housewife. That's calling in Christ Jesus.

David Wilkerson: God has a job for you to do. And there will be many that will come to dear housewives, and I don't think God's going to take a male like me, preacher to give you the vision. God's raising up handmaidens and sisters of the Lord, giving the vision and trying to get into you, instill it into your heart. There's wonderful concepts of usefulness and vision to be used of God, and our women today are expanding and doing some marvelous things in the sight of God. And I'm for that 1,000% and I believe in that with all my heart. But at the same time, I am totally against, and I believe the Holy Ghost is against any demeaning of this calling and any reversing of the godly holy roles that He has set. The man is still the head of the house. That role must never be reversed. Never. All right. I told you, I wanted to share with you a confession. Now, my wife and I agreed she would allow me to share with you what I'm about to share.

David Wilkerson: And though this happened years ago, we felt at this critical time that we should share it because would help a lot of others who are going through something very similar. Because my wife and I just about did not make it. That's right. It began one day when I walked into the kitchen, and I saw Gwen leaning over the kitchen sink, grabbing her side and screaming in pain. And she said, "Honey, come here. Put your hand here." There was a big lump. I panicked. I said, "My goodness, how long have you had that?" She said, "A couple months." She said, "It's like a knife. I'm so tired all the time, and I get these weak spells just drain my strength." She said, "I'm afraid there's something there." I took her to our physician the next day. He probed around a bit and he said, "Mr. Wilkerson, it's just a swollen over. It's infected. Here's some medication. I'm sure it'll dissolve, it'll go away." We were relieved, went home. The medication help for a couple weeks. It was a second or third week after, we were in Pittsburgh visiting her mother.

David Wilkerson: We were at Gimbels department store, I'll never forget it. She was buying a pair of stockings and all of a sudden that scream, she bent over in pain. She said, "Honey, it's bigger and it's worse than ever. It's like a butcher knife cutting me." I really got scared. I called her mother. We got the name of an internist, a specialist. I took her in. He programed and he called me the next day. He said, "Sir, you get your wife back to New York immediately. Demand the bare minimum x-ray. You've got serious problems, you're in trouble." I start playing a game with Gwen. I just told her a lie, and that's where it all the trouble begins when you're dishonest. When you cheat. Despite being dishonest, even about this kind of a third party, even a disease. Few days later, she's in the hospital. It's 10 o'clock in the morning the following day, the doctor called me up and he said, "David, I'm really sorry I missed it." I said, "What are you talking about?"

David Wilkerson: He said, "Your wife, sir, has a cancer on her little bow the size of a lemon. I want permission to prepare for surgery. She should be operated on right away." I was angry. I blew up. I said, "What do you mean you missed it? You told me it's just it affected ovary." He said, "Well, we're human, sir. We do make mistakes." Boy, I slammed the phone down. When I went into the hospital, I start playing a game with Gwen again. I said, "Honey, the doctor said that the ovary is infected. It needs to come out, lest it affect the other ovary. So you're going to have to go into surgery." She agreed. The doctor let me wait in the little outer room. He said, "David, I'll be in there about four hours. I'll tell you what happens as soon as I get out." He was in there six hours, and I knew there was trouble when he was two hours overdue. Came out and pulled off that green mask, and I can still see him. He shook his head.

David Wilkerson: He said, "Sir, it's a shame that a 32 year old woman should have such a black ugly thing like that in her." He said, "I had to cut out all the lymph glands, half her bowels." And he said, "We hope we got it. We don't think it metastasized, but we had to take out all the lymph glands and midsection." He said, "it's in God's hands now." When I saw Gwen at the recovery room, she was coming out. I tried to lie to her again, and this time she said, "David, stop." And she said, "It was cancer, wasn't it? I've known it all the time." I said, "Yes." So the tension was gone. But friends, that was the beginning of a third party introduced in our home that was absolutely devastating. I had no way ... neither of us had any way of knowing how low it would take us in despair, despondency. Some of you people here tonight may have been through it, and maybe you're going to have to go through it, the Holy Ghost is trying to prepare you. And this is very, very difficult for me. But we've lived through it.

David Wilkerson: My wife and I both agree that so many people could be helped if you could just listen. Because when I was in Bible school, we'd have ministers come and they'd stand there. And I'd be sitting in the chair with all my problems. And all these evangelists, they talked about all the great victories and all the things that they'd accomplished. I sit there with all my problems. I said, "That doesn't make sense. They can't be all right and I'm all wrong." And I thought, "Lord, if You ever give me a ministry, I want to get up and confess some of my problems so that the people who go through it like me can relate to it." That's the reason I'm like this, I can't help it anymore. Friends, she got along for a year or so and regained some strength. But boy, those tired spells would hit her again and then another lump. In the next five years, Gwen had I think, five operations. Three malignancies, two non malignant. The goiter, other midsection problems.

David Wilkerson: She was cut four times across, crisscross the stomach. And after the fourth operation ... I think it was the fifth operation, she seemed to be gaining strength and becoming very weak. We lived in ... At night, she used to like to walk around the block. We were taking a walk one night, and she really shocked me. She said, "David, they cut me so much, I don't feel like a woman anymore. I want another child." Well, I almost passed out. I said, "That's the worst thing in the world, honey. All you've been through, now to carry a baby." She said, "I want child." And I know now why God put that in her heart because soon after that, she'd not be able to have any more. We planned our fourth child, that's Gregy back there, now 10 going on 11. Healthy and strong, and call of God in his life. He will be a preacher, he said. It was a year later after that, she seemed regaining strength. We were so happy.

David Wilkerson: We're coming home from Memphis General Counsel, and on the way home, she had one of those attacks. Started to bleed. We rushed her into the nearest town into a hospital, they sedated her, stopped the bleeding. Said, "Get her to a hospital, you've got problems." Once again, dear Gwen was down. This time a surgeon friend of mine did the operation. A very fine Christian, spirit-filled man. Thought it would make a little easier. This time a radical hysterectomy. And I mean that it was radical surgery this time. When Gwen came up this time she said, "They'll never lay another knife on me ever. I don't care, they'll never." They used to greet me. People would come to me and say, "David, you've got faith to believe God for miracles, for drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes. Why can't you believe God to heal your life of cancer?" And it hurt us because God had done something wonderful for us. He had given us what I call the faith of the Hebrew children.

David Wilkerson: The Hebrew children stood in front of the fiery furnace and they knew in their heart God was able, and their message to the whole world was simply this, "We know our God is able. But if we have to go through the furnace, He'll take us through." And friends, God saw fit to take us through the furnace, but it was in the furnace that we came out with His hand on ours. That's where we met Him in the furnace. God takes you through the blood, He doesn't bypass it. You go through the wilderness, through the fire, through the flood and that's where He makes you. This time, a surgeon calls me in the next room and he said, "Brother Wilkerson, you're man of God, but you've got to know something. We've taken two of the three lines of defense against disease away from your wife. She has no more hormone system being produced, no more goiter. So there's no thyroid, she has to take thyroid hormone." And he listed all the medications she'd take the rest of her life.

David Wilkerson: He said, "She's going to go through massive sudden changes in her body and in her psych. And she's going to feel depression like she's never felt. She's going to feel fits of jealousy and temper. She's going to go through every range of human feeling so high and so low, it'll be devastating. And unless you're prepared, unless you're patient and understanding, you can only make it more difficult on her and yourself. Sir, be prepared. I'm just telling you, you're in for it. You're going to see things you've never saw before, and your wife's going to be another woman." And I couldn't understand then what he was talking, I couldn't even begin to comprehend it. The first three months, we were able to take it pretty well. When I come home from Teen Challenge and walking the streets, and walk in the house and see her hand shake when she's is drinking coffee, I could take her the room and pray with her and she was relieved. And friends, it went downhill. Downhill. For the next six months, it got worse and worse, until finally it got on my nerves.

David Wilkerson: I'd say to myself, "Now, look I'm walking the streets, I'm giving my life and to come home to that tournament. Maybe she's not trying." Because I came on one time and she was screaming at the children, and I couldn't understand that. And she'd run to the room and say, "David, why do I do that? You know that's not me." And we prayed. But after a while, friends, the depression got so bad. She slipped so low physically. She said I'll never get it. Came home one day and she said, "You don't love me. The kids don't love me. Nobody loves me. I don't want to live." And suddenly got loss of a will to live. "Nobody cares." And friends, I'd be going around the country preaching and asking prayer, and she had more people praying. We had flowers and telegrams, and people praying, and more friends she'd ever had her life. But the enemy trying to say, "Nobody cares. You don't care, nobody cares."

David Wilkerson: And boy, I would come home and go into the garage where I had a little prayer room and say, "God, it's not great. I can't care this kind of a battle." And friends, for a whole year I traveled around the country preaching crusades, and have to stand and hearing in my subconscious mind, "David, you're a phony. You preach deliverance, and yet you can't solve your own problem. You're going to wind up in divorce court, and the millions of people who read The Cross and the Switchblade are going to laugh. You're going to bring reproach on the ministry." And one night in California, I was preaching for Miss kathryn Kuhlman, 4,000 people. In the middle of the sermon, it ran through my mind, "You're a phony, you have no right to preach. You're a phony." And I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. I grabbed the pulpit, and nothing came out. I stood there for three minutes, just petrified. And suddenly turned and walked off the stage. Walked off in front of 4,000 people right in the middle of my message. Miss Kuhlman had to take over the service.

