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'Prayer changes our hearts, our families, our churches, and ultimately our world' - Gary Wilkerson


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Developing a Habit of Prayer

“When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret, will reward you openly” (Matthew 6:6).

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God is Here

Whatever challenges we are facing in life, we must remember that our heavenly Father has given us a promise that cannot and will not be broken. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. When we find ourselves in darkness and pain, we know that we are not alone.

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How Should We Pray?

Many Christians may feel that they “don’t pray well,” but this begs the question of what we actually mean when we say that and how can we grow into a people of prayer.

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The Power and Simplicity of Prayer

Prayer is a central piece of the Christian life, but actually doing it challenges many believers. We often don’t pray when we have chances to do so. Not praying has been a common human issue for a very long time, but why does reaching out to God seem so hard sometimes?

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Pray for Someone Else

a 5 yr trial of loss and heartbreak. My prayer life feels like I have lost heart for praying so desperatly for all these years and seeing things fall apart I feel I have lost heart..I desire a fresh encounter with Jesus
vicky | January 16th, 2020

Please pray for me. I had a dream that I was being attacked by the enemy. I have never had a dream like that before. Also I need prayer for me and my husband, we are fussing at each too much.
minnie | January 15th, 2020

Please continue to pray for my older sister Sheree and for a solution for her older daughter and the daughters younger son. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ! Carl.
carl | January 15th, 2020

Salvation for our love ones and healing in there bodies
edna | January 15th, 2020

I am just so full of hate in my heart and i pray and nothing seems to change. The Lord has been good to me, i just dont know how to stop.
carol | January 14th, 2020

My sister and her husband are struggling to conceive. She was told she has the egg count of a 40 year old woman. She is 32. Please pray for Ashlee. Thank you!
meghan | January 14th, 2020

For answers of God for my life. Thanks you for your prayers brothers and sisters in Christ.
cristian | January 14th, 2020

Suffering from episodes that may be anxiety or depression since becoming caretaker for elderly parents. Know that God is in control and trust him completely. Praying for complete healing.
mary | January 14th, 2020

Cure STD, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression. Build my relationship and faith with the Lord, hear his voice and will...
January 14th, 2020

For God to resolve my problems with Soc. Security & Medicaid as a witness to those involved as well as those involved with my current financial crisis! May SOULS be won to JESUS!
christopher | January 14th, 2020

For SUCCESS of TRACT MAILINGS! Pray God deals w/SOULS before they get the mail {and after }! Finally, ask God to round these people up and get them in the right churches!
christopher | January 13th, 2020

I have been struggling to get pregnant for the past 4 years but my faith stays strong with God that he will deliver . I feel like i need my brothers and sister in christ to help get through this .
katya | January 13th, 2020

Deliverance for my husband. He was a man of Godly integrity and commitment. He is deceived and has left our marriage of 20+ years. Please pray he would be delivered from the bondage and lies of the enemy.
leslie | January 13th, 2020

Please pray for my family salvation. My daughter was in an accident, I pray for total healing and wisdom what to do regarding her job and repairs on her house. I pray she’ll humble herself and seek God.
an | January 12th, 2020

Myself - health to fast! My son Curtis deliverance from drugs. Daughter Curteshia deliverance from drugs. Friend DJ deliverance from drugs. Thank you, Sincerely, Marie
marie | January 11th, 2020

Pray for guidance on how we confront our son’s wayward ways. We need wisdom & anointing. Pray for repentance on his part and salvation. Sexual sin & perversion is the spirit that needs to break. Thank you
jean | January 11th, 2020

My healing of circulatory issues, myopia, and irritability!
christopher | January 11th, 2020

Several People w/back surgery need miraculous healing! May it bring about Salvation of Souls & PENTECOSTAL REVIVAL!
christopher | January 11th, 2020

Please pray that God will give us conviction & power to live a holy life. Also pray for V that he will have favor at his citizenship interview.
aliya | January 10th, 2020

Please pray for me and my husbund we are barren for three years now. And also for cort case. They are trying to take away our apartment. Thanks and Be blessed.
gordana | January 10th, 2020

My husband of 25 years. We have 3 children and are both believers. poor communication habits & weak friendship. Will you pray for us to abide in Christ, for God to open our eyes to our blind spots,for our friendship? Thank
nancy | January 9th, 2020

