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Most anyone would agree that a testimony is a powerful piece of evidence in our modern judicial system. In this week's apologetics video, Evan Wilkerson points out how the Bible is full of testimonies and openly invites people to investigate the evidence it offers. Those who say that the Christian faith is blind are ignoring the proofs that scripture offers. Early believers encouraged others to investigate their claims, and we can do the same. Our faith is not blind.

Atheism is often touted as the belief of intellectuals. Evangelizing to an atheist can feel very intimidating for some believers. The belief that there is no God, however, has gaping logic flaws. In this short video, Evan Wilkerson explores one simple way that atheism cannot hold up to logic or explain the basic human desires for love and purpose in life.

Atheism discounts the possibility of miracles because it begins with the assumption that God does not exist. Is that assumption valid? Evan Wilkerson explains a rational response to miracles in the Bible and in the present day.

We know that God is good, but when we see evil in the world it can cause doubt and confusion. In Psalm 73, Asaph walks us through these very struggles and how God showed up when he needed Him most.

In part of two of this series on the evidence for Christ, Evan Wilkerson shows us credible sources outside the Bible that confirm Jesus walked this earth, none of which were favorable towards Christians or supported that Jesus is God. Through this evidence we see proof Jesus did exist and can confidently proclaim that we serve a risen King!

A question many Christians get, and perhaps asked themselves at one point is: Did Jesus really exit? Christian and even non-Christian scholars believe he did and we have ample evidence to prove it. In part 1 of a 2 part series, Evan Wilkerson walks us through the Christian resources and biblical texts we have today that prove Jesus did indeed live and is who he says he is.

Is it okay to have doubts? We see John the Baptist struggle with heavy questions in the New Testament. Evan Wilkerson explores this passage of the Bible and helps us see that doubt and questions have a place in our faith journey.

Evan Wilkerson asks the question: How do you see the world, and how does that worldview affect your beliefs? Because what you believe shapes what you value, and what you value shapes how you behave.