David Wilkerson: I went up to the side, and brother Aaron Vic was there. He said, "Dave, what's wrong?" I said, "I'm a phony." He didn't know what I was talking about. I just walked out. I said, "I can't preach. I can't stand up anymore and tell what God can do until God heals our marriage." Because we were not making, we were arguing now. We were not understanding, we were not communicating. I knew she loved me and I knew I loved her. There was no other third party, but this disease that it was crippling. I knew the enemy was going to use this, try to destroy our home and marriage. Our children knew it, and some of our closest friends knew it. I went home and did what most people do when they're headed for trouble, they think a second honeymoon will solve everything. As if geographically removing yourself from the area of your problem would solve it. Friends, you take your problem with you. You don't solve it by going somewhere, you solve it right here in your heart.

David Wilkerson: And so I went home and I said, "Honey, I've got to go to California for crusades next week. Let's get somebody to watch the kids. Let's take a second honeymoon." She said, "We need something David." We flew to California, arrived at Friday. Checked into the hotel in Anaheim, and I had a Saturday afternoon banquet for some 400, 500 ministers and their wives. The Southern California District. And then a big crusade that night at the Long Beach auditorium, thousands of people expected. It was Saturday afternoon, I was dressing to get ready for the crusade. I don't know what triggered it, but for some reason or another, we started arguing, and I blew up. I said, "That does it. God doesn't expect out of me." I said, "We're not making it. We came here to California. We're not solving our problem. I said, I'm having a hard enough time preaching. I feel like a phony now. I've lost the victory. You're not coming in the car with me."

David Wilkerson: I slipped through a telephone number, I said, "Here, you call Ralph and Eileen. If you want to come, you come with them. You're not coming in a car with me." I got in my Hertz rental car and drove off in a huff to the banquet. They had my book set up down in the lobby, and when I appeared kids came running up wanting to autograph The Cross and Switchblade. And if you'd have seen me then, you would have never know with that phony smile on my face that I was dying inside and going through a ravishing period in my life. 10 minutes before the banquet was to start, here comes my wife with the pastor and his wife. And we'd learned by now to put on a big front, so she smiled and side up to me. We walked in hand in hand, and sat at the speaker's table at the banquet. Friends, I felt like I was in an echo chamber. I didn't hear a word for the first hour preliminaries, I was in an echo chamber. I was so low.

David Wilkerson: I reached in my pocket and I had $500 in traveler's checks. Now, it's not because I carry a lot of money, but the tickets alone were $300. And we were going to be there for a week, we thought. And suddenly a Scripture came to me. It's a scripture that David used. It was what David said when he was going through a trial, and he wanted to run away from it. He said, "Oh, that I had the wings of a dove, that could fly off to some distant wilderness and escape this tempest and storm. Oh, that I had dreams of a dove, I could fly away to the wilderness." And on my way to the meeting that afternoon, I'd seen a bus pull out of the station there. It said, "Mexico City." And all of a sudden it hit me. "God doesn't expect this of you. You got $500 in your pocket. Just get up, walk out, go to the bus station. Get a ticket, go to Mexico City.

David Wilkerson: Take your Bible and your clothes. And check into a hotel down there and write another book, maybe on family problems, because now you can relate to them. Fast and pray. Call New York and tell Paul the treasurer to give your paycheck to your wife and take care of the family. Don't let anybody know where you're at. And one of these days when she really tries, when she starts praying and seeking God like she should, then she'll come crawling back to you. Then you can come home." God doesn't expect it. Friends, I did the stupidest thing I ever did in my life. I got up, put the chair under the table and walked out. People must have thought I was going to the restroom. I headed for that bus station feeling sorry for myself, and hurt, and depressed. The lowest I'd ever been in my whole ministry. I got that bus station. I'm standing there getting ready to lay money down for a ticket. And friends, all of a sudden I begin to shake and tremble because the fear of God came on me.

David Wilkerson: The Holy Spirit fell on me, and I heard it ringing through my subconscious mind, "David, what a fool. What a fool. You talk about being hurt. You talk about not being understood. And yet you haven't had the knife laid on you. You haven't had the tubes down your throat. You haven't had to face the trauma of cancer. She has done all the suffering. You don't even begin to know what suffering is. She's gone through it all. If anyone has a right to run away, she does, not you. Get back before it's too late." Now, I tell you I literally ran. I remember jumping over a car. I put my hands to the front lead right over the front of it, over a fire hydrant. I huffed and puffed my way back, and I got there five minutes before they introduced me to speak. My wife later said she knew what I'd tried to do. She wanted to do the same thing. I don't even know what I spoke, friends, I got through it.

David Wilkerson: But after the banquet about 5:15, 5:30, I handed my wife the key to the room they'd given us there at the hotel. I said, "Honey, we're not making it." And I said, "I can't go in, I'm at the end of my rope." I said, "You go to the room. You know I love you, and I know you love me. But I can't go on another day." I said, "Now, I've got to preach to thousands of people tonight and I'm not going to do it unless God leads me, unless God heals our marriage, and our home." I went up to a little dressing room, it's still there, up at the Long Beach auditorium. Dirty old filthy dressing room. I slammed the door and I pounded my fist against the wall almost till I bled, and said "God, like Jacob wrestling with the angel of God, I'll not let You go until You answer prayer. God, You've met me all these years, You've met my financial need.

David Wilkerson: You've healed boys like Nicky Cruz, I've seen Your miracle working power. This burden is too much." And I'll tell your friends, He said you'll make a way of escape. Hallelujah. God said He'd make a way of escape that we may be able to bear it. And friends, after an hour or so, something happened in that little room. God poured on me a fresh anointing, an anointing like I had never experienced all my life. Even fresher than when God first called me to the streets of New York. And suddenly, all that poison was washed out. Glory to God. It doesn't take that all night, it just takes God a few moments. He washed out all the fear, and He washed out the depression. I knew God was going to bring healing towards wife and our home that night. Friends, at 7:30 I walked out, and the place was packed and jammed. I didn't even have my Bible with me, I didn't even know where I'd left it. Didn't even have a note. All I remember, I was in a daze, I was in the Spirit and I heard someone introducing me.

David Wilkerson: I stood before thousands of people. I remember for just a half an hour I preached on love. If God marked iniquities, who among us could stand? He remembers our frame, He remembers that we're but dust. Oh, I began to just pour out of my heart the love that I felt for Jesus, and the love that He was giving back to me. All the love. I spoke for half an hour through tear stained eyes, and halfway through my message ... And I'd never experienced such anointing, it was as though I'd stepped out of my body and, and the Lord Himself just speaking through my lips. Just pouring out. I couldn't wait to hear what the Holy Ghost will say next. Just poured it out and halfway through my message, the Lord let me pick up Gwen space. Way in the back of thousands of people I could see her and her hands were raised, and tears streaming down her cheeks. And suddenly, I had a Holy Ghost premonition. God is healing your wife right now. God is healing, the miracles happen.

David Wilkerson: And boy, it rolled off of me and I knew it. I knew it. I gave an invitation that night, and over 1,000 people came forward. I'd never seen anything like it. People were crying and making up with each other, it was a beautiful experience. And about 10 minutes later into the altar service, I heard somebody going, "Psst, psst, psst." I turned and there's Gwen behind the curtain going like this. Most informative, "Come here." Boy, and I walked away from thousands of people. I went over and I picked her up and hugged her, and she said, "Dave, I feel like a 13 year old girl. I have never felt like this in all my life." She said, "Do you know you preached your whole sermon right at me? I said, "Honey, there's 1,000 others that are thinking the same thing." She said, "No."

David Wilkerson: She said, "Halfway through your message tonight, the anointing of God came on you so, your face lit up." She said, "I saw a ring around your face." She said, "And God took that anointing and broke the yoke in my life, the anointing on you touched my life and broke the yoke." She said, "The depression snapped." She said, "The glory of the Lord filled my heart." And she said, "God told me I'm healed." She said, "I am healed." She said, "The depression is gone." She said, "Let's get out of here." And we got out of there. We walked away from thousands of people, didn’t tell anybody or friends, that second honeymoon was 10 million times better than the first. We've been going on it ever since. Hallelujah. It's just been absolutely beautiful. You say, "You got no more problems?" Oh, yes. But we always make sure, "I'm there first, honey. I'm the one that's sorry." We've learned the sorry, secret. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

David Wilkerson: Let me tell you something, you tell me your marriage is hopeless. You say, "Well, it used to be nice." Come on. You stood one day ... With this, I close. You stood one day with your husband or your wife before an altar. I don't know whether you were in a white dress or not, but you stood there either before a judge, a priest, or a minister the gospel and you said, "I love you, until death do us part." And you were married in the sight of God. I don't know what's happened in the meantime, I don't care if you're retired. Maybe you say, "The magic is gone, David. I'll never be able to sense what I had before." Well, friends, we don't live by feelings. We live by faith. But if by faith you'll come to Him now and pray for a miracle, God can heal you. God can heal your marriage. And He said ... here's what the Bible says, "I've got something against you because you left your first love. You didn't lose it, you left it.

David Wilkerson: So remember how it was, and repent, and go back and do it all over again." Come on, remember how it was and go back and do it all over again. Now. I used to have people come forward that wanted their marriages healed, and I'd have to repeat the marriage vows until I saw how stupid that is. Those are just words, that doesn't mean anything. It's the act of kindness. It's determining in your mind, "I'm going to make this work. I believe in miracles. I believe in God. I believe God can keep my home. I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to let the devil destroy my home and ruin my kids. Break up my husband and my wife. I'll not allow it. Never." Some of you young married couples needed this so much tonight. Look what's happened, all the pressure in this age. Father, I've made a confession. Now, we've all got to make a confession. Lord, I needed this tonight. This is exactly what I need. I need it. I acknowledge it. I admit that I need help. That's where it begins. Amen.

