The Necessity of Weakness | World Challenge

The Necessity of Weakness

Carter Conlon

Date Preached: 
September 4, 2016

When we are facing a flood of godlessness trying to purport itself as good; when we are at a moment in history when we are being marginalized; when we are being vilified; when we are being pushed to the side-lines of society, Jesus Christ, because of His mercy, will make His church aware of our need of Him again.

By mercy and grace, just like he did with Paul, God will allow this buffeting of His body to finally bring us to the place of saying, “God, we can’t do this without you!” To finally bring us to the place where we, in humility, go back to prayer again.

Humankind typically despises weakness. We have a tendency throughout history to shun the simplicity of faith, and gravitate to something more visual, more hands-on, more self-satisfying. Do we live our whole life trying to get out of the very things that God has sent to make us strong?

God says, I have to make you weak first, so you can be strong because your strength is not in yourself! Your strength is in Me; it’s in the power of My Spirit within your life. But it only comes when we are out of the way. It’s the ultimate irony in a sense, when we become weak, we become strong.

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