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A Prayer Answered, A Dream Fulfilled

Steve Otradovec
May 21, 2018

Gospel Hope and Healing in a Cambodian Village

A sick day can spell disaster for any rural family in Northern Cambodia.  That’s why Sokha was gripped by fear when her working husband fell ill.  She watched his limbs swell severely—a condition that worsened for over a year.  Desperate for a cure, the couple spent all their money seeking help to no avail.  They watched helplessly as their children went hungry day after day.  With no income and no answers, all the couple could do was cling to survival. 

A Small Change, a Lasting Result

World Challenge Staff
June 13, 2018

A change of heart brings lasting change to a rural community in Southern Asia

In a rural village in Southern Asia*, Mrs. Nirmala lived a Christian life with little impact in her community because she didn’t believe she could help her neighbors. And it didn’t seem that they wanted her help, slandering her and her family. “With that attitude towards me, how can I make a difference?” she thought.

An Unlikely Catalyst for Change

Steve Otradovec
July 11, 2018

Lasting change in one of the few remaining communist countries in the world

In this Southeast Asian country, Christians, while tolerated in major urban hubs, still face daily hardship and persecution from communist hard-liners who see religion as a threat to their way of life. Mr. Phoum is a former atheist and Soviet-trained livestock farmer. His life radically changed 10 years ago when his cousin, a drunken gambler, suddenly acquired a disabling illness. Her erratic behavior and alcohol-induced antics were well-known and neighbors believed her worthy of whatever shame and disease came upon her except one brave local pastor.