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The Cross and the Covenant


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

May 15, 2019

Slipping into works-based righteousness is very easy for any believer, particularly when we are feeling condemned in our spirit or shaken in our faith. David Wilkerson talks about how the disciples began arguing about who was the greatest shortly after the Transfiguration, and he points out how many of us struggle with the same fearful need to prove our salvation. 

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The Floods

David Wilkerson

February 20, 2011
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EXPECT 2010 - Session 8

David Wilkerson

September 16, 2010

In the eighth and final session of our EXPECT 2010 Church Leadership Conference, Pastor David Wilkerson shares his heart about the importance of minimizing our distractions and busyness, setting aside time each day to be alone with the Lord and seek His face. He encourages this generation to overcome their technology addiction — put down your gadgets, log off Facebook, and take a break from tweeting on Twitter to spend serious time every day in prayer.

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Jesus, Lamb of God


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

April 4, 2010

David Wilkerson delivers an Easter message on the power of Jesus' blood. The Son's mighty atoning sacrifice not only wipes away all of our sins and makes us clean but also gives us an eternal hope because now we are justified and will be able to stand before God's throne. Christ gives us peace and joy as we look forward to heaven, and that great gift should be one that we desperately desire for others to know too.

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We See Jesus


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

March 21, 2010

This message is for those who are on the brink of falling into a pit of despair; you have hit a wall and you are overwhelmed. In these times your faith cannot be based on emotion. You have to lay hold of who God is and believe what God says about Himself. David Wilkerson encourages the believer struggling to go to Jesus and ask Him for a manifestation of His love, faithfulness and power. Don't lose your fight, God will show up in your situation!

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The Need in You and How to Meet It


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

January 10, 2010

We all have an unmet need of some sort: wounds, unforgiveness, addiction, children who have wandered. But these needs don't have a physical root; they are spiritual in nature. David Wilkerson reminds you that if we are willing to let go of what you love, that holds you back from receiving God's provision, then He will work. But it's up to you.

I'm here to take some souls with me to heaven. [applause] I want to just talk to you as a pastor, as a grandfather, and a great-grandfather and I want to talk to those who are carrying a need. My topic, if I were to choose one, would be "The Need in You and How to Meet It." You see, we can hide our need. We can put on a front. It can look like everything is fine. Even families can fake it and look like they're the all-American family and everything is okay.

And I've been thinking about it for 58 years of preaching around the world and all the human need that I've seen. I was contemplating or thinking about, a number of years ago, the son of one of the best known television personalities in America. I won't tell his name. He was Mr. all-America. He was, in fact, had two of the top TV shows in America, always smiling, traveling around the world, giving his upbeat American message of hope.

And his son gave a message in the Forum in Texas and I read about it in the Dallas Daily Morning News. His son got up in the Forum and, he'd just he'd had to come out, he was so broken. First place, he's the son of this well-known man and he said, "My life is a mess." He said, "I just decided at 40 years of age, all I have to show for life is making money, making money. I wasn't happy in my home and I left my wife." And he said, "I've tried to find happiness with other affairs." And he said, "Recently, my dad and I went out to the beach and he was rather reflective. We were talking about our family." He said, "I have two sisters that have been divorced. One of them twice. The other, the husband committed suicide."

And he went on to say, "I have a brother who's 34. He doesn't know what he's going to do. He sits at home." And he said, "My dad, who is traveling all over in his jet, giving these messages, turned to me and said, "My life has passed me by. There's nothing in it. It's all a front," he said, "I feel like life is passing me by.""

And he said, "My mother, bless her heart," he said, "my mother, the kids are all gone and Dad's gone and Mother sits at home lonely and feels useless and this," he said, "in my family, there's a need that can't be met. We've tried everything." And I didn't know at the time because this was a wonderful man and a wonderful family, to all appearances, but messed up. He said, "There's a need there. I can't explain. There's something deep and my family hasn't found it."

Years ago, a number of years ago, when I wrote "The Cross and the Switchblade" and I was traveling around to television programs and radio shows, I was invited in a Chicago all-night radio program. I was one of five guests. I think it started at 11:00 and went to 3:00 or so, five guests.

One of them was a comedian who had been divorced 10 times. I don't want to mention his name. And I was one of the guests and for the first two hours I sat there listening, this man mocked marriage. He said, "I've been married 10 times." And he said, "I'm getting married the 11th." And this 11th one was sitting in the audience. For two hours, he was mocking marriage, he was mocking issues and he was challenging men to get out of their marriage if it's bad and find a younger, better looking wife.

And during the show, the host turned to me and said, "Mr. Wilkerson, you haven't said anything." He shouldn't have said that. [laughter] The Spirit of the Lord came on me and I pointed to this man and I said, "Sir, I think I've just met the loneliest man in America." I said, "I think you cry yourself to sleep. I think this is an act." I said, "You've mocked marriage, you've made fun of it. And I just say, I have met the loneliest man in America." And the host quickly went to commercial. [laughter]

After the show, it's about two o'clock in the morning, I was leaving and I didn't know how to get a cab or anything. But this comedian came up to me and he said, "Mr. Wilkerson, I've got to talk to you. Please let me take you to your hotel." I said, "Fine." We went to the parking lot and she got in on her side and he got there and put his head on the steering wheel, then he turned. I was in the back seat.

He said, "Reverend, you hit the nail on the head. You've just met the loneliest man in the world." He said, "10 women couldn't be wrong." He said, "I have maligned this woman." He said, "I think I need God." He said, "I have a need in me and when it couldn't be met, I went from one woman to another trying to get somebody that would meet this hounding need in me that I didn't even know what it is. It's like an itch you can't scratch." And I prayed with him. I ministered to him and prayed. He prayed the sinner's prayer, but that's all I could do at the time.

But you see, we can hide these things, but when we're alone, when everything is, when you have to face the silence. I was thinking this past week, some of the loneliest kids I've ever met in all my ministry in Harlem, now those are the early days of Teen Challenge, the ministry God used me to raise up for drug addicts and alcoholics. Now I had a motor scooter and I went all through Harlem and Spanish Harlem and I was walking the streets.

I met a teenage girl on the street corner and I was trying to get her into the ministry. She was a drug addict and she said, "Mister, I want you to come with me. I want to show you something." And she was a mainline heroin addict and she took me into one of the rundown housing areas and into a dark, lightly lit room, and there were five deaf-mute teenagers. One maybe being a little older. One was a 17-year-old red-headed deaf-mute and there was a couch and there were two, a couple wooden milk crates that they were sitting on, one needle and they're shooting heroin.

Now, the girl that invited me there knew sign language and she cared for these kids, five of them pushing that dirty needle into their veins. And that 17 year old girl looked at me as if to say, "Please don't be offended. Please don't be offended." I asked the girl to sign for me and the little girl was signing and I asked her, "Why, with all of your other problems, you can't speak and you can't hear?"

She was [inaudible]. "We have needs, too. We hurt. We're not accepted and mister, we don't rob, we don't steal. We take government compensation money and that's how we get our heroin. But this is the only thing and this eases the pain. We get relief for a while." I tried to get them to say, "Come on in." I gave them invitations and told them how to get into Teen Challenge and I prayed with them and left.

But you see, your problem may not be drugs. It may not be alcohol. It may not be any of these things that I mentioned here, but there's a need. I don't think I've met anybody yet in all my ministry that doesn't have a need, some unmet need, some hurt, some pain, it may have to do with children, other things.

But you came here tonight and you can't fake it when you're in the presence of God. You can't fake it because the Holy Spirit, this Hound from Heaven who comes to open up the love of Jesus Christ and manifest not just in words, but in deeds and showing us the way to meet those needs.

I don't know what your need is. You came here, you hear people testify how they have been met, their needs have been met. But let me give you just three little hints, three little things that the Holy Spirit told me to tell you on how to meet that need that is in you, that hurt, that pain.

First of all, you've got to turn away from all human, physical... You can't go to anything that's physical and find help. No doctor, no physician, no pastor, no friend, no mate can meet that inner need. That can't get to the root of it. That can't do it. You have to realize the problem, the need, is spiritual and not physical. Because you know the history. Those who have all the money they could... The owner of one of the football teams here in New York City, if you've been reading the paper, grieves over his daughter who had all the money she could want and the cars and fast life and everything and her life snuffed out.

You can't find help anywhere else, but in Christ. There is no other place to turn on the face of this earth. There's no other hope. There's no other. And you've got to settle that in your mind. I have to recognize. You acknowledge that this need in me is spiritual, and if I try drugs, it won't work.

It amazes me how many young people now are giving themselves to parties. It was in the headline of one of the magazines here. I was at the grocery store and looked. It says, "Every night we party." And these young adults and pot and drinking, trying to ease the fear, the emptiness and the fear of the future and the struggle to make it.

I asked a preacher's son recently why he was running with the pot crowd and he said, "I never have felt in my life worth anything. I'm a slow learner." And he said, "I was never accepted by those who were in the in-crowd." He said, "I got in with some friends and I smoke pot because I feel accepted. And it eases for a season just a little bit of eases this feeling of being left out and not amounting to anything." And it's not helping him. Every time I talk to him, I find out he's going deeper and deeper into it and finding less and less peace and rest in it.