Adults son and daughter who grew up in the church but no longer follow the Lord. My prayer is for them to return to God
archie | January 8th, 2020

23 year opdnson Anthony is facing 2-3 years on prison becuz of his addiction, he needs help not prison, please pray the judge has mercy on him & they enforce treatment instead of prison, or lighten his sentence
stacy | January 8th, 2020

Please pray for me to be rid of a gossip tongue. I'm in South Africa
maggie | January 8th, 2020

I am always not having enough finances to do all that the LORD puts in my heart. Even living expenses. I am a tither.
jennifer | January 8th, 2020

For Aubrie one year old, Kandice is the Mom. She is in the hospital again. Diagnosis Biliary Artesia, liver she needs soon. Survival! Miracle healing. She is on facebook.
karin | January 8th, 2020

carol | January 8th, 2020

Please pray for me because I suffer from anxiety and depression. I also pray for my brother-n- law Johnny as he’s battling stage four cancer.
darrell | January 7th, 2020

For Stacy broke her hand falling thru the attic . Melinda has had a cut on her hand.. Elaine has spirit of rebellion going on, so is sick rt. Now my sister Laura is in the forest in Australia.
karin | January 7th, 2020

Going thru a battle here in my home. Renting a room out to older women as iam and she has not paid me rent for 2 mos. Going on 3, and refuses to leave. Whst to do? Praying.her name is Elaine.
karin | January 7th, 2020

Please pray for permanent work for my husband Alex and healing for my daughter Alyssa's mental health. Thanks and God Bless.
hope | January 7th, 2020

I need God to heal my teeth back to good and normal teeth, because dentists broke them badly. So God is my hope And I and my dad mom and brother need salvation ! and to know Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know how to know Him
matias | January 7th, 2020

Pray for our family health to be healed top of there head soles of there feet
edna | January 7th, 2020

please pray i trust and believe in God again and for financial relief
tonja | January 6th, 2020

We have a meeting tomorrow evening with our two head pastors. Our church is embracing false teaching under the guise of unity and love. A new associate pastor is bringing in false doctrines. Lord hear our cry! Thank you!
karol | January 5th, 2020

I need to retire, work is physically challenging for me. What work should I do? Open my eyes to see your will for me. Amen Lord, Amen.
tim | January 5th, 2020

Ive been chronically sick for the last 8 years. Please pray God will heal the last of my symptoms which are all nuerological. Dizzy, confussion, ringing ears, speech problems, and balance issues. I am 48yo
stacey | January 4th, 2020

Hello please pray for my cousin Deanna. She is in the hospital with pneumonia and with a possible blocked artery or two. Please pray for healing.
stacey | January 4th, 2020

Healing for my Aunt's condition & elimination of pain! Also, for Jesus to personally round up Bryan her Son and make Him a wonderful Christian! { healing for him, too.}
christopher | January 4th, 2020

Please pray for the Lord to send me encouragement and bring the dark to the light. Please pray also for my husband’s salvation and for the Holy Spirit to draw my kids back into the fold. In Christ. Thank you
carol | January 4th, 2020

I need prayer struggling financially and spiritually have three daughters pray for them I got to the point where I'm broken don't know what to do anymore pray for God's will on my life
gilberto | January 4th, 2020

Prayer for healing of my liver and heart. Healing of my mind and emotions.
January 4th, 2020

I'm confused if I should leave my current job and do what my father insists or stay in this job only. Please pray for me to understand God's purpose in my life.
January 3rd, 2020

Please pray that I don’t have a reoccurrence of breast cancer and that this lipoma on my chest will dissolve. Thank you
victoria | January 3rd, 2020

My mother, Gloria, age 82, is having back pain/sciatica from a herniated disc and needs prayer on whether to have surgery on it.
rhoda | January 3rd, 2020

I need a rental home for myself and my three dogs. There is a place I wish to get but want God's will re: it. Please pray for me not to run ahead of Him!
susan l. | January 3rd, 2020

For our trials to improve our fellowship with one another and our help to one another!
christopher | January 1st, 2020

For familial cooperation according to God's will { us honoring our Parents } resulting in better personal productivity and job performance { w/ a better job for me } !
christopher | January 1st, 2020

Please pray for workman's compensation to be granted for 4 or 5 weeks of Chiropractic services!
christopher | January 1st, 2020

