In One Hour Everything is Going to Change | World Challenge

In One Hour Everything is Going to Change

David Wilkerson

Date Preached: 
August 5, 2007

There is a sudden judgment coming where the Lord will turn everything upside down. God always moves in judgment when the cup of violence overflows. Sexual crimes against children, abortion, greed and corruption will bring about sudden destruction that will change the world in one hour. Christians should be grateful for this world and the life God has given us here but we are not to live in fear of death. If we lose the fear of death through trusting in Jesus, we will not fear the sudden destruction that is coming. The bible says in the midst of these calamities a song is going to rise up from all the saints. In the house of God there will be a revival. In the middle of the fire, God's children will not be in panic but in an exuberance of praise to the majesty of Almighty God. All saints from the uttermost parts of the world will break out in song of Hope and Praise.

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