And I'm talking to someone. I'm diverting now from what I planned to say, but I know the Spirit of the Lord is speaking through me. He's telling me, the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, that some of you sitting here now, you have turned to pot and you've turned alcohol. You have tried and tried to ease that pain and meet that need that is in you and it's not working. The pleasures of the world, the Bible doesn't hide it. It says for a season, yes, but it keeps diminishing in its fruit. And some of you sitting here now, and you've already been down that track, and I'm asking you now to come to the reality of the gospel.

First of all, you must see it plainly and right to your heart. Your only hope is recognizing that this is spiritual. It has very little to do with your past. Some of it, do, in other words, how you arrived there. Secondly, you can't just hear the truth. You have to do the truth. Some of you, most of you are here, the scripture makes it very clear. Jesus said, "I am the way and I'm the truth." And he said, "If you love me, you will obey me." You will do what I say. You will do. You obey the truth. It's not enough to hear the truth. It's not enough to come to a meeting like this and hear a pastor or these testimonies.

Because, you see, most of you, you saw maybe, the Passion movie and you know about the cross and the shed blood of Jesus. Many of you can quote scripture even if you don't acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You know. You have the knowledge of Christ. The Bible makes it clear in Romans that these things about God, they've been made clear either by nature or some way God has gotten through in some measure to your heart. You know the truth.

We say, "You shall know the truth and this truth shall set you free." But there's more to it. It's the doing of the truth. It's the hearing it and accepting it as the truth and walking in it. There's a walking in truth that sounds very simple, but this is the problem. In the scripture, it says, Paul the Apostle said, "They have heard the truth and they refuse to walk into it, loving their unrighteousness, loving their pleasures."

You can never have your need met if you look in the mirror and say, "I love it too much. I love what I am doing." There has to come a cry in your heart. You have to come almost to the end of your rope. Some of you have heard enough gospel to save anybody in this building tonight.

I was reading this afternoon and this brings me to the third point. Jesus says in the 17th Chapter of John, he's speaking of his followers. He's speaking of those who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and he says this, "I pray for them. I pray for them that they will be kept from the evil." Because you may be asking the question, if I give my life to Jesus tonight, I not only hear the truth, but I begin to walk in it.

For example, Jesus said, "If you confess me before the world, I'll confess you before my Father." That means to make a confession. We do that in this church. We ask people to make a public declaration that they're ready to receive Christ as Lord. We say, get up and come down to the altar. Now the altar, it's just a piece of wood up here, but we call it an altar. It's a place where you can just declare yourself for Christ. And we invite you to get out of your seat and come down here and stand here and take a stand for Christ.

But not only does Jesus say, "I pray for those who love me," he said, I think it's in verse 20, "and I pray for those to whom they will preach." In plain English, to those preaching. And I was sitting at my desk this afternoon and this was hitting me and then I'm going to close in just a moment. This hit me. He said, "I pray not only for these, not just my followers, but also to all of those to whom his followers will teach," or preach to.

And it hit me. The words that I speak to you now, while I speak, the moment I started preaching, the moment I started talking to you, that scripture is being fulfilled. Jesus started praying for you, even in this service. He started praying for you because I believe the Word. I'm going to walk in it and I'm going to believe it. I believe that what I'm saying to you right now is being accompanied by the prayers of Jesus himself to the heavenly Father. He's praying that you will open your heart. He's saying, "Give them ears to hear and eyes to see," and he's praying for you as sure as I know that Jesus prays for his believers.

I know he prays for me and I thank God for those prayers, but I stand here in the authority of the Holy Spirit of almighty God and the power of this living word, and I came to this pulpit believing it that my words are not falling to the ground in front of me. They're not being wasted. I told you, I came here to take some of you home to heaven with me. I don't know how long it'd be for me, but I'm taking you along because Jesus is praying for you. And God has never turned down the prayers of his own Son.

Glory to God who in the highest. Now, it's up to you. This is life and death. It is a dangerous thing, I have to say this in love. It's a dangerous thing to shake off the loving grace of God because there's a tendency then to harden your heart and the more you hear it and the more about Jesus you hear, the less and less you want to hear it and the harder and harder your heart will get.

And this is the day. This is the time God has set. He brought you here, not by accident. You're here in the perfect divine will of God. If he's ever led you in your life, if you've ever asked God to lead you, he heard you and led you to this church tonight. Will you stand?

Lord Jesus, I'm asking you by your Spirit now to come with your loving power, the loving grace of Christ, and speak to hearts tonight that this is the place and the time to have those needs met. Lord, you said, "Come onto me all you that are weary and heavy laden. I'll give you rest." As the young lady said, and these others have said tonight, they've come to that peace and that rest and the joy that is in Christ.

Lord Jesus, I know your prayer is going to be answered tonight. I don't know whether it's one, I don't know if it's two or five, 10 or 50. I don't know how many are hearing this, but Holy Spirit, I know that I know that I know, that you're going to hear the cry of your own Son and you're going to bring those that are heavy laden, carrying pain and disillusionment, emptiness and bring it here to your feet.

And Jesus, you've promised that you would give the power to walk. If we would surrender, you would give us the power over evil. You'll give us the power over habits. You'll give us power to leave our friends that are dragging us down, to leave and walk in a new life in a new way, in Christ's name. Amen.

Now I invite you. While they're playing, to step out of your seat. Up in the balcony, go to the stairs on either side and come. I'm not putting on a show and I'm not... I'm too old for that, but I'm going to stand here and I want to welcome you into the loving, caring arms of Jesus.

I'd like, just all stand, no clapping. Just allow the Holy Spirit to speak. If you're one of those who he's speaking to right now, you have this deep need that's still not met and a pain that you can't carry any longer on your own strength. I think when you heard these testimonies tonight, surely you heard something that you related to.

I'm not going to prolong this. Step out of your seat here in the main auditorium. If you're in the Annex, just go to the hall and the ushers will show you how to get here. Come and bring the pain. Bring the emptiness, bring it all to Jesus right now.

It takes more than a prayer. It takes even more than a confession of your sins. I'm going to ask you to pray a prayer with me. I'm going to ask you to repent. I'm going to ask you to ask the Lord to lovingly forgive every sin and to accept you into the family of God.

But you see there has to be more than that. It's not just hearing and not just the prayer. Behind that prayer has to be a commitment that you make, that you will follow and walk in the truth. You will love the truth enough to do it. You have to love the truth. You have to say even just the simple cry, your simple prayer inside your heart saying, "Lord, I want to go the right way. I want the truth that sets me free." The only truth that sets you free is not just the hearing but the doing of it so that you make a commitment right now.

"As of tonight, I'm going to commit myself to Jesus Christ," or recommit if that's the case, but you're going to make a commitment. "Lord, I'm going to follow this through. If there's a new believers class, then Lord, I want the truth. I want to walk and I want to know what Jesus says. I want to know more about him being the truth so that I can walk like him. I want the power in me."

You're going to have to break with the world. You're going to have to break with friends. If you're a young person here, I see some young people here. I just have to say this. I talked to a boy last year because he said he was witnessing to his friends. They're all pot smoking, drinking friends. He's had those friends for years. And he said, "I can't leave them." He said, "I don't preach at them, but I live the life before them. And I believe by living the life." And he was inviting them into his apartment and they were smoking pot in front of him. And I said, "No." I said, "I don't care." And he's been touched in his lifetime. He's been touched. He knows Jesus. He knows that he won't make the break. And he wound up smoking pot. He wound up getting caught. And he's in pretty deep trouble right now.

You see, you're going to make a break. It's not just coming up here and saying a prayer. Now this prayer counts, if it comes from the heart, if you're ready. And those of you have been, you gave your heart to Jesus. I presume many of you here have done that. You've given your heart to Jesus, but you've been toying with just a little nab and nib at the world or back to friends that you know are going to drag you down. Make that commitment now. If I have to walk alone, I want the truth and I want to live it and I want to do it.

Now, will you pray? Will you pray with me? Now, don't pray that prayer unless you're willing to make a break with everything of this world and say, "I want Jesus. I just don't want to hear about it. I want to walk in it." Say this with me. Pray this with me.

"Jesus. I want to be serious. I want to go through to an encounter with you, Jesus. I want to know you. And I don't want to have to come back time and time again and get saved and re-saved. I want it all tonight. I want to give you a commitment. I do confess all my sins and I believe you, Jesus, that you can give me the authority and keep me from evil. I surrender. Now Jesus, open up my heart to understand and know the truth that I may walk in it."

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Right Song, Wrong Side


David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

November 15, 2009

Anybody can praise the Lord after the victory is won but there is a song that God is yearning to hear on the testing side. We must get to the point where we say, "Lord I am not going to allow the devil to harass me and put me into a pit of fear and despair." It's time to fix our minds on Jesus and take a stand to trust God in every impossible situation. We are the song of hope in these last days. The song we sing is that God is faithful and He is able to take us through every trial!

I am reading from Exodus, the 14th chapter starting at verse 31. "Israel saw that great work which the Lord did upon the Egyptians and the people feared the Lord and believed the Lord and his servant Moses." Chapter 15, "Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song unto the Lord and spake saying, 'I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously, the horse and the rider is thrown into the sea.'" Now this is a beautiful song, isn't it? Verse two, "The Lord is my strength and song. He's become my salvation. He is my God and I will prepare him a habitation. My father's God, and I will exalt him. The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is his name."

Heavenly Father, speak to us. There are many here today bound by a spirit of fear. We're asking you Lord, for a miracle that not one of those who come here with an open heart will leave as they came, in Christ's name I pray. Amen.

This is a very familiar story. You've heard it all of your church life. Children of Israel are led by the Holy Spirit and by the cloud of witness into a horrible crisis, a terrible situation surrounded by the enemies. And you know the story, how panic set into the camp and they rose up, the people rose up and said to Moses in these words, he says, and summing it up, "Why did you drag us out here? Did we not tell you when you first challenged us that this would happen? Are there no graves in Egypt that you come and let us die in this miserable state?"

