A Prayer of Triumph and Strength

Roger Jonker

The testimonies of our partners still blow me away. David Wilkerson wrote a book called Triumph over Tragedy. This book contained stories about constituents/partners that suffered major tragedies and yet remained victorious in their faith. The following story could have easily been included in that book.

Hurricane Harvey caused major devastation in the Texas coast and disrupted the lives of so many. One of our dear partners lost her husband of 64 years. Prior to the Hurricane Harvey, her husband was evacuated from a nursing home to a center in San Antonio, and then again to another center, and finally to a nursing home near a granddaughter where she was staying. All the moving proved to be too much for her husband and he passed away. Furthermore, her house is so damaged that she cannot get back home. She states in her letter that her “heart so longs to be able to get her life together again and return home”. Currently things are at a standstill as she waits word from FEMA. Overall, she felt her life had turned into a tragedy, but her next words show how the Lord made her story triumphant.

She goes on to explain how this event “keeps me seeking strength and wisdom from the Lord. I keep reminding myself that He knows exactly what is going on and what will go on”. The months her husband was in the nursing home she learned to take one day at a time. Now she is looking to God to give her the ability to do the same in her current situation. “I could not have made it without the Lord’s help and strength. I have witnessed His strength in my life since the passing of my husband. A strength I never thought possible. My husband loved God and was ready to go to Him. That brings so much peace. For the rest of my days I want God’s will most of all”. She goes on to thank World Challenge for making contact with her and offering to help. She ends her e-mail with saying, “prayer is a powerful thing and I would so appreciate prayers from fellow believers for my situation”.

Please lift up this dear saint in your prayers. Pray that all hindrances will be quickly removed so she can return to her home. We also want to thank those that support World Challenge. It’s because of your generosity that we are even able to offer such assistance.