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The Guessing Game: Who Are You?

Rachel Chimits
November 11, 2019

God made us each with individual personalities and gifts, so why do those seem to get so easily muddled up in private fears and social anxieties?

In his book Samson and the Pirate Monks, Nate Larkins discusses a phenomenon that probably all human beings know too well.

“I was an adolescent when I first realized I am not always the same person, that there are several versions of me who appear and disappear in response to my surroundings.

Mr. Rogers or King of Sparta: Who Is the Christian Man?

Rachel Chimits
November 8, 2019

Modern, western Christianity seems to struggle with reaching men, particularly younger men, and many are starting to wonder why.

Researcher and sociology professor Michael Kimmel stood in front of his class, whiteboard marker poised. “What does it mean to be a good man?”

An awkward silence followed with rustling papers and creaking chairs.

At the Head of the Pack

Rachel Chimits
November 4, 2019

Everyone is under a leader, whether they like it or not, but the question remains of whether that leader is a good one.

What defines a good Christian leader?

If we want to be safely generic, we might say that it’s someone who “follows God.” In all honesty, though, there are a lot of people who follow God who would still make very poor leaders.

A Question at the Heart of Tragedy

Rachel Chimits
November 1, 2019

When life knocks us off our feet, we are usually left shocked and breathless, looking for the heavenly Father who was supposed to keep us safe from this kind of pain.

In 1947, a young New Yorker named Glenn Chambers decided to recognize his lifelong dream to work with the Voice of the Andes ministry in Ecuador.

Church Kids Need Action and Faith

Rachel Chimits
October 28, 2019

Many Christian youth groups see poor retention rates, so how do we help the kids who seem to float in and out of church?

I watched a lot of teenagers that I’d grown up beside in our church’s youth ministry walk away from Christianity. A lot of them—almost all of them, actually—were “good kids” too.