And there was a cry. Can you imagine the roar of that crowd? They rose up against Moses. Moses was in on the story of deliverance. The Lord had told him that the sea is going to be opened. And yet he was so overwhelmed by this cry and this despair, he fell on his knees and wept, and the Lord God said, "Moses, why do you cry up at me? Why do you cry? Why are you burdened by this? Tell the people to move on." And you know the story. That night to the roaring of the wind, and open the window, opening up the sea, and they went over on dry ground.

And you know of the story. This is the song that they were singing. They were singing, "Then the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians, and they saw the Egyptians dead upon the seashore and Israel saw the great work which the Lord did upon the Egyptians, and the people feared the Lord and believed the Lord and his servant Moses." Now they believe. Now that they've seeing the miracle, now that the sea has been opened, they walk on dry ground, out come the tambourines, out come the dancers, and they sang a beautiful song. They sang "The Lord has triumphed. He's my strength. He's my salvation. I will exalt him. Who is like unto thee, O Lord, fearful in praise and doing wonders?" Right song, wrong side.


Did you hear what I said? They sang a beautiful song, but this was the song God so yearned for on the testing side. Anybody can praise the Lord after the victory has come. Anyone can dance when the prayers have been answered. What about facing the darkness? What about facing a future that you can't understand and it looks so dark and it looks so hopeless? And I've kind of argued with the Lord at times and said, "Lord, it's only natural to fear. If I was there that day in that particular crisis, I too would have trembled. My faith may have wavered and even may have failed just like the children of Israel." Now God is a tender, loving Father and there's a time to weep, there's a time to vent our fears, overcome by these human fears of the future and how we're going to make it.

When I was praying about this, I felt the Holy Spirit saying to my heart that what I wanted God to do is give some slack. Lord, they're human. Are you commanding, are you demanding that God's people rejoice and praise the Lord when everything is bleak, when there's unemployment, people losing their homes and people are in despair, and God's people tremble because God's people suffer? It rains on the just and on the unjust. And I'm saying to the Lord, "You mean to tell me..." Because there've been times I've been there and go through this and I don't feel like praying, I don't feel like singing and I sure don't want to dance.

And I'm saying, "Lord, you're asking people to make a deathlike decision that they're going to walk toward the water and they're going to step into it without any evidence at that point." And when you study this book and when you see the Lord speaking to his disciples and rebuking them for their unbelief and saying, "Where is your faith?" Over and over again. It comes out, and it comes out here. Was God unjust? Was he mean spirited when he talks to his servant, to Moses, who went through so much to come to this point and had exercised so much faith and spoke clearly the heart of God? And here he is, it's not a rebuke, but the Lord's saying, "Why are you crying? Get up."

I wonder if the Holy Spirit is saying that to somebody in this service this morning, "Why are you on your face just weeping in sorrow? Why are you mourning? Have I failed you in the past? Did you not see all of these deliverance? Do they not count?"

Folks, we have heard so many sermons on faith. We have had so many sermons on wilderness experience. We've had so many messages. We have five pastors here, five preaching pastors, one, two, three, four, five, six including me. I don't know if there is any angle about this that hasn't been preached over and over again. And when do we come to the place where we say, "God, I'm going to take a stand this time. I'm not going to let the devil take me into a pit of despair. I'm not going to let this get me down." And there has to come a point in our lives where we say as Job did, "Though you slay me, yet I'm going to trust you."


I'm not going to preach long, but I want to get this through to you. This world demands a song in hard times. In the story of the children of Israel goes into Babylon taken captive because of their iniquities. And in Psalm 137, they're in Babylon now, and I was reading this yesterday and I picked it up again this morning. And they're sitting by the river, and they're weeping, and they've hung up their harps. Now remember these people that are sitting there by the river, these people are known around the world, caravans came, the trading caravans, and into Jerusalem and out and another cities of Judah. And they had heard the joyful singing and the tambourines, and the harps, and the joyful praises unto the Lord their God, and always boasting on their God, how he was a keeper and how he was above all other gods and the power and the might and the majesty of their God.

And here they are. Now they've hung their harps on the willow trees, those are weeping trees and they're weeping and crying. And it says, "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. We wept when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof for they that carried us away captive required of a song, and they that wasted us required of us mirth." That's joy. "'Sing unto us.' They said, 'One of the songs of Zion.'" I don't know if these were soldiers, but I think it was general populace that came up.

Could you imagine these thousands of God's people sitting there mourning and weeping. And yes, they had lost their homes, they had lost everything and there is a time to weep. But these Babylonians come, having heard that, now remember the Bible said to the wicked, there's no peace. And I don't care what religion it is. The one thing that they cannot produce is the true joy of God, they cannot produce joy. They cannot produce peace. And that's why many religions are trying to bring believers into captivity through arms and through murder, and trying to force people into their religion. These people I know are hopeless. These people have heard that this God takes you through hard times, this God puts a song in your heart, even you're facing incredible times. And it says, "They came and they demanded of us a song."

Hear me. This generation too is commanding, demanding a song. It is so empty. I saw the headlines of a magazine in a grocery store the other day, New York City: Party Every Night, and it's talking about Wall Streeters now. The same thing we heard about happening in Scotland. And you can hear on Friday and Saturday night, you hear the wailing, I mean two and three o'clock in the morning, you can hear the wailing of people, alcohol, I don't know, drugs, alcohol, whatever it be, and you hear this cry. You hear the wailing, the emptiness, and the hopelessness. You go to the hospital, go to any emergency ward in this city on Friday, Saturday night, and look at those laying out on beds, and some of them just trying to get into the wards and they're overdosed, and they're drunk. And they're the countenance is so incredible.

These people come demanding a song. Wanted to hear. And it said, "They demanded mirth." How can you sing, how can you have joy when something in your heart is rising up? You say, "How are we going to make it? How are we going to make it? Things are changing. Things are changing fast." You hear about a new health order and you're wondering, when I'm older and if you're old, "What's going to happen to me? What's going to happen to us?" And there comes a time that we have to realize the only testimony, the only hope... See, they don't want a miracle. They don't want to go to church and see a miracle. They don't want to see blind eyes open. They don't want to see somebody that gets up off of a wheelchair. They don't want to see that.

They don't want to see your miracles and mine. And they don't want to hear heavy preaching. They don't want the doctrine right now. And I thank God for doctrine, and I believe in miracles. God does open eyes. But they've seen so many medical miracles. They've seen transplants of hearts and they've seen limbs that are attached and fingers that are attached that had been cut off, and they see all of these medical miracles. And then, "No, no, no. I don't want to see a miracle. I want to see somebody, just an ordinary person like me who's going through hell on earth, who's going through a trial. And I want to see and hear something of hope. I want to see, that's what I want to see." And that's what this generation say, they're demanding a song. I'm not talking about dancing around your apartment. I'm not talking about singing out loud. Some of the loudest singing I've ever sang, you wouldn't hear, it's quiet. And the groanings I've groaned, you wouldn't hear, and some of the prayers I've prayed, you wouldn't hear.

But I have made up my mind, and I'll be tested on what I'm about to tell you. But I had made up my mind that I will... We have to do this first. We have to set our minds, fix our minds. He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on the Lord. You have to fix it. I have to fix it. Our will has to be involved. No matter how dark, no matter how unbelievable it gets, there has to be something rise up. And these people saying, "You said that your God can take you through any trial. Now was that just a fable? Was that a figment of your imagination? Were you lying?" That's what I hear the Spirit saying to me lovingly, through a loving Father and a blessed comforting Holy Spirit, "David, are you going to believe me now even by what you see and what you can't see and what you fear?"

I don't want to stand before God on that day with a backpack on me full of fear and doubts and unbelief that I've allowed to take root. These Babylonians walked away, dismayed, they're just like us. Folks, I'm not rebuking anybody. I'm preaching to myself. They walked away saying, "Their God doesn't hear, and it's total hopelessness there."

Years ago, this church started in a Nederlander theater on 41st Street. We only had 12 in the choir. We had a houseful, but small choir. And one day one of the men of the choir came to see me and he said, "Pastor Dave, I had a high paying job in media." And he said, "They asked me to make a compromise and I couldn't make the compromise so I had to quit my job." He said, "It was months ago." He said, "I have tried and tried, I've sent out resumes everywhere I could think of." And he said, "I'm hitting a wall. There's just no employment." And at that time there was a lot of unemployment here in America. And that was 1989, '90.

He said, "I have prayed, I'm doing everything right." He said, "I have friends that try to encourage me, but then I have some that ask me to search my heart to see if there's something they're hindering." And he said, "It's one thing to counsel people, but until you live in my shoes, until you know what it's like, you can't know what it's like to be unemployed and not be able to find a job, about my manhood, about my wife, about the future."

And then he said, "Pastor Dave, I know about testing, I know about trials." But he said, "If God's saying something to me, I'm not getting it yet. If I'm being tested, I don't know the solution. I don't know where to go." But he said, "There's one thing I know from being in this market and having had such a good job, and I know that what God needs now is a testimony of an ordinary person like me." And he said, "If I get another job right now without learning this lesson, without knowing that I'm a testimony and that all around me knew what I was going through and yet I didn't murmur, I didn't complain." He said, "That's why I want to go. I want to be that testimony. If I just get another job, I've not learned anything. And then there's another test and God will keep trying to get through to me." He said, "I want God to get through to me now and I want to learn this. I don't want to be murmuring anymore and complaining." And his heart was right with God.