That i will find and know God's promises for my life. Also, i pray that my son Plez, will have a life changing encounter with God and that he will know who he is in God and walk in it! Love, favor, blessing on my family
shelly | December 31st, 2019

My financial situation, family members, Gods direction and a closer walk.
debbie | December 30th, 2019

Chronic pain for over 2 Years. Numerous practitioners & tests. No one can get to the cause or treatment. All I know is I have an infection in my blood & my immune system is exhausted. I am a Christian & believe in Jesus!
esther | December 30th, 2019

I have not drank in two days! I am trying to stay sober and live for God however I am being tempted and I do not want to fall. Also I need to hear from God, i need direction.
jeremiah | December 29th, 2019

please pray for my son TJ, he is addicted to drugs...He needs salvation and deliverance
jacki | December 28th, 2019

Prayer for My husband it's currently being held on immigration old judge ordered removal back to Mexico but my husband is appealing his case and they receive his appeal by 1/3/20 and let him stay here
crystal | December 27th, 2019

My son Juan Is incarcerated for accidentally shooting his brother. His brother Enrique was not hurt physically, the bullet grazed him. However, he pressed charges and juan got 8 years. This has destroyed my family. Pray
rosa | December 27th, 2019

Pray for Kevin and Rebecca for not only salvation but healing MS symptoms salvation and deliverance for my son Joseph of so called mental illness and for me to know and follow Gods will
david | December 27th, 2019

Praying for a life partner and companion. Been waiting upon the Lord and praying too but nothing seems to be coming forth, I at times tend to think that God is silent on this issue, am 30 years now and I feel my time is up!
shila | December 26th, 2019

Michael needs to hear from the Lord he need a Miracle. Please pray for him.
carolyn | December 26th, 2019

I am suffering with depression and anxiety after losing my mom to cancer 5 months ago.
brenda | December 26th, 2019

We have a really hard situation. Please pray we can manage our finances and find a work for wife.
tom | December 26th, 2019

yvette | December 26th, 2019

Joy, my daughter, has health issues and needs healing., she has suffered all of her life with pain or sickness. That her heart will be open to Him. To believe she can be healed. To enjoy life. Thank you.
diane | December 25th, 2019

Requesting prayers for my 48 year old son, Steven, who has been told he has Secondary polycythemia...he also has increased tremors in his right arm and severe hip and leg pains. He is a Christian. He's disabled by his health.
margaret | December 25th, 2019

Please pray for my dad's repentance that he be convicted of years of abuse and hatred and lying before he passes away he is almost 80
deborah | December 25th, 2019

For my dad, Vince to receive Jesus as his Saviour. For my 2 brothers, Steven & Phillip and their families to also receive Jesus.
michelle | December 25th, 2019

Can I ask for prayer regarding my relationship with our LORD & Saviour. That I would finally b able 2 receive His love, go deeper with Holy Spirit. That I can fully surrender all of me, and Him 2 b glorified in me
michelle | December 25th, 2019

I struggle with overwhelming anxiety. I want to feel grounded in God but I struggle with that.
summer | December 24th, 2019

Please prayer for God to work in my financial part of my life.
benjamin | December 24th, 2019

Marriage problems, personal heart issues needing healed. Youngest son (26) in prison drug charges, is saved needs prayer. Oldest son, his family, middle daughter and 2 son in laws need salvation. Thank you!
sheila | December 23rd, 2019

I had a mastectomy on Dec. 10th and there have been complications. More surgery might be needed and the mastectomy redone. I'm beside myself with heartache and can't stop crying. I thought the surgery was all over.
nancy e. | December 23rd, 2019

Please continue to pray for healing of Asthma and for my daughter's deliverance and healing that Jesus would provide safe clean housing and a local shepherd and praying church that he would help me on my job
christina | December 23rd, 2019

Please pray for salvation of my coworker, Rebecca. She is involved in witchcraft. Christ's light is stronger than the deepest darkness!!!
December 23rd, 2019

I had a mastectomy on 12/10/19. Please pray there are no infections or complications. And that I'll have the strength to do 6 months of chemo and radiation. I need courage to face all the needed treatment. Thank you.
nancy e. | December 21st, 2019

I need prayer for a situation im going through dealing with department of human services.And i have kidney failure.
jeanette | December 19th, 2019

