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Poverty Solutions

Why would a missions organization risk 40 years of success to shift its focus? Why shift at all, away from serving poor people in crisis?

The answer for us is clear and simple. We know that God’s restoring love goes beyond helping desperate people in their times of crisis. His healing arms extend to their everyday lives—with provision that builds hope, health, and faith. At Poverty Solutions, we’re all about helping the poor—and for us it means a shift in focus. So we’re reshaping the help we give—from short-term crisis relief, to long-term solutions that end chronic poverty.

To feed a child for a year—that’s a blessing. To create an environment where a food line isn’t needed? That’s a better blessing—much better. It reaches beyond hungry kids to their struggling families and even the community. That’s what Poverty Solutions does. We add lasting hope to temporal relief. We look to restore dignity through compassionate empowerment. And it doesn’t take much. With even a little bit of training, even the poorest people of the world can taste, touch and feel the kind of thriving life their heavenly Father desires for them.

Our calling hasn’t changed. We still go to the same impoverished communities with a goal to serve them. But now the dish we offer is freedom, through simple truths about God’s provision for all of life. Relief ministry offers short-term help—but by itself it can lead to dependency. Worse, it can minimize people’s faith. Poverty Solutions remedies poverty for the long term, by building critical self-sufficiency based on the reality of God’s love. That builds faith—hopeful faith.

Seeing this transformation in action is truly amazing! Throughout this site you’ll find stories of real people freed from generational poverty through God’s loving provision…and real hope restored. Explore these pages and see some of the glorious things God is up to among the world’s neediest. Yes, we’ve made a shift—to help all of us reach God’s highest calling.