Now, it was a number of months before he got another job, but he was that testimony. And I'm going to close in just a minute, but I have to say this, in prayer last night, I said, "Lord, what do you really want to say to this congregation? What are you really wanting me to pour out as your instrument?" And the Lord spoke to my heart. The Holy Spirit said that there were many that would be attending here this morning that are bound by a spirit of fear. You're bound by it.

Now, folks, fear is a spirit. It's a tormenting spirit, and it can put you in a pit of despair. And I'm telling you tonight, you're going to have to get out of it today. You can't go another day going deeper and deeper into fear. God said, "I've not given you the spirit of fear, but love and power and a sound mind." And I am not just going to give you a scripture. I'm just telling you what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying. God led you just as sure as he led Israel to this crisis, God has led you to where you're at. And if you don't understand that, and if you won't grip that, you can't get out of the pit. You can't get of that pit until you say, "God, you've led me all my life. I've testified to that. And I don't understand what I'm going through. I don't understand. And the future looks so bleak."

But you see, if we don't will, if we don't take a stand, when you don't feel like praying, when you're tired of all the voices, but you stand up and say, "No, you take authority over the spirit of fear." Because hell has unleashed now principalities and powers of darkness and evil spirits. Millions of evil spirits are loose in the land right now. And the devil is looking at anyone who is lingering in this area of fear, this fear, he uses fear to drag people down. It comes to the place that you can't eat. It comes to the place where even your friends around you can't bring you out and you're going down into that, beloved, understand it's a spirit.

First of all, God has led me here. God has kept his hand on me before and God still has his eye on me. God has never taken away. And I can't see through the storm. I know there's another side. I know that God will not fail his word, but there has to come a time, you make almost like a deathlike decision, I am going to trust God through this.

Then you have the authority for the next trial. How long are we going to allow the devil to trample our minds and our thoughts and bring the fear and the loneliness and the emptiness? How long do we put up with it? When Jesus said, "I give you power to cast out evil spirits, I give you power over the devil." You take a step. Folks, it's time to rise up and take a stand. And I'm going to pray in just a moment and I'm going to pray against every evil spirit. That doesn't mean you're possessed. It means you're harassed, you're harassed. And you can put the devil to chase, the Bible says you take a stand, you resist him. He will flee from you. Now that's God's word. It's not my word. It's God's word.

You're not going to let the devil do it anymore. In just a moment we're going to stand. I am going to pray and I want you to pray. Now, if you don't know Christ as your Lord and Savior, and believe me, without Jesus, where do you go? Where do you find comfort? Where do you find forgiveness? How do you face what's coming? If you don't have Christ as Savior and the Holy Spirit abiding in you, I invite you in the annex and overflow rooms, I invite you, and those in a balcony here, if you don't know Christ, in just a moment, while we stand, I invite you to get out of your seat and come boldly, take a stand for Christ and he will meet your heart's cry in this service before you walk out.

And I'm going to talk about those who have been harassed with a spirit of fear, that's from the enemy. That's an evil spirit trying to scream into your head, into your mind, thoughts that will bring you to despair and unrest. He said there's a rest that remains for his people, and you can enter into that rest today. Will you stand?

I'm going to ask you if you have a spirit of fear that is harassing you, harassing your mind. I want you in your seat. I'm not asking... If I ask you to step forward, it'd be hundreds. We wouldn't have room. I'm asking you to take authority over that assigned evil spirit. Beloved, Paul said it right, he was pounded by a messenger from Satan. There are assignments that principalities and powers are under, under the command of Satan, to bring you down, to destroy your faith and bring you down the pit of despair so that you have no hope left.

And I'm telling you, I have the mind of God. I have the mind of the Holy Spirit right now. God knows if you take that stand, all the power of Jesus Christ and all the power of the Holy Ghost will be on your side. You say, that's mind over matter. No, that's Bible over devil.


I'm going to ask you, if you're backslidden, if been turned away from the Lord and your heart is cold and empty, and you want to return to Christ, come and join these. Doesn't matter how many are down here. I just want you as Christians, as believers, to be set free. I want you to pray, and just use your own words, but, "Satan, I take authority in Jesus' name." I'm going to pray it and then you pray it.

Satan, we come against you in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, you have bound God's people long enough. You've harassed long enough. You've cast so many horrible thoughts into the mind, and then you've tried to come back again and again and again. But we're not ignorant of your devices. We don't cast you out. The Spirit of the living God in us casts you out. In the name of Jesus Christ. In the name above every name on earth and heaven, Satan, go and flee from this house. Flee from this place. Flee from the hearts of the minds of your people. Go in Christ's name and never return." You pray that prayer now in faith, you pray it out loud. And you have power and authority. God has never rescinded that offer.

Casting down every evil imagination and every thought that rises up against the truth of God's word in the name of Jesus Christ, casting out the spirit of fear.

In the annex rooms, the Spirit of God is there just like it is right here in this auditorium, and he wants you right now to take a step of faith and say, "Lord, I will believe you. I am weak, but you are strong. Strengthen my faith. Be with me. Let me hold fast." Beloved, take your stand right now. Take your stand by faith.

Those that need Christ, you don't need me to give you a prayer, you just say from your heart, "Lord, I need you. And I repent of my sins and I'm here to take a stand to say I need you, Lord, and I receive you as my Lord and Savior." Now, that's where it begins right now. Pray it from your heart. Pray it in your heart before the Lord. Those who have been called to the Lord, just the Lord knows your heart. If your heart is open, the Spirit of the Lord is here this morning to bring you back to your first love.

You don't need somebody laying hands on you. It's your faith. It's your open heart that accomplishes this. Hallelujah. If you believe that God delivers us from every evil spirit that's turned loose in the world right now, I want you to just raise your hands, raise your hand and keep it there, right? Just raise your hand and say to him, "Lord, I will trust you."

I will trust you.

I will believe you.

I will believe you.

And I take my stand.

And I take my stand.

I will not fear...

I will not fear...

What is to come...

What is to come...

And what is now.

And what is now.

And I will no longer...

And I will no longer...

Fear the enemy...

Fear the enemy...

Because I am more than conqueror...

Because I am more than conqueror...

Through Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Through Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Now give him thanks.

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The Lord's Loving Response to Grief


David Wilkerson

October 25, 2009

Do you find yourself overburdened with grief? The scriptures tell us that Jesus is touched with the feelings of our infirmities and is acquainted with all our grief. The Holy Spirit will reach out to you in a unique way. God knows how desperate our situation is. He is saying to you, “DON'T BE AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE!” We have the Holy Spirit abiding in us to make real all the promises of God and to comfort us in all our afflictions.

The Lord's loving response to grief. I've been amazed this past week in reading the fifth chapter of Mark. It's incredible and loving response of Jesus Christ wherever he met grief. Scripture says, "He's surely touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He's borne our grief and he's carried our sorrows." It's not a strange work. He knows the pain and the ache. I don't know what you brought into the service with you physically, mentally and spiritually. We serve a faithful God who knows how to meet those needs.

This is a church that worships and sings but we honor the Word of God. We honor the word. We believe that when we're walking with him, he gives us true manna and fresh word from heaven. This past week I was reading and rereading Mark the fifth chapter from the 22nd verse down through the rest of the chapter. Let me read a portion that. If you of your Bible Mark 5 beginning at verse 22, "Behold there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue Jairus by name. When he saw him he fell at his feet. He besought him greatly saying, 'My little daughter lieth at the point of death. I pray you come. Lay your hands on her that she may be healed. She shall live.'

Jesus went with him. Much people followed him and thronged him. A certain woman which had an issue of blood 12 years. Had suffered many things of many physicians. It spent all that she had. Had nothing but had nothing bettered but rather grew worse. When she heard of Jesus came in the press behind him and touched his garments. She said, "If I may touch but his clothes I shall be whole.' Straightway the fountain of blood was dried up. She felt in her body that she was healed of that plague."

"Holy Spirit will you open this to us. Show us how that same Christ, the same Jesus not another, has such compassion and such hope and such healing for those who come but touch him. Even to the hem of his garment. Speak life to us. Show us how you bring life out of death. In Christ name, I pray. Amen." What a feature on this man Jairus he is ruler of this synagogue in Capernaum. The city where Jesus did most of his miracles. The scripture bears that out all through Capernaum. Which has been exalted above heaven.

You're going to be brought down to hell for if the mighty works which were done in the had been done in Sodom they would have repented and to this day. It is been said that this is the same synagogue where a man's withered hand was healed. Stretched out and healed. Jarius certainly was there when the multitudes flonged into that into Capernaum from all surrounding parts. Demons were cast out and people were healed. Evidently a withered hand being healed does not draw him to Christ. He had to be there seeing those mighty miracles that are so powerful that God indicted other areas for indicted them for having so many miracles and not being changed by them. Jairus did not come on that account. We don't know much about his contacts with Jesus. We do know he had witnessed these miracles. The fact is, the truth is that this man came to Christ driven by grief. Overcome by grief. He said, "Master could you come with me. My daughter is at the point of death." It was not the miracles that brought him. It was not seeing firsthand the power of Jesus Christ. It was the grief. A sudden grief, a sudden calamity came into his life. It could be that Jairus would have never come to Christ, had it not been for the grief, then this calamity that had come to his home. His little daughter probably knew of Jesus. I was thinking about that because all the children knew Him. I'm sure she may have told her father, go find Jesus bring Him, he'll make me right. He will put me on my feet. Here he is with a child at the point of death. It says, there were multitude that followed. I think many of the multitude was watching the reaction to Jairus as he approaches Jesus. He had to press through the crowd also. He comes and he falls at the feet of Jesus.