Finances and better Job
olivia | December 18th, 2019

I am raising my 10 year old granddaughter and getting no help from anyone! neither of her parents are helping me food or clothes or school supplies nothing The child has nothing. I'm praying for God to help me raise her.
rebecca | December 18th, 2019

I am in a trial at my local church. It is difficult to explain. I feel like the future of our church is under attack. This has been brought in secretly and people are slowly leaving or silently disagreeing. Please pray.
karol | December 18th, 2019

Cousin, Lydia DeJesus, suffering from severe depression, other health issues. She lives alone in Puerto Rico with limited resources, help. She is saved and is trying to hold on to God during this time-not give up!
emelyn | December 17th, 2019

My daughter is in crisis and I just started a call center job I'm really struggling with the computers my daughter and I are in separate shelters needing good housing and Christian counseling I feel so alone
deborah | December 17th, 2019

My marriage!! Need a supernatural mirarle in my husband!! TY and Blessings!!!
aimet | December 17th, 2019

Please pray for my family and those around; for health, restoration of relationships, the economy, the work situation and for the every day life. It's tough and there's much sorrow. My daughter and I are far from each other.
matilda | December 17th, 2019

I need prayer for my marriage~pray for healing hearts and compassion for each other. Pray for guidance and peace. Most of all,pray for love and understanding .
linda | December 16th, 2019

Thanks and you are wonderful. One of the best ministries for decades out there. Prayer: Lyme disease, Malaria, Bartonella, 4 Rickettsias, mycoplasmas, chronic fatigue, pain and loss of memory, utter exhaustion. Desperate.
stephanie | December 16th, 2019

Prayer for my Father Victor...for his health and salvation. Prayer for us as a family to return back to our 1st Love. And prayer for financial help. And prayer for strength to endure to the end in Jesus name. Amen.
sandy | December 16th, 2019

daryl | December 15th, 2019

Please pray that the tracts I have mailed out will reach lost souls and have great impact on communities nationwide! { many lost souls! ]
christopher | December 14th, 2019

Deliverance from Alcohol and Marijuana. Strength to turn from sin and continue my walk without going back and forth. Strength today.
jeremiah | December 14th, 2019

Direction in finishing my business degree in human resource management. Feel called to full time ministry specifically prophetic ministry to the broken. Wisdom of where to go to Bible college.
raymond | December 13th, 2019

Need healing if heart murmur diverliticulis AFib asthma cold spondylolisthesis inflammation of neck and defecated disk disease. PERMANENT HOME WE ARE HOME LESS LIVING IN CAR. Need financial breakthrough.
raymond | December 13th, 2019

Need prayer for my wife Rachel for uterus overies and breast cancer. Colon colitis fibromyalgia and arthritis, swollen infected kidney from the tumor in her uterus, needs supernatural healing.
raymond and re achel | December 13th, 2019

Plz pray that God will put the fear of the Lord in V's heart & that God will turn his heart to have a repentant & honest heart.
aliya | December 12th, 2019

Plz pray that God will convict us of all our wrong deeds & give us power to overcome our sins & issues, & that we will have a deep thirst to do God's perfect will only.
aliya | December 12th, 2019

Lost mom 10 years ago. Single disabled mom trying to care for disabled son and ailing father. Need strength and grace. Basically, shut in. Desiring fresh touch from the Lord.
deborah | December 12th, 2019

I need God strength, love, peace, joy, prosperity, FIRE every sec of my life to be filled an lead my life.
kawace gaddafi | December 12th, 2019

Please could you pray for the spirit of my mind to be renewed for me to repent and belive the true gospel and for my spirit to be saved.
henrietta | December 12th, 2019

Please pray in agreement with me I am seeking God's guidance and Will for my life. Salvation for my family. Healing for my heart both physical and spiritual. Direction to accomplish what plan God has for me and my son. Thanks
david | December 12th, 2019

pray that the HOLY SPIRIT FIRE burn up everything that is not of God in my mind, heart an soul leaving no ashes undone. pray that i will walk in FREEDOM an walk in the promises of God
kawace gaddafi | December 11th, 2019

Health and very bad finantual problems..i am 74 And having trouble finding folks that will hire me Still very able to work. Also want God as close as i can get him.
jim | December 11th, 2019

Please pray and agree for victory in every family situtation, unity, favor and grace A large sustainable financial increase Serving the LORD and HIS people Peace in Jerusalem Amen and thanks
rick | December 11th, 2019