This is an amazing thing because he belongs to an institution that’s mocking Christ and would have him killed. Here's an institution, here's a church gathering, here's a church body that rather seem dead than alive. Here's a ruler of that synagogue bowing down in his feet before the master. This was a challenge. This was a big step because he could have been put out of the synagogue. All of his friends and all of his acquaintances and those that he wined and dined with, that would all end. There is a cost when you come to Jesus and press in. It does affect your friends. It does affect your social society. It does affect the way you move in your lifestyle.

It does affect you and many will not come to Jesus. His disciples could have looked at that man and say, "Jesus, why would you go with him? He didn't come to you when he saw the miracles. He didn't want you when times were good and everything was well. Now he wants you because of his grief. He wants you because there's no other option." I want you to know something. I know this church is the church of last option. We don't mind if you come here as the last option. Evidently, you've tried everything else. We are the last option church and there are many of them in the United States.


The last option, because where is he going to go? To whom is he going to go? This man is in desperate. These people are following to see what would happen. Jesus responds to this man. The scripture says, "He begged Him urgently, and Jesus went with him." You see Jesus responding to the hurt and the pain in this man. See, it could be that you're here and you're like this man, Jairus. Up to now, you have not given much time and thought to Jesus. You've not thought of forsaking all to follow Him and be His disciple. I'm confident because I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit this morning that some of you have walked in here now.

You're here because of a need. Something drew you here. Maybe you're from another country but you're here. You're here seated miraculously by the Holy Spirit. He is here right now speaking to need but also feeling the pain and feeling the grief. This word by definition, grief, is deep sorrow, sadness caused by an extreme distress. I'm asking if there is an extreme distress hanging over you now, or burning in your heart, and you’re here and you say, well, I've never given Him much time.

You see the Lord in His gracious providence, He leads people. I've talked to many over the years in church now. I think it's 22 years this month. Over the years, we've talked to many that walked in here and you couldn't tell by looking at them. They've never said anything, but you see, the Holy Spirit knows everything. He knows every mind. I've talked to people who said, it was a miracle that I was here because God dealt with me today. He's dealing with you now. Even though you can forget every rejection you have made of him. You may be a part of a society like Jairus' was that mocked Christ, you would have nothing to do with him, but you can step out of that place right now because the Holy Spirit wants to minister Christ to your need. He wants to minister to your pain and to the grief that is in you. Even in the Old Testament, you find God's response to grief. On one occasion in Judges, the 10th chapter, the verses 9-16, God was so angered at evil among His people. The Bible said, "His anger had grown hot."

He began to see the cries and the tears of the people under the chastising hand of God, and the Bible says, "God mourned, and He pained." The grief of their hearts overwhelmed our Father. He answered and brought them through to a victory. It says over and over again, God repented because of their groanings. In the Hebrew, because He wanted to pity them, give them sorrow, and to console them, and to comfort them, and to ease their burden. Even when David sinned against the Lord by numbering the people and 70,000 military men and others died of the plague.

The death angel was standing over the city of Jerusalem and about to destroy the city, and God looks at this broken-hearted man, this David who had sinned. Now he had already murdered a man and he committed adultery, but he sinned a very grievous sin, it cost 70,000 lives. Now, Israel was partly to blame because of their pride and arrogance also. God looks at David and he sees that terror. He sees that grief of his heart and his crying, "Oh God, I'm the one. Judge me."

The scripture says when the angel of the Lord was about to stretch out his hand to Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord repented him of the evil and said to the angel that destroyed the people, "That's enough. Stop your hand now." You see, God's heart answers to honest grief. The cry of the heart that is so burdened down, so overburdened by grief, that there's something in the heart of God. If you want to see it and search for it, you'll find it in a number of places through the scripture.

The Psalmist said, "He remembered His covenant for them, and he repented according to the multitude of His mercies." In fact, he made His enemies to pity them as they carried them about. This is a picture of the heart of God and beginning to understand his ways when there is something of grief that leads to repentance. In justice, and even when God is having to chasten His people, it says, "Those he chastens, He loves. He loves in chastening at times."

Many listening to me right now, many burdened with a heavy grief. The pain of somebody in your family. I was trying to list some of the griefs that I've experienced over my 78 years of life. I remember the grieving times. How many times in the hospital that looking at Gwen's over 20 operations. Folks, I've known grief and we've all known grief. You may be sitting here with some kind of grief in your heart now. Maybe some loved one or friend face-to-face with a terrible sickness, affliction. You may be going through the affliction of your life.

I think it's wonderful when we come to church and we worship and we praise, and we clap our hands. The Holy Ghost helps us. And there is a release in all of that, and it's glorifying to God, but if you only knew, if you had only-- If God could show us just a few. On Sunday nights there's testimonies that we hear and we get a little inkling of what goes on in the lives and what they've been delivered from. If God could show us on the screen and just take five minutes out of, maybe 50 people, and show some of the grief and afflictions up there, we would be on our face. It'd be so overwhelming. Jesus responded to this man who was overwhelmed. Bible says, "And he went with him."

Let me tell you, when you start walking with Jesus and you hear his voice and you're step-and-step with Christ, you're going to know delays and this is exactly what happened to this Jairus. He was going to be brought to point to of utter hopelessness. He's walking with Jesus, he's been on his face, but a deadly delay is coming regarding his prayer.

His hopes are dashed to the ground and calamity is about to strike his home. He's going to be surrounded by miracles happening to others and not get his on the time. Jairus' miracle is delayed because Jesus is responding to somebody very desperate who just touched him. You know the story of the woman who had the chronic issue of blood or chronic hemorrhaging. For 12 years she'd been to every doctor, she'd been everywhere, to the specialist. Luke, who himself was a physician said, they helped her none.

She would tell them the problem. Have you ever been through this routine where your situation would go from one doctor to another doctor and you tell the same story and there's not much they can do, but they make you promises and you go back and it doesn't work. Then some run to Mexico. Running everywhere looking for an answers She had spent all her living upon physicians and none could heal her of her disease. Bible says it was growing worse every day.

I have this, something of the Holy Ghost, that's been burning in my heart all this week. There's something of the Holy Ghost speaking in my heart and God made it real to me, that there would be those in this service this morning. We don't know who you are. The Holy Spirit is trying to reach you in a very unique and special way. You see, this woman came back trembling because Jesus said, "Who touched me?" She came back trembling because under the law she was unclean. She should've waited three days for purging, or for cleansing. She was not to touch any clean thing. Certainly she touched a clean thing in touching Jesus.

Ceremonially according to the Law, she's unclean. She comes trembling at the feet of Jesus. There are some that come to this church. You may be here now, and you come knowing in your heart there's something unclean. I want to talk to you in love and the mercy of God. You've come to a clean place. Jesus is here. You see, under the law, the law would condemn and convict, but under Christ in this day of grace, it's the Holy Spirit does the work.

He brings. He said, "When the Holy Spirit--" Bible says, "When the Holy Spirit comes, he will convict the world of sin and righteousness and judgement." If you're honest before the Lord and you don't have a hard heart, right now the Holy Spirit is doing His work. Because he lives in this church, he abides in this church. This is a spirit-filled, spirit believing church and you've come wherever you've come from, and you're sitting in here now and you have a bleeding heart. In a way, you're like this woman spiritually. In your heart, there's something unclean that you've battled with for years, maybe 12 or more years, just like this woman battle with her problem. You've tried everything and you've counseled with people, you've done many, many things trying and you feel this unclean this in you because nobody has to call you that that's something your conscience calls you and you want freedom. You say, "If I do come to Jesus, then what about my past? How do I make up for my past? What about those around me? Are they going to turn me?" You're playing with the cost in your mind. You say, "Well, Pastor David, you don't know what I've done. You don't know how I go to bed at night. You talked about bleeding. You talked about no hope."

I had a dear drug addict friend, delivered drug addict. He was director of one of our centers our drug centers. He been saved for a number of years but in a downtime of testing, he went back to heroin. One by one, his boys walked out because they recognize something unclean in their director. He kept shooting heroin. He called me and he said, "Brother Dave, I feel like I'm the dirtiest man on earth." He said, "I have marks on my face, where I get down on my rug and cry and weep and plead with God to deliver me. Pleading with God."

I want you to know that he didn't come through, he came through. He was healed, and not later died. It wasn't through works. It wasn't through effort. It wasn't through making promises. It was through him trusting what God said, "Don't be afraid. I am with you. Don't be afraid, just believe. Just believe." He began to trust God and God began to deliver him. He had his last year or two with a wonderful ministry down in Florida. Then the Lord glorified him and took him home.

You see, this church doesn't matter how much you've sinned. This church doesn't matter how bad you've sinned. You're among of people who serve a holy God. You've come to the right place if you bleeding in your heart because the doctor is in. I said the doctor is in.


Jesus suddenly stops, turns about and said, "Who touched me?" She fearing and trembling, knowing what had been done to her came and fell before him and told him all things. Now see, here's Jairus very nervous now because Jesus has already started the walk toward his home and he surrounded and this woman now touches him and Jesus, there's a delay. You can be a step in step with Jesus, you could have been on your face before him and made your petition known and the delay. There's a delay. Your answer hasn't come. That many of you know what that is.

You have been there, maybe you're there now. Your situation is very desperate and appointed at the point of death or the point of despair. Jesus is listening to him because he told him all. I wonder if Jairus is wringing his hands and saying, hey, look my daughter's 12 years old. Can't this wait? She's been at this 12 years. She's an adult. I'm wondering if he's looking over the crowd anxiously to see looking toward the path to see if there any messages coming. Jesus listens to this woman.

I see two reasons why Jesus delayed. This hit me yesterday. He first wants to relieve her of her sense of defilement and He wants to remove her reproach. He wants to publicly remove her reproach. He did just that. The second reason is the impatience of this man. Jesus had to have seen it. A group of men came from his home and said, "Don't bother the master. Your child is dead." Jesus overheard that. He said, "Just don't be afraid. Just believe." Don't be afraid. Just believe. She goes on. Here's the problem I see. It's possible that he's so consumed by our own needs. We can't stop and rejoice when we see others being healed and blessed.

I see this is what Jesus is dealing with. This is what Jesus wants to accomplish, and sometimes this is how he does deal with us in our grief and sorrow. God knows how desperate your situation is. He knew all about it. There was nothing hidden to Him. He's wanting this man, first of all, to have his faith encouraged. Whenever you see people around you being healed, and your healing hasn't come, or they're getting answers to prayer, and yours, I'm sure Jesus' saying, "Can't you just wait a little bit."

This woman has been 12 years. That's when your daughter was born, 12 years ago. All that time that you've enjoyed the fellowship, that child, this woman has had this hemorrhaging. It's the same woman who's not allowed in your synagogue. This is the woman that needs help. She needs me. Now, the Lord, just saying, there's something about Jesus. He can be healing a thousand people around you and still have his eye on you. He had his eye on Jairus. I think that's what God is saying to us. I want you to get this out of what I'm saying today. We are so focused on our pain.

When I was going over this last night, I went into my office and just looked at what I had written. I came in. Gwen was on the couch sitting. I sat by her. I just broke down weeping with joy. I started praying in the Spirit. Gwen, Holy Ghost just told me he knows all about it. He's going on with us. He's going to give us faith to believe. It's not going to be our faith. It's going to be his.


Gwen started walking and getting under the Spirit. I was walking, bumping into her in the hallway. We have something that Jairus didn't have, and we have something this woman didn't have. They didn't have the abiding Holy Ghost. They didn't have the Comforter living in them. They didn't have the promises being made real from inside their very hearts. We've got something no other generation had. We have the Holy Ghost that comes to comfort us in our time of sorrow and suffering. There's something else. This man has to come to a place where he looks death in the face.

There comes a time when Jairus must have that moment that some of us are going to face and we all must face one day. When you go into a confused room, you go into the face of confusion. He went home, Jesus went with him.

There's doubt and fear at all sides and the people are saying there was no use. There's no use, let the master alone-- We don't know if Jairus' faith held up but we do know that he went on with Jesus. We do know that he went to the house. I would picture his wife falling in his arm saying, "Where are you? It's too late. Why is Jesus here?" Outside the door, these paid minstrels are playing their flutes and wailing and screaming. Jesus saying, "What's all this ado about? She's just sleeping," and they laughed at him with scorn. He walks in to that surrounding and he's looking death right in the face.

There comes a time to walk right into the house of confusion with death and terror looking you in the face. You hear a word, "Do not be afraid, only believe." Jesus turns to him face to face with death. Don't be afraid. If a Holy Ghost doesn't come and make those words real, don't be afraid, only believe. That has to be what we say time and time again in the face of death in the face of hopelessness. Death here represents hopelessness, all human possibilities are gone. Humanly, nothing can be done. You will hear, as I have heard time and time again after 58 years of preaching, in every crisis that God has brought us through, David, don't be afraid. Just believe. I say, "Lord, then you're going to have to help me. You're going to have to put your faith in me. I can't do this on my own." Folks, if we're going to live in our despair, if we allow ourselves to wallow in our sorrows, we're putting kindling on the fire of despair. It just goes deeper, it gets worse.

There comes a time where you have to take a stand and I have to take a stand. I believe Jairus did and this woman did too, "If I could just touch the hem of his garment," and how Jesus responds. It's not just that he responds, but it's how he responds. He has he who absolutely breathed the stars. David said he breathed to pass the stars, the very breath of his mouth, he put all of the galaxies in place hanging on nothing and racing through space. This God who, who has created billions and billions of stars and galaxy after galaxy, folks, all you have to do is stop and say, "If God can do this, he certainly can meet my need." I do that every day I concentrate on the majesty and the glory of God.


I don't think that any preacher from any pulpit can give you answers to everything. I can't give answers anymore to many, many things, but I do know this, in 78 years walking this walk God never failed me one time. Never.


You may think God has failed you, you may think he's not answered your prayer, but it's on the way. He's at work. The first moment you pray, he began to do something in the supernatural realm, and he's not going to forsake you. I'm telling you, the hills may shake and the mountains may fall into the sea. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but he cannot be shaken. His church cannot be shaken. God's people will not be shaken. There are some things that cannot be shaken. I want to tell you in closing, I was sitting in this pulpit last Sunday, sitting next to pastor Carter and the Spirit of the Lord was on me, and God said to me something that I will never forget. He said, "David, your destiny is in nobody's hands, but mine."


"Your destiny and my destiny has nothing to do with the economy. Our destiny has nothing to do with the Muslims. Our destiny has nothing to do with Congress or any world leader. We are not under the hand. We are not in the hands of these situations around us. We are in the loving hands of Jesus Christ, our Savior who's written us in the Palm of his hand.


Get your eyes off. Get your eyes off the things that we don't know about. Yes, folks. I believe with everything in my heart that God would spare even America, if God's people would get a hold of God and renew their faith, that there could be a time. I believe God is so merciful and so touched with the grief. There's such grief in the land. 80% of the people they say now we're in some sorrow and fear and living in fear. God who made you, God who made me, God who made all things is still their creator. If he can create in David a clean heart, he can create a clean heart in me. If God would not take away his Holy Spirit from a man like David coming through adultery and coming through murder, then he can save any sinner in this house and he can turn your life around.


Will you stand? This woman was healed because she came to Jesus. She pressed through. Jairus, saw a miracle because he came to Jesus and he believed. I'm going to ask you if you're here this morning and I'll make this simple, clear and to the point. No one will push you, beg you. No one will say anything to you. You come willingly. If the Holy Spirit has moved on you, sometime that's reflected by real feelings in the inside of you. It could be a conviction, it could be a drawing, but whatever it is and you relate to this story, there's something that was said that touched your heart. I'm not going to try to find that point, but you know what it is.

This is a praying church. This is a church where thousands of people turn to Christ in a year's time. Every week people turn to Christ. Sometimes in many services come to Christ. Those who are backslidden come home. While tshe musicians are ministering the music I simply invite you to get out of your seat. Up in the balcony, you could go the stairs into the side, come down the steps. Come to the front of this church and make a confession. I need him. If you're in grief of some kind, God will respond to your grief. You may not have faith even, but he'll take your grief. He’ll respond to your grief. You that grieving heart that hurt and that pain, bring it to Jesus.

We'll pray with you that the Lord will give you his faith and bring you to repentance and healing. Anywhere in the house. As they’re ministering of music. Step up. I'm talking about those who are backslidden specifically. I'm talking about those who are carrying tremendous grief and those who don't know Christ is Lord or you have stepped away. You don't have that relationship with Christ. Lord, speaking, mercy and grace. Lord, bring home many that have been running from you. You obey the Holy Spirit. There are people coming follow these that are coming.

If you came forward to surrender your life to Christ, or to renew your life with him, will you pray this prayer with me right now? Pray it verbally. Let it be heard. Dear Jesus, I ask you to send the Holy Spirit and lead me and speak to me and comfort me. I'm casting all my cares on you. Forgive me, Jesus, of all my sins, and all that I've done against you.

All my pride. Everything that I've sinned, I bring to your blood for cleansing and healing. Jesus, I want to touch you. Jesus, you told me not to be afraid. So take the fear out of my heart. Heal my grief. Jesus, you told me to believe, I believe. I believe that you're real. I believe that you forgive me. I believe you'll answer my prayer. Now, would you just lift up your hands and say Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Lord, we thank you.


Now, Lord, for those that are burdened down with sorrow, overcome by grief, we pray, Lord Jesus, that they would reach out by faith. That's the only way, by faith and say, I take your word. He sent his word and healed. Now Jesus, send your word and heal. Let people that have come down here to the front, who brought their burden, cast at your feet right now.

That's what he said, cast all your burdens on Him because He cares for you. Oh, audience people in the annex here. Would you lift your hands? Would you hear him speak to you right now? Don't be afraid. Just believe. Would you just tell God you believe him now. Say, Lord, I want to believe. I want to trust you. No matter how dark it gets, no matter what happens. I want to be one of those who trust you. I want to be a testimony. I want that testimony.

I want that testimony, and I can't do it in my physical power. Lord, we have to come to you. We have to quit thinking about what we're going through and focus on reaching you, focus on seeking you, focus on resting in your promises. Oh, God, you will never fail. You will not fail your church and you will not fail those who are in your presence. Right now. We thank you. Now just give him thanks.


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Man’s Hour of Darkness is God’s Hour of Power

David Wilkerson

October 11, 2009

The hour of God's power manifests at the end of man's resources. God is pleased to wait until all striving and human effort cease and your situation calls for nothing less than a miracle. God knows the day and the exact hour that He will intervene. In the midst of these dark seasons while we are waiting for Him to act trust that the Holy Spirit is standing by ready to take action. God is calling His people to abandon themselves to prayer and praise, believing that He is still on the Throne and He is in control! In the day of darkness Jesus Christ is still the light of the world!

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